All in One CPF Guide

Temporary Policy Changes to A.S. Funding Guidelines


Campus Program Funding Request
CPF Post Event Evaluation Form
Student Life & Leadership


I. Campus Program Funding Policies

  1. Procedural Policies:
    • CPF Committee meets 12pm every Wednesday in the Presidential Suite in the Student Union starting the first week of school.
    • An Event Application System Form ( (EAS) must be submitted before applying for CPF funding
    • A Campus Program Funding Request Form must be made 8 weeks before the event 
    • No Walk-in’s allowed – CPF advisor needs to post the agenda with the groups presenting at least 72 hours prior to the CPF Meeting on Wednesday. The CPF Committee reviews each event. Just because your event was previously approved the prior year does not guarantee approval in the future.
    • If you do not get approved for funding then you may appeal to the Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) for approval. If you are denied by FAC then you may appeal to the Board of Directors (BOD) and they will have the final approval on whether your RSO will receive funding.
      • Meeting Time FAC: Mondays 11am/Legacy Suite
      • Meeting Time BOD: Bi-weekly Mondays 4pm/Council Chambers
    • After the event, you must submit 2 pictures and complete the Post-Event Evaluation Form. Email pictures to
  2. Funding Policies:
    • You must be a Recognized Student Organization to receive funding
    • RSO can apply for up to $3000 every academic year for on-campus events
    • $1,000 per event can be appropriated for food
    • Collaborations between multiple organizations are allowed for an event but the organizations cannot apply separately for the same event to obtain funds over $3000
    • WE DO NOT FUND: 1) T-shirts 2) Trophies/Awards 3) Prizes/Gift Cert. 4) Decorations UNLESS Culturally Significant to the Event 5) Graduation Ceremonies 6) Parking Passes
    • You must submit a check request no later than 2 weeks after the event has occurred
    • Any payments made to Associated Students can be paid directly through the funding
  3. Event Policies:
    • The event must be free for students and no donations can be collected
    • The RSO cannot profit from the event whatsoever
    • The event must be on campus or in an SDSU facility
    • The event must be open and inclusive for everyone
    • Marketing items must be approved before the event such as posters, flyers, banners, etc.

II. Campus Program Funding Procedure

  1. Recognized Student Organization (RSO) wants to conduct an on-campus event with CPF funding

  2. RSO submits Event Application System Form ( to reserve space for event
  3. RSO then submits the Campus Program Funding Request Form
  4. RSO will receive an email from Chair of CPF committee with a PowerPoint template and a designated timeslot for 2 members of the RSO to present why they should receive funding. Email will also include policies and procedures.
  5. RSO MUST bring to CPF presentation meeting: EAS number, Marketing Materials, food vendor information, and performer/artist/vendor full name, address, email, phone number, and amount paid through A.S. sponsored budget
  6. RSO will give 3-minute presentation to CPF and the committee will either approve or deny the request. If approved, they will be given a CPF packet that they will need to read and complete before their meeting with the Accounting Specialist and Student Life and Leadership Assistant Director.
  7. If approved, the Chair will acknowledge that the RSO will need to contact the Accounting Specialist and set up an appointment on or before the following Wednesday to go over the paperwork that was given to them by the CPF committee.
  8. The RSO will need to email to schedule a meeting in the State Suite with the Accounting Specialist and Student Life and Leadership Assistant Director to review CPF Sponsorship Agreement
  9. In the State Suite the RSO will be checked for their EAS status with a Student Life & Leadership Representative. Also at this meeting, the Accounting Specialist will need to receive:
    1. The performer/artist info in order for them to process these items: W-9, 590 tax forms, Insurance Requirements from Vendors
    2. Signed Sponsorship Agreement
  10. The Accounting Specialist will process these items and have them finalized and sent back to the RSO 3 weeks prior to the event

  11. All Forms filled out up to this point must be kept together for future reimbursement
  12. RSO must submit marketing materials via email to for approval before distribution


  13. Anytime during this time period, the RSO MUST submit a CPF Check Request with all documentation from the event along with all ITEMIZED/ORIGINAL receipts/invoices related to the event purchases
  14. If there are any questions about reimbursements, contact the Accounting Specialist at for clarification
  15. Complete the Post-Event Evaluation Form
  16. Send in two pictures from your event to

III. Sustainability Checklist