Associated Students

A.S. Part-Time Jobs

Operations Lead


Under the direction of the Conrad Prebys Assistant Director of Operations, and under supervision of the Operations Supervisor(s), the primary responsibility of the Operations Lead is to ensure that programs within the facilities are operating in accordance with guidelines established by Associated Students, San Diego State University, and the Union facilities. The Operations Lead is responsible for the execution of day-to-day activities including special events that take place within the Union facilities. This position also provides direction to the part-time Operations Assistants, and other part-time subcontracted laborers to meet the daily activity schedule as needed. The Operations Lead acts as the primary representatives of Associated Students responsible for the operations of all Union facilities in the absence of full time staff.



  1. Assist with the inspection of Program Equipment and Audio Visual Storage rooms for cleanliness and organization on a weekly basis and take proper action to address and correct the problems.
  2. Inventory Event Production Supplies and Operational Cleaning Supplies on a weekly basis. Communicate order needs to the Assistant Director of Operations, or designee, as levels of supplies dictate.

Building Management--

  1. Acts as the building representative to ensure that Associated Students, San Diego State University, and Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union policies are known to users of the student union facilities and are adhered to. Capable of communicating policies and standards of conduct to effectively express expectations and problems to customers, students, and employees using the facilities. 
  2. Performs all duties and responsibilities in accordance with the items set forth in Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Student Employee Training Guide.
  3. Completes the daily Shift Report, documenting information delineated on the on-line form and summarizing relevant details for review by Aztec Student Union personnel. Completes Incident Reports, Injury/Illness Reports, Work Orders, and other documentation in terms of incidents that occurred within Aztec Student Union facilities.
  4. Performs or has hourly rounds of the building completed throughout shift. Meeting rooms, event and general usage reports should be completed including attendance counts as well as reporting any issues.
  5. Reviews daily Shift Reports submitted by both Operations Leads and Operations Staff for issues and or concerns that need addressing as needed.
  6. Assists with and coordinates the setup configuration and cleanliness of all Aztec Student Union event spaces as requested by customers in accordance with the daily setup sheets in advance of their program start times.
  7. Responsible for properly opening and closing of all Union facilities at the beginning and end of each business day in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  8. Knowledge of custodial standards and maintenance practices to apply them when necessary. Willing to perform limited custodial and maintenance tasks to maintain base levels of operations in absence of such personnel.
  9. Knowledgeable of Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union facilities fire alarm systems, operations, and emergency evacuation procedures. Performs fire and life safety procedures, and acts as responsible party for ensuring fire and life safety in the absence of full time staff.

Event Management--

  1. Maintains safe, orderly, and clean facilities during events occurring within all Union facilities.
  2. Acts as on-site contact for Union clients before, during, and after programs to ensure that every client’s expectations are met in a positive manner.
  3. Acts as the building liaison with all event personnel including Audio Visual Technicians, Custodians, Caterers, Security, Police, Ticket Takers, Ticket Sellers, Parking Attendants, and Vendors during programs and events. Hosts briefings when necessary and advises all groups of potential issues as needed.
  4. Familiar with all applicable codes for places of public assembly in terms of Fire and Americans with Disabilities Act. Ensures all programs within Union facilities comply with such codes. Must have the ability to move and direct crowds effectively for safety and security purposes.
  5. Maintain a visible presence during events to ensure all guests experience at Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union facilities are positive and memorable.
  6. Completes Post Event Reports documenting all aspects both positive and negative in regards to larger events held in Union facilities.

Staff Supervision—

  1. Assists the Assistant Director of Operations and Operations Supervisors in the training, education, and counseling of Operations Assistants and other Operations Staff to perform their duties and responsibilities in accordance with Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Student Employee Training Guide. Must be able to effectively direct Operations Assistants and Operations Staff to not only meet daily needs set forth by the activity schedule, but prepare for upcoming programs in periods of down time.
  2. Leads in the set-up and strikes of event and meeting room spaces throughout the day and occasionally late at night or early in the morning to ensure on-time completion of upcoming programs as dictated by the program schedule.
  3. Assists with conducting monthly staff meetings for the operations department.
  4. Provides input for performance evaluations for Operations Assistants.
  5. Assists with the recruitment, selection, and hiring of Operations Assistants.

Audio-Visual Duties—

  1. Assists with and coordinates the delivery and set-up of the audio-visual (AV) equipment requested by our customers in advance of the meeting start times. Ensures that AV equipment is setup in accordance with the daily activity schedule and that it is in proper working order. Ensures safety of all AV setups. Advises customers on how to operate AV equipment. Coordinates retrieval of AV equipment at the conclusion of events to make sure items are safely stored.
  2. Ensures that all Union AV equipment remains secure and accounted for. Conducts periodic and frequent inventory audits to account for all equipment and assess inventory needs. Notifies full time staff in a timely manner when it is determined that equipment is missing or it is found to be damaged.
  3. Capable of trouble-shooting AV equipment and willing to learn about the mechanical and electrical workings of various audio, light, video, and projection equipment for correcting problems and also preventative maintenance.

Event Equipment Management--

  1. Ensures that all Union program equipment remains secure and accounted for. Conducts periodic and frequent inventory audits for all equipment and assess inventory needs. Notifies full time staff in a timely manner when it is determined that equipment is missing or it is found to be damaged.
  2. Performs routine maintenance of all Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union program equipment to ensure that all items remain in a safe and useable manner. Removes all items from the active inventory as items break down.

Other Duties—

  1. Assists Full time staff in the routine Safety Inspections for all Union facilities.
  2. Performs other duties as assigned to ensure functions of all Union facilities.


Education: Must be a San Diego State University student carrying six (6) units per semester.

Experience: OPEN TO CURRENT INTERNAL AZTEC STUDENT UNION APPLICANTS ONLY. Minimum 1 semester of Aztec Student Union employment experience preferred.

Job Requirements:

  • Must be able to effectively direct the work of fellow part-time student employees.
  • Must be able to facilitate meetings, trainings, and orientations in a professional manner.
  • Must be detail-oriented and able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • During academic semesters must commit to working an average of 15 hours a week
  • Must be able to attend a weekly Student Building Manager meeting
  • Must be comfortable in a public environment and communicating with a diverse population of customers, students, and staff in a variety of areas.
  • Must have a flexible schedule and willingness to work weekends, holidays, opening and closing shifts . Ability to work during summers and break periods is preferred.
  • Must be able to provide constructive and positive feedback to student staff during shift. Communicate building issues to appropriate fulltime staff.
  • Demonstrate confidence in making appropriate decisions in difficult situations.
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Must be able to lift and push 50 pounds (unassisted) and 75 pounds (with assistance), follow and communicate safety procedures to prevent work-related injuries.
  • Transportation, delivery and setup of equipment to on-campus Associated Students sponsored events. Must maintain a valid California driver’s license.

Special Considerations: Must have competence in social skills and cultural diversity.

Must be able to develop a good working relationship with fellow employees and be willing to work as a team and promote teamwork values. Ability to troubleshoot, problem solve and remain calm and professional under difficult situations. CPR, First Aid, and AED Certified individuals preferred.


Range II Steps III-VIII ($10.05 per hour starting); part-time