A sustainable, expanded and
renovated ARC and field

Aztec Recreation’s popularity among students has resulted in crowded facilities, wait times for fitness equipment and drop-in recreation, waitlists for some programs and limited opportunities in others. Student clubs and organizations are often turned away from spaces due to lack of availability. As the number of students living near and on campus increases, accessibility to recreation facilities and programs will become a greater challenge. To meet the increasing demands for high quality space to support the recreation, fitness and wellness needs of current and future students, there is a need to expand and renovate the Aztec Recreation Center (ARC) and develop additional recreation field space.

Vote March 6 & 7

on the

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A “YES” vote will expand and renovate the ARC and Recreation field space and will provide recreation access to ALL SDSU students. The existing monthly ARC membership fee for students will be eliminated, and the ARC, the Aztec Aquaplex, ARC Express, racquetball courts, tennis courts and Recreation fields will be open for general use to all SDSU students.

A “NO” vote means monthly ARC membership fees will increase, and there will be no expansion and renovation of the ARC or additional field space. The existing $19 per month membership fee for students will increase to approximately $29 by 2021, to cover the increase in minimum wage and other operating costs.