Expenditure Guidelines

General Expenditure Policies of the Associated Students


A.S. funds may not be used for grants.


All income collected from all activities using the name and/or funds of the Associated Students must be collected in an approved manner and deposited to A.S. accounts.

If a student organization is selling tickets as part of a fundraiser, A.S. funds cannot be used. Access to A.S. funded events must be free and open to all students. If A.S. facilities are used for student organization events that require ticketing, an A.S. Ticketing Agreement must be put in place.

Political Activities

Title 5 of the state administrative code, Section 42403 states:

Funds of an auxiliary organization shall be used for purposes consistent with Board of Trustee and campus policy, and shall not be used:

(1) To support or oppose any candidate for public office, whether partisan or not, or to support or oppose any issue before the voters of this state or any subdivision thereof or any city, municipality, or local governmental entity of any kind except as may be permitted by Section 89300 of the Educational Code.

Campus policy may further define guidelines relating to expenditure of A.S. funds on political activities.

Specific Expenditure Policies of the Associated Students

Each account is sub-divided into object codes (promotions, supplies, food, etc.) and each object code is subject to the following expenditure guidelines:

Promotions (#6400):

Allocations may be made for:

Supplies (#5000):

Allocations may be made for:

Food (#5520):

Board Relations (#6490):

Organization Relations (#6497):

The following expenditures for recognized student organizations, and, A.S. Boards and Committees are not allowed by the Associated Students:

The following expenditures for College Councils are not allowed by the Associated Students: