Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 3:30pm


Vice President of University Affairs, George Scott, called the meeting to order at 3:32 PM.  


  1. Voting Members Present: Christian Onwuka, George Scott, Kyla Blaylock, Angie Espinoza, Dustin Adkins, Stephanie Estrada, Lee Abed (left early), Jacob Tuchband, Aidan Winter, Fnu Mumtaz, Jacinda Molina, Jon Soden, Joe Besagno, Sean Toohey (late), Josh Olson, Matthew Blake, Aaron Eppstein, Reece Breuckman, Crystal Sanchez, Josh Avalos, Jacob Downey, Christine Gotthardt, Brianne Crowther.
  2. Voting Members Absent: Sophie Chance, Chloe Foreman, Sara Jimenez, Jayden Mattson, Jagger Gin, Vicky Evans, JR Lauron, Bella Martelino.
  3. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Dr. Andrea Dooley, Christina Brown, Nikki Eliaschev.
  4. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: Dr. Nola Butler-Byrd.
  5. Visitors Present: E & J Gallo Winery, Chelsea Payne. 


It was moved and seconded to approve today’s agenda.
ABED/ESPINOZA                                                                                                                 CARRIED


It was moved and seconded to approve the previous minutes.
WINTER/SODEN                                                                                                                  CARRIED


The E & J Gallo Winery sales representative and recruiting manager presented about paid internships and job opportunities available to students. Applications are available on Handshake.


  1. University Senate Designee, Dr. Nola Butler-Byrd:
    1. No report. 
  2. University Vice President for Student Affairs Designee, Dr. Andrea Dooley:
    1. Attended the California Higher Education Basic Needs Alliance Summit where the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) presented. 
    2. Working diligently to inform students about the return-to-aid component of the two approved fee increases. The Cultural Identity Centers and Counseling and Psychological Services are working to have their proposed changes, funded by the approved fee increases, ready to go for the fall 2020 semester. 
    3. Handed out flyers for several events happening this semester from the Women of Color Empowerment Group, APIphany, and “Talk it Out”.
    4. Handshake is the new Career Services platform for students to access internships and job opportunities. 
    5. Reminded members that applications for Aztec Mentor Program (AMP) are open and that it is a great mentorship opportunity for students.
    6. The Diversity Career Conference is Friday, February 21st.
  3. Basic Needs Support Update- Stephanie Waits Galia, Director of Well-Being and Health Promotion and Chelsea Payne, Economic Crisis Response Team Coordinator (ECRT) (Time Certain 4 pm):
    1. Chelsea Payne introduced herself and explained her role and responsibilities as the ECRT coordinator.
    2. Encouraged members to guide students to the ECRT office if they are in need of help.
    3. Working on expanding ECRT programs and capacities for the benefit of SDSU students, which will be funded by the AB 74 grant. 
    4. Developing the Rapid Rehousing Program, which will allow the ECRT to fund student housing both on and off campus for students experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. This program will be funded by Rapid Rehousing Grant, included in AB 74.
    5. Will be hiring a coordinator to spearhead the Rapid Rehousing Program. 
    6. Excited to have another case manager at the ECRT office. 


  1. General Consent Agenda (Action): 
    It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda.
    EPPSTEIN/MUMTAZ                                                                                               CARRIED
  2. General Consent Report (Information): The general consent report was reviewed, as attached.




  1. George Scott, Vice President of University Affairs:
    1. Met with Patrick McCarthy, Interim Dean of the SDSU Library, and had the opportunity to see new updates which include: the Latinx Resource Center, increasing seating, creating new study rooms under the dome, and fixing the plumbing in the bathrooms. 
    2. Reminded members to look after themselves during midterm exams and to utilize the resources in Counseling and Psychological Services and Well Being and Health Promotion.
    3. The A.S. 2019-2020 Academic Report will be ready in early March. Needs help sharing the report with students. 
    4. 1st International Student Advisory Board meeting was today. The purpose of the board is to advocate for international students on campus.
  2. Christian Onwuka, President:
    1. Is a part of the search committee for the VP of University Relations and Development and the VP of Student Affairs and Diversity and Innovation.
    2. Working with the University Senate on student representation in the Senate. Encouraged members to reach out if they have questions about it.
    3. Working with GreenLove to push green initiatives on campus and become an even more sustainable campus. Excited to see several of their goals reached this semester.
    4. Kyla, Angie, and himself will be hosting a workshop at the Laurels for Leaders Luncheon, a gathering of San Diego County high school ASB leaders.
  3. Kyla Blaylock, Executive Vice President:
    1. The ticketing system has improved since the update. SDSU basketball game tickets sold out in 5 minutes this morning.
    2. SDSU basketball game watch party is this Saturday in Aztec Lanes. 
    3. There will be an opportunity drawing for tickets to the Mountain West Conference basketball tournament. 
    4. Student feedback session for what students would like to see in the VP of Student Affairs and Diversity and Innovation will be Monday at 10:00 am in Templo Mayor. 
    5. Next week there will be an All Council Training at 3:30 pm about mental health and campus resources that are available to students. 
    6. Attended the Senate Executive meeting yesterday, which discussed the Don Powell Theatre that will be renovated in order to meet ADA compliance.
    7. 7GreenFest announced the headlining artist.
  4. Angie Espinoza, Vice President of External Relations: 
    1. The CHESS Conference delegation has been selected.
    2. Thanked everyone who attended the SDSU Democrats and SDSU Republicans debate.
    3. A.S. Rock the Vote held a voter registration event yesterday.
    4. Will be speaking at the Environmental Justice Day during GreenFest.
    5. Lobby Corps is applying for more district visits.
    6. Will be attending the Change the Status Quo Conference in SLO.
    7. There is a justice position available in JAC and applications are open until February 27th at 4:00 pm. 
    8. Mission Bay Aquatic Center is hiring summer counselors.
    9. CSSA is supporting SB-493 Education: sex equity and H.R.3267 – END ALL Hazing Act. 
    10. CSSA officially approved the title IX resolution against the new proposed changes by the Department of Education. 
    11. Will be walking around campus and encouraging people to vote on Election Day, March 3rd.
  5. Dustin Adkins, Vice President of Financial Affairs: 
    1. Encouraged students to reach out to him if they have any questions about the California Higher Education Basic Needs Alliance 2020 Summit that he attended two weeks ago. 
    2. Gathered information and students reactions at the parking focus group yesterday.
    3. Working on a name and plan of action to implement the resolution that passed at the end of last year. It will let students donate from their meal plans at the end of the semester to the ECRT. 
    4. Will be inviting the College Councils share their budget presentations. 
  6. Christina Brown, Executive Director:
    1. Expressed Affirmations to Angie and the CSSA representatives who attended the CSSA SLO for their hard work.
    2. The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is piloting a graduate student lounge in the Goodfriend Lounge. All students are invited and graduate students are encouraged to use the space. 
    3. There will be monetary incentives for the College Councils who participate and provide feedback for the A.S. 2019-2020 Academic Report.
  7. Stephanie Estrada, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. Please continue to share the A.S. Leadership EOP Scholarship flyer that went out this week. The deadline to submit nominations is February 28th. Dustin and herself will lead the selection committee.
    2. A.S. Maintenance Workers Appreciation Day is April 6th from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm. Lunch and dinner will be provided for maintenance staff. 
    3. The A.S. Panel at the SDSU Leadership Summit this past Saturday was a great event.
    4. Tomorrow at 4:00 pm is the A.S. election application deadline.
    5. Will be working at the polls on March 3rd during the primary election.
    6. U.S. Immigration Policy Center is looking for students to work on researching voter engagement in regards to immigrant communities. This is a joint undergraduate research project with UCSD and CSU San Marcos.
  8. Lee Abed, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. 1 Working to bring Edith Eger to campus on April 20th to speak about her experience as a survivor of Auschwitz.
  9. Sophie Chance, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. No report. 
  10. College of Arts and Letters: 
    1. Will be voting on having the CAL Gala for this semester.
    2. Elections for leadership positions within the college council will happen this semester.
    3. The Collegiate Black Caucus Representative announced that he will be starting a NAACP chapter RSO at SDSU.
    4. The joint CAL and PSFA event, Empowering Identity to Unite Communities, is tomorrow in Montezuma Hall from 6:30-8:30 pm. Come check it out!
  11. College of Business:
    1. Business Achievement Awards will be on April 14th.
    2. College of Business Career Fair is March 5th.
  12. College of Education:
    1. No report.
  13. College of Engineering:
    1. The ‘Engineering Olympics’ are tomorrow in Centennial Walkway from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm and it is part of the events for ‘E-Week’. 
    2. Will be participating in the Aztec Dance Marathon this Friday.
    3. Planning a ping-pong tournament in memoriam of Dean Mehrabadi.
    4. Last Wednesday was the first ‘Coffee with the Dean’ event of the semester. 
  14. College of Health and Human Services:
    1. No report. 
  15. College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts: 
    1. PSFA x CAL event, Empowering Identity to Unite Communities is tomorrow from 6:30-8:30 in Montezuma Hall. This will be a great event with a panel of SDSU alumni speakers and everyone is invited to attend!
  16. College of Sciences:
    1. Planning for the ‘Discover your Dream’ event. 
    2. Science Club Fair is February 24th from 12:00-2:00 pm.
  17. Graduate Student Association:
    1. No report. 
  18. Undeclared College:
    1. No report.
  19. Imperial Valley Campus:
    1. No report. 


  1. Angie Espinoza announced the following events:
    1. Aztec Achievement Awards (AAAs) nominations are open now through March 1st.
    2. The Latinx Resource Center is opening tomorrow at 1:00 pm in Chicano/a Collections Room in the library. Hopes to see everyone there!
  2. Christian Onwuka announced the following events:
    1. The Sigma’s will be at the Dance Marathon. Excited to see you all there! 
    2. The Long Beach Step Show is February 29th and is a really fun event.
  3. Jacinda Molina announced that the Women in Entrepreneurship and Leadership Conference is next Thursday in Montezuma hall and starts at 10:00 am. There will be guest speakers and workshops.


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.
SODEN/BLAYLOCK                                                                                                            CARRIED

Vice President of University Affairs, George Scott, adjourned the meeting at 5:04 pm.

APPROVED BY: George Scott, Executive Vice President 

PREPARED BY: Nikki Eliaschev, A.S. Government Secretary