College of Arts & Letters Student Council Agenda
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Friday, April 23, 2021
Zoom Meeting ID: 944 4977 3250 - 3:00pm



All guests should enter their first and last name in the “chat box.” To make a Public Comment, please type the words “Public Comment” next to your name.



v.  approval of previous minutes


This time allotted to hear from any member of the public who wishes to speak.  Interested person(s) must submit their first and last name in the “chat” box with the words “Public Comment” next to their name prior to the start of Public Comment on the agenda. The Chair will call each speaker’s name when time to make Public Comment. 


  1. Keeping it 100: Describe your week as a painting.

viii. ACTION

  1. CAL Council Elections
  2. Check Requests


  1. Zachary Labus, President:
    1. Join our general body GroupMe
    2. If you are not receiving agendas or minutes please contact Zak or Chrystian to get your name on our sending list
  2. Amaya Childes, Executive Vice President: 
    1. Outreach Committee: Members of RSOs are required to join a committee -- outreach committee is the only committee this semester
    2. Meetings every other Tuesday at 10
    3. CALies Award Ceremony is May 1st
  3. Justyna Kolotaj, Vice President of Finance: 
    1. Keep your check requests coming - keep in mind that we only have 2 general meetings left this semester, 2 during which you will be able to have your check requests approved for reimbursement. That means that you have until April 30th to make sure that you will be reimbursed for any expenditures for Spring 2021. Make sure you are emailing me prior to the meeting in order to confirm that the check request is filled out correctly and you have all the documentation needed.

    2. If you are planning to have speakers that you want to compensate, talk to me beforehand to make sure that we can accommodate certain amounts in our budget and remember that with higher amounts, it is recommended that you have the check pre-approved (have CAL Council approve your purchase before you actually incur the cost). Keep that in mind when planning your expenditures with limited time this semester!

    3. Email me with any questions at

    4. Plenty of money available in the CAL Council budget but only one meeting left in the semeter for check request approval
    5. You can spend the budget on a number of different ways for your organization
  4. Chrystian Smith, Vice President of Internal Affairs:
    1. Have a fantastic weekend
    2. Take advantage of resources and opportunities!
    3. Send some get-to-know-you questions if you have them..
    4. CALies Award Forms sent out already!  Join Outreach Committee
  5. Adrianna Bozaich, Vice President of Publicity:
    1. Ramadan Mubarak! Happy Arab American Heritage Month!
    2. The Spring Symposium is next week!  4/21 beginning at 4 PM.  This event was a collaboration with the College of Education and a number of professors.  Hope you can make it!
  6. Ethan Johnson, Associated Students Representative: To be determined.
  7. Zihao Zhou, Associated Students Representative:  To be determined.
  8. Robson Winter, Associated Students Representative:  To be determined.
  9. Karey Sabol, CAL Council Advisor: To be determined.
  10. Zack McDaniels, CAL Council Advisor: To be determined.
  11. Michelle Lenoue, CAL Council Advisor: To be determined.