Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 - 3:30pm
Council Chambers • Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union


Vice President of University Affairs, George Scott, called the meeting to order at 4:51 PM.


  1. Voting Members Present: Christian Onwuka (late), Angie Espinoza, Dustin Adkins, George Scott, Lee Abed, Sophie Chance, Stephanie Estrada, Jacob Tuchband, Aidan Winter, Fnu Mumtaz, Christie Keller, Jon Soden, Joe Besagno, Sean Toohey, Chloe Foreman, Sara Jimenez, Josh Olson, Matthew Blake, Aaron Eppstein, Jayden Mattson, Jagger Gin, Reece Breuckman, Daisy Kent, Brianne Crowther, Christine Gotthardt, Jacob Downey (late), JR Lauron, Maricruz Carrillo.
  2. Voting Members Absent: Kyla Blaylock, Bella Martelino, Crystal Sanchez, Vicky Evans
  3. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Christina Brown, Nikki Eliaschev
  4. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: Dr. Andrea Dooley, Dr. Nola Butler Byrd.
  5. Visitors Present: Andrew Gade.


It was moved and seconded to approve today’s agenda.
SODEN/KENT                                                                                                   CARRIED


It was moved and seconded to approve the previous minutes.
EPPSTEIN/BREUCKMAN                                                                               CARRIED




  1. University Senate Designee, Dr. Nola Butler Byrd: None..

  2. University Vice President for Student Affairs Designee, Dr. Andrea Dooley: None.


  1. General Consent Agenda (Action):
    It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda.

  2. General Consent Report (Information): The general consent report was reviewed, as attached.




  1. George Scott, Vice President of University Affairs:
    1. The ENS Field Dedication Ceremony is October 3rd at 11:00 am.
    2. Working with Career Services on offering more equal opportunity employers at future career fairs.
    3. Encouraged colleges to review their charters and roles of their leadership teams.
    4. Reminded students that academics come first and to make sure that they are looking after themselves.

  2. Christian Onwuka, President:
    1. The Student Success Fee deadline is Oct 1st at 4:00 pm. Encouraged students to communicate this to their respective clubs and organizations.
    2. IT Steering Committee wants A.S to offer feedback about mySdsu.
    3. “Student Conversations” with President Adela de la Torre went well.
    4. University Leaders Reception went really well. Encouraged members to keep communications lines open.
    5. FLEX interviews were this weekend. There were over 70 interviews for the program and 5 students were selected.
    6. Will have more news soon about a healing garden on campus.
    7. Climate Strike was this past Friday.
    8. CFAC approved two proposed fee increases to go through the alternative consultation process, this week.
    9. Thanked students for attending the Strategic Plan meeting.

  3. Kyla Blaylock, Executive Vice President:  None.

  4. Angie Espinoza, Vice President of External Relations:
    1. Rock the Vote (RTV) is going well.
    2. Shout-out to those who helped during the National Voter Registration event today.
    3. CSSA is looking to implement Ethnic Studies as a graduation requirement. Will have more updates soon.
    4. CSU’s social justice efforts will focus on two groups: undocumented students and LGBTQIA+ students. Was appointed to lead the undocumented student voice.
    5. Assigned the colleges a homework task: they must find one student in their college per representative to be a part of the #CSUSaysitright campaign. Will be sending out an email soon.
    6. Is working with Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber to draft a new bill since AB532 did not move forward. This bill will address student parking permit prices.
    7. Looking for one representative to serve on the CSU Mental Health Advisory Committee.
    8. Told members to let her know about campus safety issues. Is happy to bring them to campus safety meetings.

  5. Dustin Adkins, Vice President of Financial Affairs:
    1. Aztecs Rocks Hunger (ARH) is part of the Day of Giving.
    2. New website for ARH went live today. Is happy with the results.
    3. There are two new operations student leads at the A.S. Food Pantry.
    4. Financial Affairs Committee elected the vice chair.
    5. Funds for the Healing Garden have been transferred.
    6. Met with CHHS Council Leaders about the available funding opportunities. Encouraged the colleges to meet with him if they have any questions about funding opportunities.

  6. Christina Brown, Executive Director:
    1. There have been three meetings with President Adela de la Torre since the Climate Strike.
    2. Is proud of the students who presented about the deficiencies in the Environmental Impact Report.
    3. Told members that they should be proud of all the hard work that the students involved in sustainability are doing.

  7. Stephanie Estrada, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. Acknowledged all of the hard work that everyone is doing.

  8. Lee Abed, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. Encouraging students to send any street light complaints to
    2. Organizing a walk-around with SDSU Police Department’s Corporal Peterson to gather data on broken street lights and is drafting a formal complaint to bring to the City of San Diego.
    3. Working on involving Greek Life with Campus Safety.
    4. Is excited to work with the College Council Representatives.

  9. Sophie Chance, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. The Students-at-Large plan to attend meetings of their respective College Councils.

  10. College of Arts and Letters:
    1. Working on a Spring Showcase. Date TBA, will be in February.
    2. Working on increasing RSO accountability.
    3. Will do “RSO of the Month” instead of “Student of the Month” to encourage students to become involved in RSOs.

  11. College of Business:  No report.

  12. College of Education:
    1. Updating the photos on the College of Education website.
    2. Elected a treasurer.

  13. College of Engineering:
    1. Have two dates planned in the fall for Coffee with the Dean event.
    2. Engineering Conference will be in Montezuma Hall on October 7th. It is open to everyone.

  14. College of Health and Human Services: 
    1. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event is Sunday, October 20th. Check in is at 6:30 am. Encouraged everyone to participate.

  15. College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts:
    1. Asian Pacific Student Alliance (APSA) will meet in the Visionary Suite from 4:00 – 5:30 pm.

  16. College of Sciences:
    1. Continuing with the discussion of a Council Club Fair to represent all of the clubs in the College of Sciences.
    2. All council meeting was today. Discussed problems within the College of Sciences and had a presentation from Career Services.

  17. Graduate Student Association:
    1. Graduate survey results are in. The majority of participants said that they want social events to build community.
    2. Senate representative is doing an amazing job and is reporting lots of helpful information to GSA.
    3. Faculty are asking for 11 more seats in the Senate and there are only 4 seats available to students. Would like to discuss this further.
    4. Two new student fees have been proposed.
    5. Would like a presentation explaining the budget.
    6. GSA is hosting events like Pizza & bowling and a thesis writing panel.

  18. Undeclared College: 
    1. Working on getting polos, stickers, and a meeting room.
    2. Everyone is welcome at meetings.
    3. Working on more programs for sophomores and juniors.


  1. Stephanie Estrada announced that she is working on a Human Rights Day event.


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.
ONWUKA/CHANCE                                                                            CARRIED, (28-0-0)

Vice President of University Affairs George Scott adjourned the meeting at 6:17 pm.

APPROVED BY:  George Scott, Vice President of University Affairs

PREPARED BY:  Nikki Eliaschev, A.S. Government Secretary