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Meeting Minutes
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Vice President of University Affairs Morgan Chan called the meeting to order at 3:39 PM.



A. Voting Members Present: Morgan Chan, Helena McAllister, Stav Geffner, Cindy Lopez, Jordan Harrison, Jack Losey, Sean Zaher, Onochie Ani, Alex Ben, Lindsey Schaefer, Marya Edgar, Tasnim El Mezain, Kristina Morales, Raquel Martin, Blaire Ward, Katelynne Willis, Joshua Beverly, Michelle Mitchell, Cameron Wilmore, Alicia Zamudio Montes de Oca, Jake Garelick, Raj Mohanty, Josh Morse, Becca Cohen, Javier Gomez, Mariah Kelly

B. Voting Members Absent: None.

C. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Jennifer Esquivel-Parker, Clarice Mendoza, Kevin Hancock, Jessika Seekatz, Jonathan Cole, Dr. Ghada Osman

D. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: Dr. Timothy Quinnan

E. Visitors Present: Adam Burkhart, Hassan Abdinur, Michelle Lopez, Marielena Teng, Jamie-Lee Miller, Nick Serrano, Kiana Caton, Keven Jeffrey


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda of October 9, 2013.



It was moved and seconded to approve the previous minutes of September 25, 2013.




A. University Senate Designee, Dr. Ghada Osman reported:

1. A working group concerning course quality is being made and student representation is requested. Dr. Osman collected the names of students who were interested in joining this working group.

B. SDSU Vice President of Student Affairs Designee, Dr. Tim Quinnan: No report.

C. Academic Scholarship Presentation – Assistant Dean in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, Michelle Lopez, reported:

1. Scholarships offered by the Office of Academic Scholarships are targeted towards students engaged in service and leadership from SDSU endorsement.

2. More information can be found at If you have any questions, contact Michelle at (619) 594-5842 or by e-mail at

D. Undergraduate Research Presentation – Associate Librarian and Chair of the Student Research Committee, Keven Jeffrey, reported:

1. The Student Research Symposium is coming up on its seventh year at SDSU. Last year, there were 190 posters presented, 128 oral presentations, and 450 students total from all different majors presenting their findings. Awards were presented to students for their achievements.

2. Keven informed University Council members on how they can get involved in this year’s Student Research Symposium. Many departments offer research opportunities as an elective course. A faculty/student mentoring program is also offered as an organized way for students to work with professors in various fields. Students can explore ethics and disciplines and be able to attend conferences pertaining to their major.

3. Representatives of the college councils are encouraged to contact Keven about having representatives from Keven’s department speak to their respective councils and present about opportunities for participating in the Student Research Symposium. He can be reached by phone at (619) 594-3405 or by e-mail at


A. General Consent Agenda: (Action)

It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda, as attached.


B. General Consent Report: (Information)

The General Consent Report was reviewed via electronic copy. For further reference please request a full agenda copy from the Government Secretary.

C. Approval of Proceeding with the Resolution in Support of Academic Freedom: (Action)

It was moved and seconded to approve the proceeding of the Resolution in Support of Academic Freedom, as attached.



A. Resolution in Support of Academic Freedom, as attached. (2nd Reading)


A. Morgan Chan, Vice President of University Affairs:

1. Academic Affairs Committee is evaluating student organizations and updating the rosters of these organizations.

2. Be sure to send out your college e-mails and connect with professors about doing big lecture announcements.

3. There are currently six search committees for candidates for the Dean of Education, Dean of Engineering, Dean of Business, the Provost, the Chief of Police, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. Do your part and join these search committees or submit your ideas of what you’d like to see in these positions.

4. On October 17, there will be a flag football game for college councils.

5. The Academic Policy and Planning Committee needs two students.

B. Josh Morse, President:

1. Apply for scholarships!

2. Cal Poly SLO student leaders toured the Union and were so amazed by its features and the process of its development.

3. Christina and the executive officers are progressing in their fundraising efforts and encouraging alums to come back and see the "house" that A.S. has built.

4. Please take part in assisting the search parties for the deans, the Provost, the Chief of Police, and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

5. Homecoming activities begin on October 20, starting with a run from 10-12 PM.

6. Good luck on the rest of your midterms and please take care of your academics!

C. Becca Cohen, Executive Vice President:

1. Shout out to everyone who came to Fantastic Friday. There was some great feedback from the freshmen and sophomores who attended.

2. There is a tabling opportunity for college councils at the football game against New Mexico.

3. Board and committee assignments are still in process. Please know that having UC and CLC members sit on different boards and committees within A.S. is important because it these members represent Associated Students and ensure that all sides of the A.S. are crossing.

4. A.S. Member of the Month is a new recognition program being facilitated by the Awards Committee. Send in your nominations to Becca!

5. The Homecoming pep rally is on October 25, at 5:15 PM in front of Viejas Arena!

D. Javier Gomez, Vice President of External Relations:

1. The Good Neighbor Program needs more members! Sign up in the Government Affairs Office or online today.

2. AztecTV is up and running. A studio has already been found and a script has already written out. The project has a strong vision for these broadcasts so be on the lookout for these videos!

3. ERB is strongly pushing for more voter registrations! Tabling opportunities for this on the 16th and the 30th!

4. CSSA East Bay is this weekend. Josh and Javier will be flying up to that.

5. If you have any qualities or candidates for the new Chief of Police, send your ideas to Javier because he sits on that search committee.

E. Mariah Kelly, Vice President of Financial Affairs:

1. Financial Affairs Committee is being encouraged to ask more questions and have more of an active part in the budget. It’s important to insert the student opinion into such an integral part of Associated Students as a whole.

2. Aztecs Rock Hunger is happening now until the 27th! Be sure to collect cans and donate money to achieve our goal of 150,000 lbs. of food for the working class poor of San Diego.

F. Kevin Hancock, Board of Director Student-at-Large:

1. A lot of progress has been made by Academic Affairs Council.

G. Jessika Seekatz, Board of Director Student-at-Large:

1. The Speech and Debate Team is hosting a tournament at SDSU.

H. Cindy Lopez, College of Arts and Letters Representative:

1. Alpha Pi Sigma and another organization are celebrating National Coming Out Day, bring different communities together.

2. Get ready for the CALifornians’ participation in the Homecoming student competition. CAL is having a forum on Oct. 21 to hear suggestions, ideas, and concern from students.

3. CAL Forum on October 21 from 9-11 AM in Scripps Cottage.

4. Explore CAL Day on November 4 from 10-12 PM at North Library Walkway.

I. Jordan Harrison, College of Business Representative:

1. The monthly e-mail for the College of Business has been sent out.

2. Student organizations are ready to participate in Aztecs Rock Hunger!

3. A really big event hosted by Delta Sigma Pi fraternity on October 19 is happening in Little Theatre at 10:30 AM. Mike Fritz, America’s Funniest Leadership Speaker will be doing a show. Come and check it out!

J. Jack Losey, College of Business Representative:

1. Met with Dr. Singh about his ideas and plans for renovation in the next year for the College of Business. Ultimately, he’d like to raise the ranking of the business school at SDSU, which is currently #67 in the nation.

K. Sean Zaher, College of Business Representative:

1. ABSC is working to revamp their college location in the Student Services building. It will be great for the college and will bring in stronger students academically and socially.

L. Lindsey Schaefer, College of Education Representative:

1. The Children’s Center is collecting box tops! Drop all your box tops off at the Chidren’s Center located by PS 6 and the open parking lots E and F.

M. Alex Ben, College of Engineering Representative:

1. We are now having all the club names written out, not just the acronyms, and we all now have name tags. We are working on a barbecue for the engineering department where we will advertise the different clubs.

2. Speaking in Front of AE 340 and PHYS195 on October 10 at 4 PM and October 16 at 9 AM, respectively.

3. Engineering Clubs Mixer on October 15 at 8 PM at Woodstocks.

4. Public Forum on November 12 from 4-6 PM at Scripps Cottage.

5. Engineering will be partaking in an EMBRACE event, tearing down a house in downtown San Diego and building a new one in its place.

6. Shout out to the SDSU Police Department for finding Alex’s bike. Remember to register your bikes!

N. Onochie Ani, College of Engineering Representative:

1. The ASUB Music and Entertainment subcommittee is hosting an open mic night tomorrow in front of Maya and Olmeca.

O. Marya Edgar, College of Health and Human Services Representative:

1. There is an event for one of CHHS’ orgnizations called Bowling Bonanza. It’s $8, covering all expenses. It will be on October 12 at 9 AM at Parkway Bowl off of Fletcher Parkway.

P. Kristina Morales, College of Health and Human Services Representative:

1. A psoriasis walk is coming up.

2. There will be a Breast Cancer Walk that CHHS and several of its boards will be participating in and walking together at.

3. The Student Nutrition Organization is doing work in support of the Kids Eat Right Campaign.

Q. Blaire Ward, College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Representative:

1. Criminal Justice Carwash this Saturday! Only $5.

2. Late Night Goodies/Cookies show on KCR radio at 10 PM.

R. Katie Willis, College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Representative:

1. The PSFA Council is focused on alumni engagement. An event last spring was very successful and the PSFA Council and alumni want to have another one again.

2. The Council is working on connecting organizations together, since the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts is so big. We just want to make sure all groups are informed.

3. Please refer to residence halls as so, and not dorms. J

S. Joshua Beverly, College of Sciences Representative:

1. Sciences will be tabling at the Undeclared/Unclassified Council mixer.

2. Surveying students about the classes people need to test into and about the class’ fail rate in order to improve the course quality of these classes and provide more resources for students to succeed.

T. Cameron Wilmore, College of Sciences Representative:

1. We have a lot of ideas coming! J

2. Open Forum for CSSC at Aztec Mesa 105 from 2:30-4:30 PM.

3. ASUB Open Mic Night from 5-7 PM in front of Maya/Olmeca Residence Halls.

U. Alicia Zamudio Montes de Oca, College of Sciences Representative:

1. CSSC had its first Meet & Greet between faculty, staff, and students in the college. It was successful and it was a full event.

V. Raj Mohanty, Graduate Student Association Representative:

1. GSA had their first meeting and elected their officers.

2. The Learning/Analytics working group is going well.

W. Jake Garelick, Undeclared/Unclassified College Council Representative:

1. The Undeclared/Unclassified College Council is having a mixer on October 23 from 6-8 PM. Location is TBA.

2. The next Undeclared/ Unclassified College Council meeting is on October 24 from 3:30-4:30 PM in AD 223.

X. Kiana Caton, Justice:

1. Judicial Affairs Council members are currently developing a substitute activity or workshop for those who were not able to attend the Culture Plunge activity at the August A.S. Government retreat.

2. Applications for the Aztec Student Union Board Representative position will be opened on October 17 and closed on October 18.

3. Times for interviews for Elections Coordinator, Sustainability Commission Representative, and the open Student-at-Large Board of Director position are being configured.

4. Judicial Affairs Council will be competing in the Aztecs Rock Hunger competition, so watch out for the justices!

5. Remember that excused absence forms are due three days before your expected absence.

Y. Jennifer Esquivel-Parker, Advisor:

1. An acronym page is in the works to help freshmen and other students new to A.S. understand what the many topics we talk about that are abbreviated. Send your submissions to Clarice.

2. Bylaw amendments are due on October 23. Please send revisions to Jen.

3. College Council members – please think of the new Union and how your college can utilize its facilities and how it can improve your college.

4. Trying to schedule interviews with the Appointment and Review Committee for the open positions on A.S.

5. Please send any photos you have of your events to Clarice!

6. University Council is a great time for you all to bring up what’s happening in your task forces.

7. The University Reception event is on October 23 from 5-6:30 PM at the President’s house.


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.


Vice President of University Affairs Morgan Chan adjourned the meeting at 5:51 PM.