Associated Students

A.S. Part-Time Jobs

Daily Aztec Sales Manager

  • Reports to and Assists Ad Director with all office tasks 
  • With Ad Director, sells and maintains DA accounts during the summer
  • Sells and maintains SDSU and campus Auxiliary Organization accounts
  • Sells and maintains national accounts – i.e. Refuel
  • Attends and helps lead all weekly Advertising staff meetings
  • Works 20 hours a week
    • One hour before 11 AM, five days a week
    • Maintains and posts daily office hours by cubicle 
  • Works with Accounts Receivables Clerk to service and maintain all delinquent accounts.
  • Serves and maintains large House Accounts as instructed by Ad Director
  • Meets all assigned deadlines
  • Supervises and assists Account Executives in daily activities
    • Assigns leads and answer any questions or concerns
    • Makes sure all daily documents are signed off
    • Holds AE’s accountable to sales goals
    • Assists Ad Director in AE recruitment and employment interviews
  • Assists fellow members of Advertising Management team in creation and implementation of contests, team building exercises, business strategies and Sales Team training. Assists in tabling/marketing as needed
  • Ensures AEs keep updated organized reports of the following:
    • Call/e-mail log documenting business related calls and e-mails throughout each week
    • Current client binder (signed contract and proofs only)
    • Weekly evaluations
    • Time sheets and office hours
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and reliable transportation
  • Must have DA/media sales experience and
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 units at SDSU each semester and be in good academic standing 


Range I - $11.50 per hour