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Resolution in Response to the Governor’s Proposed 2010 Budget

Authored by: California State Student Association (CSSA)

WHEREAS, the California State Student Association (CSSA) is the single recognized voice for over 450,000 students in the California State University (CSU) system; and

WHEREAS, the mission of the California State Student Association (CSSA) is to maintain and enhance the accessibility of an affordable quality education for the people of California; and

WHEREAS, the CSU provides higher educational opportunity and access to low-income and middle-class residents of California in attaining well-paying jobs after earning a baccalaureate degree; and

WHEREAS, the CSU is the economic engine that drives the State’s economy by producing graduates in the fields of Teacher Education (55%), Criminal Justice (90%), Agriculture (53%), Gerontology (100%) and Nursing (64%); and

WHEREAS, according to the CSU impact report, every dollar invested in the CSU returns four dollars and sixty-six cents back into the California economy, therefore any budget cut to the CSU would worsen the already weakened State economy; and

WHEREAS, the Governor’s proposal provides $60.6 million in enrollment growth funding and $305 million to backfill one-time reductions; and

WHEREAS, the Governor also is requesting a 10% student fee increase and the elimination of $45.5 million from the Competitive Cal Grant program in 2010; and

WHEREAS, the proposed budget identifies spending reductions that will go into effect in the event that the federal government fails to provide the $6.9 billion of additional funding proposed in the budget such as the funding for CSU’s enrollment growth and freezing the level of the awards and income eligibility for Cal Grants; therefore let it be

RESOLVED, that CSSA would first like to thank Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his renewed interest and investment in higher education, however; be it further

RESOLVED, that CSSA acknowledges that the Governor’s proposal, while a step in the right direction, is still flawed in some aspects and that CSSA is not supportive of a budget that underfunds the CSU, cuts Cal Grants, and increases student fees; and be it further

RESOLVED, that CSSA urges the Governor, the Assembly, and the Senate to invest in the CSU and seek ways to fully fund higher education in order to protect the future of California by preserving access, quality, and affordability of the CSU; and finally be it further

RESOLVED, that CSSA will make this document public and will forward this resolution to all parties including, all statewide student associations, campus associated students, CA higher education presidents, CSU systemwide and statewide Academic Senates, CSU Board of Trustees,Chancellor Charles B. Reed, the California legislature, the office of the Governor of California, and the local media.

Adopted by the Associated Students Council on