Campus Program Funding Request (CPF)

5 Things You Should Know Before Submitting an Application!

  1. Recognized Student Organizations can request up to $3,000 per academic year.

  2. Events must be free, open to all SDSU students, and held on SDSU's campus.

  3. Applications must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to your event for guaranteed consideration by the Campus Program Funding (CPF) Committee.

  4. An Event Approval System (EAS) request must be completed and submitted in order to be considered for funding.

  5. No more than $1,000 per event can be requested for food per academic year.

It is REQUIRED for you to review the
before submitting the application below.

Contact Information
Event Information

NOTE: EAS process should be started in order to present to the Campus Program Funding Committee.

NOTE: A copy of your reservation or approved outdoor space must be provided to release allocated funds.

Event Specifics
Please include event specifics about performers, the targeted audience, why this event is important to SDSU, and any information that is important for the committee to know.

NOTE: Fundraising and/or revenue-generating activies are not allowed.

*Please only include the amount your organization is requesting from CPF, not the overall program budget.

NOTE: You are only allowed to use up to $1,000 for food of the allocation requested.