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A Resolution Opposing the California State University Board of Trustee Proposed Fees

WHEREAS, the Associated Students (A.S.) of San Diego State University (SDSU) is the official representative body, and the voice of SDSU’s more than 30,000 students and  is entrusted to represent the best interests of its constituents, and

WHEREAS, it is the mission of the A.S. to educate students on issues that affect them and advocate the student perspective to the university administration and faculty, and government representatives and agencies on the local, statewide and national levels, and

WHEREAS, the California State University (CSU) has recently faced substantial budget cuts from the state, including a reduction of $750 million in 2011-2012 alone resulting in another tuition increase, raising the cost of undergraduate attendance from $1,428 in 2001 to an estimated $5,970 in 20121, and

WHEREAS, the CSU Board of Trustees is considering 3 new students fees: Course Repeat, Third Tier and Graduate Incentive fees to be voted on at the November meeting, and

WHEREAS, the Course Repeat Fee will charge students $91 per unit for a repeated course; the Third Tier Fee will charge resident undergraduate students $182 per unit above 17 units; the Graduate Incentive Fee will charge $372 per unit starting Fall 2013 to students with 160 or more semester units and in Fall 2014 will be applied to students with 150 or more semester units, and

WHEREAS, the Course Repeat Fee limits students from taking more than 15 units while repeating a course and would be charged regardless of the reason for the repeat, and

WHEREAS, the Third Tier Fee puts a greater financial burden on students taking more than 17 units, specifically those with high-unit degree requirements and/or multiples majors or minors who may need to take heavier class loads to graduate in a timely manner, and

WHEREAS, the Graduate Incentive Fee is intended to encourage students to ensure they take courses that keep them on track to graduate in a timely manner but still places a burden on students who may need to take extra time and classes, specifically those with high-unit degree requirements and/or multiples majors or minors, and

WHEREAS, if the fees are approved, students may need to take 17 units or more per semester, in order to graduate in a timely manner to avoid paying the Graduate Incentive Fee, but will then be subject to the Third Tier Fee, leaving little option or flexibility to the student, and

WHEREAS, none of the proposed fees account for the cuts that have already been made which have reduced the availability of courses, including prerequisites which are required for students to move forward in their studies, and

WHEREAS, many students who receive aid and loans to help meet the growing expense of tuition are required to maintain a certain course load whether or not major specific classes are available, and

WHEREAS, these three fees further inhibit students’ access to a quality and affordable education, which is the mission of the CSU, be it

RESOLVED, that the A.S. of SDSU opposes these fees and urges members of the Board of Trustees to vote against these new fees at the November meeting, and be it further

RESOLVED, that the A.S. of SDSU recognizes the financial challenges facing the CSU, particularly in regards to enrollment but does not believe that burden should fall to the students, be it further

RESOLVED, that any increased student fees should only be used for services available to students and not to affect student behavior, finally be it

RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution be distributed widely, including, but not limited to, CSU Board of Trustees, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed, Executive Vice Chancellor Ephraim Smith, SDSU President Elliot Hirshman, the Daily Aztec, the SDSU Alumni Association, CSU Campus Presidents, CSU Associated Students, the United States Student Association, California Faculty Association, and University of California Student Association.

Passed by the A.S. Council, on November 7, 2012

Rob O’Keefe, A.S. President