College Council & Cultural Student Organizations Reimbursements & Purchasing

Check Requests

How to fill out an A.S. Check Request form

In response to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 we have made the following changes to the process for submitting Check Requests.


Instructions for the Requestor:

    Instructions for the Advisor/Budget Manger:

IMPORTANT: Check requests that are emailed to: or received at the A.S. Office by Monday at 4pm will be mailed out on following Friday. Please note: if a holiday falls during a work week checks will not be issued that week. 

Keep copies of your check requests and receipts for your own records.

P-Card Purchases

If a College Council or Student Organization under a College Council would like to make a purchase using the AS P-Card, email the Student Organization Accounts Specialist at to request a meeting. Once funds have been verified an appointment will be scheduled to complete the purchase.

Be prepared with the following information when meeting with the Student Organization Accounts Specialist:

Purchase Order Requests

A purchase order is a promise to pay. It lets the vendor know that if the goods are provided there is money available to pay.

How to fill out a Purchase Order Request form

If the total amount of the purchase order is $2,500 or greater, three competitive bids (in writing) must be obtained.


Fill in the following information:

The Advisor/Budget Manger must email the Purchase Order Request form with a statement of approval to the A.S accounting department at: (include any additional documentation provided by the vendor).

A.S. will create a purchase order and email it to the vendor (the requestor will be copied on this email).

IMPORTANT: This does not mean the merchandise has been paid for. It just means that funds have been set aside to pay the vendor once an invoice is received. If you’re unclear on this process, please contact Accounting at:


When the vendor responds to the purchase order they will either send an invoice to A.S. or to the Requester with the merchandise. 

Instructions when the Requester receives the Invoice with the merchandise

Payment will be made to a vendor once A.S. receives the above documentation.

Instructions when the A.S. receives the Invoice directly from the vendor:

Payment will be made to a vendor once A.S. receives the above documentation.

IMPORTANT: If you decide not to use the purchase order, you must inform the A.S. accounting department at: letting them know that the purchase order should be canceled. Otherwise, the funds that were set aside will remain unavailable to use.

Keep copies for your own records.

Incomplete Forms

A copy of any forms submitted without the necessary information will be emailed to the Requester with an explanation of the error made. The original document and backup will be retained in the A.S. Office indicating the reason the form was returned. Please follow up on these submissions promptly.