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We have a wonderful invention that we want you to see. It looks something like this.



“Hey SDSU. It’s time.”
Studio B-roll of equipment.



“To Create. Live Now.”
Studio B-roll of equipment.



“A state of the Art.”
Studio B-roll of equipment.



Studio B-roll of equipment.



“High tech.”
Studio B-roll of computers



“Media Studio. Located here. Here? Here.”
Drone shot moving upwards of campus.



“At the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union” 
Clip of two guys working in studio.



“FOR. YOU. THE STUDENTS. At any skill level (Novice or Advanced). To record. To edit. To collaborate.”



“We’ve got some fresh new young talent doing some things that I know you’ve never heard before.”



Welcome to the Backdoor Studio, A service of Associated Students. Reserve now at: (insta: @thebackdoorstudio)



Associated Students, San Diego State University


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The Backdoor Studio is a new creative outlet for all students at SDSU. It is a space for students to record and produce their art as well as hang out and express their creativity with friends. The Backdoor Studio offers equipment for professional recording and producing technology and is staffed by a student technician to guide equipment use.

The Backdoor Studio allows for a wide range of projects. This includes, but is not limited to, audio recording, green screen filming, audio/video editing, professional headshots, and photo editing.

The Backdoor Studio is located on the first floor of the Aztec Student Union, just off of the pedestrian bridge facing south. Learn about how The Backdoor Studio got its name!  

The naming of the space is in honor of an important part of SDSU's history. The (original) Backdoor was located in the former Aztec Center (which was torn down and replaced by the current Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union). The space was originally intended to house two lanes of the Aztec Center bowling alley when it opened in 1968. Instead, the students voiced their opinion and asked for a space for coffee and music. The coffee part did not last, but the live music certainly did…for more than thirty years. This space became known as The Backdoor because the guests entered literally through the back of the venue. Despite a capacity of only 250 guests, The Backdoor hosted over 3,000 concerts featuring more than 5,500 bands and musicians, including Jimmy Buffett, Linda Ronstadt, Patti Smith, Tom Petty, REM, the Ramones, and Metallica.

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Reservable Audio and/or Video recording studio  

Whether novice or expert, students can utilize The Backdoor Studio to create! This includes anything ranging from a video project for class to your first vlog; to recording your band or using the editing stations to mix the perfect track.

Green Screen  

A green screen takes up the entire back wall of the main studio space; this allows students to superimpose backgrounds and achieve limitless creative options.

Control station with remote monitoring  

From an isolated space, you can track a band or record sound isolations.

Sound proof room  

Soundproofing means eliminating sounds from getting both in and out of the studio. This is ideal for recording projects to eliminate any unwanted sounds.

3 Reservable Content Editing Stations  

(Video, audio, graphics) After you have recorded in The Backdoor Studio or out “in the field” you can reserve an editing station to master your creative project.