Associated Students

Executive Officers


Jamie Miller

A.S. President

Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller is a senior from Lompoc, California. She is a Business Marketing major with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies through the Weber Honors College. Her journey with Associated Students began as a member of the First Year Leadership Experience Team, and continued with her roles as the Aztec Student Union Board (ASUB) Representative and the following year, ASUB commissioner.

Throughout her time at SDSU, Jamie has also been actively involved in other aspects of campus. She has served as the Director of Communications for the College Panhellenic Association; Vice President of Memoirs for the Rotaract Club of SDSU; and is a proud member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for women.

Jamie enjoys spending time at the beach, dancing, and traveling. She plans to work at a start-up company after graduating, and eventually start her own company.

As the AS President, Jamie is most excited to work with her team to create the best possible experience for students at SDSU. She is committed to working with both students and administration to streamline communication, enhance public safety, and promote campus-wide dialogue.

Patty Masengale

A.S. Executive Vice President

Patty Masengale

Patty Masengale, Executive Vice President, is a senior Business Management major minoring in Environment and Society and I/O Psychology, from Mission Viejo, CA.

Patty is a proud member of Rotaract and the Panhellenic Community and has held numerous leadership roles on campus including:

  • Student- at-Large on the Associated Students Board of Directors
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs for Aztec Dance Marathon
  • GreenFest Chair
  • Director of External Chapter Programming for the College Panhellenic Association.

During her time at SDSU, Patty has been a Resident Advisor at Cuicacalli Suites, a Student Assistant at the Office of Housing Administration, and a marketing intern for the SDSU Athletics department.

As executive vice president, she is looking forward to working collaboratively with different campus departments to help better meet the needs and wants of the student body. She is also looking forward to working with her fellow council and committee members.

In her free time, Patty likes to paddle board, spend time with her cats, or watch movies with her family. Patty plans to pursue a career in higher education and  continue to help students enjoy their college experience and reach their full potential.

Dylan Colliflower

A.S. Vice President of External Relations

Dylan Colliflower

Dylan Colliflower is a senior from Altadena, CA. He is pursuing a degree in International Business emphasizing in Portuguese in Latin America. His involvement in Associated Students began when he decided to join the Greenlove/Sustainability Commission because of his passion for environmental preservation. Dylan found his participation in Associated Students incredibly rewarding, leading him to get involved in many other areas of the organization and campus. Dylan has served as:

  • A.S. College of Arts and Letters Representative
  • Student at Large, A.S. External Relations Board
  • Vice President of Health and Wellness, InterFraternity Council
  • Treasurer, EnviroBusiness Society (e3)

He has also been a member of FratMANers and the International Business Society.

As Vice President of External Relations, Dylan is excited to plan this year’s Rock the Vote Campaign. He wants to promote civic engagement and empower his fellow students to utilize their right to vote. Dylan will also prioritize public safety, and plans on collaborating with campus and local community partners to ensure SDSU and the College Area is a safe environment for everyone. He is eager to connect all students to the opportunities and resources available at SDSU, and work to build a campus community that all students feel connected to.

Alexander Shapiro

A.S. Vice President of Financial Affairs

Alexander Shapiro

Alexander Shapiro is a senior from Calabasas, California. He is serving as the Vice President of Financial Affairs, and he is a Business Management major with a minor in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies through the Weber Honors College.

In addition to serving as Chairman of Community Service/Philanthropy and Vice President of External Relation for Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity and Inter-Fraternity Council Executive Vice President of Scholarship and Accreditation, Alexander’s on-campus involvement includes:

  • A.S. College of Business Administration
  • A.S. Student Support Commission
  • A.S. Community Service Commission
  • A.S. Campus Community Commission
  • A.S. Financial Affairs Committee
  • Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity
  • SDSU Rotaract
  • Finance and Investment Society
  • Sports Business Initiative
  • Pre-Law Society
  • Fraternity Men Against Negative Environments and Rape Situations
  • Chabad and ¬†Hillel

His honors include:

  • Dean’s List
  • SDSU Community Service Record
  • Inter-Fraternity Council Sports Award

In his spare time, Alexander plays basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis, and golf. He also enjoys going to the beach, playing the piano, skating, surfing, playing chess, watching theater, doing community service, and watching movies. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in sports management, agency, and marketing.

As Vice President of Financial Affairs, Alexander plans to provide clarity to student organizations so they are aware of all funding opportunities. Additionally, he plans to continue to build upon the success of Aztecs Rock Hunger, and raise hundreds of thousands of pounds of food for the San Diego community and SDSU students. Through other initiatives, Alexander aims to increase the value of the SDSU degree, ensure all funds are being beneficially utilized, and provide transparency to all.

Chimezie Ebiriekwe

A.S. Vice President of University Affairs

Chimezie Ebiriekwe

Chimezie Ebiriekwe is the Vice President for University Affairs and a junior from Carson, CA. He is pursuing a degree in Business Marketing.

He has served in numerous leadership roles on campus including the following:

  • Treasurer | Afrikan Student Union
  • Aztec Pride Student Representative
  • Peer Leadership Consultant
  • Member | University Affairs Board
  • Chief Financial Officer | Student African American Brotherhood
  • Alumni Engagement Intern | Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center
  • Keeper of Records | Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.

As Vice President of University Affairs, he looks forward to continuing to strengthen the relationships between students and their college councils; promoting and making campus resources accessible to all students, and working with students, faculty, and administration to bring the best college experience to every student at San Diego State University.

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