High School Conference

The Associated Students allocates $45,000 for high school conferences for the 2020-21 year. This money is administered by the Director of the Center for Intercultural Relations in the Cross Cultural Center.

This funding is designated for the recruitment of students including bringing any minors to campus. Student organizations should not use funding to individual student organizations or College Councils.

The High School Conference Committee will handle all requests for funding with the direction of the board advisor. High School Conferences must fulfill the mission of the Associated Students High School Conference guidelines to recruit underrepresented students to campus in an alternative way to the efforts of other on campus departments.

Performers/Guest Speakers/Artists

If a band, guest speaker or artist is scheduled to perform at a high school conference and receive payment for the performance, the organization putting on the high school conference must submit the following at least one month prior to the event:

Check Requests

Check Requests submitted to receive reimbursement for high school conference related purchases must be signed by the Director of the Center for Intercultural Relations, who is the advisor of these accounts.

Please see the "Spending Funds – Student Organizations" for more information on processing Check Requests.