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Mission Statement

To support the mission of San Diego State University, we the Associated Students, create, promote and fund social, recreational, cultural, and educational programs and facilities both on campus and in the community, advocate for student interests, provide leadership opportunities and participate in shared governance.


A.S. SDSU is a unifying and empowering student-directed organization dedicated to serving and involving students at SDSU by enhancing the college experience that leads to a higher quality of life now and in the future.


A.S. SDSU values efforts by and on behalf of students that promote the following ideals:

  • Professional Development
  • Campus Community
  • Communication
  • Advocacy
  • Shared Governance
  • Service
  • Diversity
  • Sustainability

A.S. Diversity & Inclusion Statement

As a student-directed organization, Associated Students is committed to diversity as a core value where all persons are welcomed, respected and can truly thrive. We build a community and workplace environment that is inclusive, where everyone is understood and valued for who they are. We do this by creating an environment where all have the safety, support and space to express who they are and share their lived experience. We endeavor to acknowledge, learn and understand the many perspectives and experiences of those who we are advocating for, representing, and providing employment, programs and services for. We recognize that we must listen to understand and understand before we act, including actively looking for those who are absent and inviting them in.

Through these tenets of inclusion, Associated Students recognizes and understands that it is our distinct honor to represent all students and advocate for them. By doing so, we become a more knowledgeable, understanding, collaborative and stronger organization. This is what we believe, this is how we act and this is what we strive to exemplify.