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Create Online Account

Create Online Account

Please fill out your personal information, including your SDSU student email.

Under “Additional Information”, enter “Student” in the first field, and select “Media Studio Areas” in the second field.

Once all information is entered, click “Create An Account.”

What to Expect Next: Our Media Studio Technicians will receive your account request and send you a Code of Conduct for you to sign. This form will remain on-file for the duration of your time here at SDSU. Once we receive your signed Code of Conduct, our Media Studio Technicians will email you that your account has been activated. You are now able to start booking reservations!


Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation

Log in to your Backdoor Studio account that you created in step 1.

On the home page, under My Reservation Templates, select “book now” next to “The Backdoor Studio.”

Search for an available date and time for your reservation. If you do not see availability, then please look further out for the next available date and time. You can also view available times in “Schedule” mode for a book viewing capability.

Once you find an available date and time, select “Recording Studio” for recording audio/video sessions, photoshoots, rehearsals, etc., or select “Edit Bay” for editing your projects. Confirm your number of attendees as well as your setup type and select “Add Room.”

Then click on “Next Step.” Select a session package to let us know what equipment you will need for your session. Please be sure to note any specifics in the “Special Instructions” field.

After completing the services section, click “Next Step.” Finish all of your reservation details. Finally, click “Create Reservation.”

What to Expect Next: Our Media Studio Technicians will send you a Reservation Agreement for you to sign. Your Reservation Agreement will need to be signed before the start of your reservation. If you need to cancel or reschedule your reservation, you may do so online or by phone or email.

If you have any questions, please review The Backdoor Studio FAQs or email us at