Funding Opportunities

A.S. - Funded Budgets

Every spring, Associated Students begins the process of planning its next year budget. In January, student organizations and College Councils currently receiving A.S. funds are contacted with the timeline and requirements for the budget process. The entire budget process takes placed between January and April.

Cultural Student Organizations:

Cultural Student organizations wishing to receive funding from Associated Students must submit a budget proposal and Program Evaluation explaining what their organization is about and how the funding will be used. A.S. funds are awarded based on prior-year use and available funds.

College Councils:

College Councils are funded according to the following formula:

As a baseline amount, each College Council is given 50% of the amount it spent in the prior fiscal (7/1 thru 6/30) year. The sum of the College Council baseline amounts is subtracted from the College Council Pool. A portion of the remaining amount is divided proportionally according to the total number of majors in each college and the balance is placed in a College Council-Unallocated fund for non-travel-related requests.

Financial Affairs Committee Proposal Requests

In addition to funding student organizations and College Councils, the Financial Affairs Committee retains two separate unallocated funds for future requests.

General Activities Unallocated – Financial Affairs Committee retains $5,000 in this unallocated for student organizations. Groups can request additional funds if they have used all of their awarded funds or new groups that meet A.S. requirements can apply for funding.

If a Student Organization wishes to request additional funds from the General Activities Unallocated, it may do so by submitting a Financial Affairs Committee Proposal Form (See Forms page) to the A.S. Office for inclusion on the next Financial Affairs Committee agenda.

College Council Unallocated – Financial Affairs Committee retains $5,000 for future funding requests from College Councils or organizations that fall under a College Council. Groups requesting this funding must first seek funding from its College Council.

If a College Council wishes to request additional funds from A.S. College Council Unallocated, it may do so by submitting a Financial Affairs Committee Proposal Form (See Forms page) to the A.S. Office for inclusion on the next Financial Affairs Committee agenda.

Student Travel

Travel Request – Financial Affairs Committee retains $23,000 for student organizations

Student travel requests are limited to a maximum of $900 per organization per academic year. See Travel Policies & Guidelines section for more information.

High School Conference

The Associated Students allocates $45,000 for high school conferences. This funding is designated for the recruitment of students including bringing any minors to campus. See the High School Conference section under Spending Funds for more information.

Special Events

A.S. Campus Program Funding Committee allocates a total yearly budget of $110,000 to SDSU recognized Student Organizations for their programming efforts. Student Organizations can request up to $3,000 for their program/events.

For more information, visit the CPF page