Associated Students

Student Organization Funding

College Councils Spending

There are three methods of spending your money:

Check Request Method

Submit to the Associated Students Office a Check Request form (See Forms page). The check request must contain:

Checks are processed once a week. Check requests that are received in the A.S. Office by Monday at 4 p.m. are available after 1 p.m. on that Friday. Please note if a holiday falls during a work week a check run will not take place that week.

IMPORTANT: Keep copies of your requests and receipts. You may need them when tracking down your request.

PCard Purchases

If a College Council, or student organization under a College Council would like to make a purchase that is over $250.00, email the Accounting Specialist at to make an appointment to use the Pcard. The student will need to make sure they have the funds in their account, once funds have been verified they will need to have the check request filled out with the proper signatures before meeting. We also ask they have the website or phone# information of who we will need to pay when we meet.

A.S. Purchase Orders

You may use this method to charge goods and/or services. Not all vendors accept Purchase Orders. Be sure and check with the vendor before going through this process. The purchase order lets the vendor know that if the goods and/or services are provided there is money available to pay. Until the Accounting office has issued a purchase order you may not charge the purchase. You must obtain a purchase order before scheduling any University, Associated Students or Aztec Shop event and/or services.

To obtain a purchase order, complete a Purchase Order Request Form (See Forms page). If the total amount of the purchase order is $2,500 or greater, three competitive bids (in writing) must be obtained.

The purchase order request must contain:

Turn your request in at the A.S. Office. Purchase Orders submitted by Monday at 4 p.m. will be available by Friday of the same week. The signed purchase order (P.O.), will be mailed unless you specifically indicate otherwise (if you would like the P.O. to be faxed please indicate that on the form.) A copy will be mailed to your advisor.

IMPORTANT: This does not mean the merchandise has been paid for. You must follow the steps below to ensure the merchandise has been paid for. If you’re unclear, please call Accounting at 619-594-6555.

Paying the Purchase Order

When you request a purchase order, the money is "encumbered" or set aside from your available funds. To clear this money and the Purchase Order you must do the following:

Payment will not be made to a vendor until we receive an invoice from you.

Checks are processed once a week. Invoices that are received in the A.S. Office by Monday at 4 p.m. should be available by the Friday of that week.

IMPORTANT: Keep copies of your Invoice and Packing Slip. You may need them when tracking down your request.

If you decide not to use the purchase order, you must inform the A.S. Office that the purchase order should be canceled. Otherwise, the funds remain encumbered and unavailable to you.

Incomplete Forms

A copy of any form (checks, purchase orders, guarantees, etc.) submitted without the necessary information will be returned to the College Council. The original document and backup will be retained in the A.S. Office indicating the reason your form was returned. Please follow up on your submissions promptly.