Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 3:30pm
Via Zoom


A.S. Vice President of University Affairs, Crystal Sanchez, called the meeting to order at3:32 p.m. via Zoom.


  1. Voting Members Present: Crystal Sanchez, Christian Holt, Bella Martelino, Armando Sepulveda II, Victor Penera, Sophia Mathews, Rob Winter, Zihao Zhou, Chadi Tarazi, Ryan King, Will Stranzl, Olivia Luera (late), Kendall Kolp, Casey Fischbach, Tito Hernandez, Alex Chasson, Sarah Hoang, Alyssa Sandford, Skylar Christie, Alondra Hernandez, Sarah McBride, Jan Velasco (left early), Sydney Steinbeck, Jennifer Schenkenfelder, Jeanette Marino, Michelle Halverson (left early), Angelo Gozon, Hannah Berman-Schneider, Reece Breuckman, Joyce Chen
  2. Voting Members Absent: Chloe Foreman
  3. Non-Voting Members Present: Christina Brown, Dr. Nola Butler-Byrd (late), Janice Dils
  4. Non-Voting Members Absent: None.E.Visitors: Maxwell Johnson, Murphy Stanley


It was moved and seconded to postpone the Career Services presentation and approve the agenda.

Christian – Yes             Ryan – Yes              Alex – Yes              Sydney - Yes
Bella – Yes                    Will – Yes               Sarah H. – Yes        Jennifer - Yes
Armando – Yes             Olivia – Yes            Alyssa – Yes           Jeanette - Yes
Victor – Yes                  Kendall – Yes          Skylar – Yes           Michelle - Yes
Sophia – Yes                Joey – Yes               Alondra – Yes        Angelo - Yes
Rob – Yes                     Casey – Yes            Sarah M. – Yes       Hannah - Yes
Chadi – Yes                  Tito – Yes               Jan – Yes                Reece – Yes
Joyce – Yes

                                                                                                (29-0-0, CARRIED)




  1. University Senate Designee, Dr. Nola Butler-Byrd:
    1. It is a pleasure to be back at the University Council for a second year. I enjoy attending your meetings and supporting all the projects that you are all working on. We appreciate your support on the Senate level and we really need your insight in order to help us do the work that we need to do to make your experiences here on campus the richest and deepest experiences.
    2. In light of COVID-19 and social unrest, we have a lot on our plate in the University Senate. The Statewide Senate has mandated it to make Ethnic Studies a requirement, and I am proud to say that it has already put in place here at SDSU.
    3. I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Our well-being is critical to make it through this crisis in the best possible way. Please take advantage of our resources online and counselors on campus. Let us take good care of each other and let us know if you need help or the support. Thank you.
  2. University Vice President for Student Affairs Designee: None.
  3. Career Services Presentation – Postponed.


  1. General Consent Agenda (Action): None.
  2. General Consent Report (Information): The General Consent Report was reviewed.
  3. Serving on a University Senate Committee Presentation (Information): Maxwell Johnson, A.S. Chief of Staff, presented on how to join a University Senate Committee,and its responsibilities, as part of the requirement for University Council members.



  1.   Crystal Sanchez, Vice President of University Affairs:
    1. All of the College Council Presidents went to the Dean’s meeting with the Provost. It was a great opportunity to introduce themselves and it is important that the College Council Presidents have a relationship with the Deans. If any of you want to meet your Dean, please reach out to them.
    2. I shared information regarding UC meetings expectations. These meetings are a space to share information, be present, and share any concerns that you have. We are a resource for all of you.
  2. Christian Holt, President:
    1. The office hours with the A.S. President have started. They are 12-1 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact me at any time and hop in these office hours.
    2. The Strategic Plan is starting up. You will receive updates on what is happening with the plan. The theme of the plan is “We Rise. We Defy.”
    3. There were concerns about COVID testing and reporting from the students. There is a 10-day period of isolation once someone has tested positive, as instructed by the CDC guidelines. The County data is sent to the University. Please refer to the SDSU COVID website for all information. There was a student panel last night in the residence halls to address questions regarding COVID that included University administrators and myself. I will be meeting with residential student leaders this year. I will address any type of concerns, please reach out to me.
    4. We, as student leaders, are facing many things, right now. Please remember that our mental health is very important. Find something that relaxes you and do it fifteen minutes a day.
  3. Bella Martelino, Executive Vice President:
    1. Homecoming will be in the spring. There will be a spirit week this semester (11/8-11/13) and it will align with “We are SDSU” week. Will have a Past, Present, Future panel with A.S. student leaders.
    2. The boards, committees, and commissions (BCCs) are currently meeting with new students based on the NSI interest form and will be placed on the BCCs soon.
    3. The Outreach requirement deadline extended to 9/25. Diego and I will send you a detailed list of what qualifies as outreach.
  4. Armando Sepulveda, Vice President of External Relations:
    1. Thank you for sharing your concerns.
    2. Rock the Vote is going strong. We are having civic tours to assist with registering to vote. If you moved, you need to re-register to vote. Our slogan is “Vote with a Vision”. Spread the word and follow Rock the Vote on Instagram. Would like to create a competition within College Councils for Rock the Vote.
  5. Victor Penera, Vice President of Financial Affairs:
    1. Thank you for sharing your concerns about everything. We are here to help.
    2. Aztecs Rock Hunger slogan is “Now More than Ever”. The campaign is 9/28 to 10/18. Please follow our Instagram account.
    3. Met with the College Councils Treasurers and Presidents to discuss funding.
    4. Mental health is a priority right now. If you need anything, please let me know.
  6. Christina Brown, Executive Director:
    1. Glad to see that everyone is wearing their A.S. polos today. If you have not received it yet, please let me know.
    2. Very impressed with your College Council meetings..
    3.  I appreciate the Residential Life staff in what is going on with COVID and continue to reach out to Christian, Kara Bauer, and myself to address these concerns.
    4. There were about 400 participants in the Aztec Recreation Outdoor program last week. Continue to encourage your fellow students to visit one of the sites: Aquaplex, Recreation Field, and outside the ARC Express on the third floor of the student union.
    5. The Food Pantry is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the student union, 2nd floor. On Fridays, there is a drive-through reservation option at the student union.
    6. The Information Center at the student union is an extension of an ‘Ask Me’ tent of the University to assist with all questions.
    7. SDSU Children’s Center continues to operate. There are 98 families enrolled this semester.
  7. Hannah Berman-Schneider, ASBOD Student-At-Large: I have heard from the Residential Education student leaders and they are overwhelmed regarding the COVID cases increasing. We can use support from Associated Students.
  8. Reece Breuckman, ASBOD Student-At-Large: No report.
  9. Joyce Chen, ASBOD Student-At-Large: No report.
  10. College of Arts and Letters: Our first CAL meeting was last Friday and we had a great number of RSOs there. We heard from the new College of Arts and Letters Dean and it was good to talk with her. Zachary Labus, the CAL Council President, sends well wishes that the first UC meeting goes well.
  11. College of Education: No report.
  12. College of Engineering: The Google Calendar is something that our Council will work on, as well. The website redesign is in the works, including our logo. There will be “two-way” Google form where juniors and seniors will meet with first year students to ensure they will keep them on track with the curriculum.
  13. College of Health and Human Services: We will attending the Academic Fair, 9/15, 1-2 p.m. We will be hosting a virtual CHHS club fair on 9/26 from 11-12 p.m.
  14. College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts: Our first college council meeting is tomorrow at 2 p.m. It is an introductory meeting with the Dean. We also will have virtual tabling on Monday from 1-2 p.m. We are also brainstorming ideas for events. One idea is a hygiene drive for students who are quarantined to assist them. We would like to reach out to cultural organization to display their culture at our meeting.
  15. College of Sciences: The College of Sciences Fair occurred and we have been debriefing of what has been successful and how we can improve for future fairs. We are discussing different committees that we can set up within the college.
  16. Graduate Student Association: No report.
  17. Undeclared College: Had our first meeting on Monday. Harley, the UCC President, reviewed the roles of the executive board members.


  1. It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 4:42 pm.
    CHEN/GOZON                                                              (25-0-0, CARRIED)

APPROVED BY: Crystal Sanchez, A.S. Vice President of University Affairs
PREPARED BY: Janice Dils, A.S. Government Affairs Manager