Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 3:30pm
Council Chambers • Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union


Executive Vice President Nickolas Wohlman called the meeting to order at 5:03 PM.



  1.  Voting Members Present: Chris Thomas, Nickolas Wohlman, Michael Wiafe, Christian Onwuka, Ronnie Cravens, Cat Kricorian, Beck Svensson, Chloe Sabio, Emma Wenger, Ashley Tejada, Connor Curley, Brianna Ruloma, Lane Yazzie, Noah Winne, Sabrina Sessarego, Luke Fishman, Sam Emami, Kyla Blaylock, Mitchell Nishimoto, Max Johnson, George Scott, Vecky Hernandez-Leon (left early), Dustin Adkins, Cassie Weinberg.
  2. Voting Members Absent: None.
  3. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Ryan Du, Aileen Wei, Dr. Randy Timm, Christina Brown.
  4. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: None.
  5. Visitors Present: Anya Shutovska.


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda of September 19, 2018.

There was a friendly amendment to add University Senate Presentation to the University Reports and Presentation Item B. There were no objections.

The agenda was approved as amended.


It was moved and seconded to approve the previous minutes.


  1. Ashley Tejada and Maxwell Johnson, informed members on the SDSU West Initiative and explained the benefits to the University.


  1. SDSU Vice President of Student Affairs Designee, Dr. Randy Timm:
    1. Congratulations to Calpulli, which treated 1,080 people with meningitis.
    2. Gave an update on the grants available to students to address social justice issues.
    3. Applications are available for the November Aztec Coreleadership retreat.
  2. University Senate Presentation:
    1. Ronnie Cravens and Anya Shutovska presented on business etiquette.


  1. General Consent Agenda (Action):
    It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda, as attached.


  1. Nickolas Wohlman, Executive Vice President:
    1. The football game with Eastern Michigan will be this Saturday 7:30 pm during Family weekend.
    2. Will attend a tailgate discussion tomorrow.
    3. Mental Health Week planning will begin next week.
    4. The topic for the All-Council Training next week will be Sexual Violence Prevention and Bystander Intervention.
    5. College Night at the Padres Game next Friday, September 28 at 7:10 pm.
  2. Chris Thomas, President:
    1. First Year Leadership Experience (FLEX) had interviews were this past week and five students were selected.
    2. The deadline for First-Year Leadership Initiative (FLI) applications is September 26.
    3. Will solicit student feedback for the ENS field expansion.
    4. October is advising month.
    5. The Blood Drive will be November 28. The goal is 400 pints.
  3. Michael Wiafe, Vice President of External Relations:
    1. Working on the “Rock the Vote” campaign. The video was finished today. Will need volunteers for future events.
    2. Tuesday is National Day for Voter Registration.
    3. Will got to Chico State with Kaila Cooper this weekend.
    4. External Relations Board (ERB) will be Wednesdays at 10 am in Council Chambers.
    5. Met with the chair of Arts Alive to discuss collaboration with A.S. 
  4. Christian Onwuka, Vice President of Financial Affairs:
    1. Excited for the Aztecs Rock Hunger campaign, which begins Friday, September 28.
  5. Ronnie Cravens, Vice President of University Affairs:
    1. Working with Anya to fill University Senate committees.
    2. There is a position open on the University Affairs Board for the SDSU Library Liaison.
    3. Will work on the Your Voice Matters and Live Your Heartprint collaboration. 
  6. Cat Kricorian, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. Excited to continue to get people registered to vote.
    2. There will be an upcoming Board of Directors retreat.
    3. Met with councils and commissions.
  7. Beck Svensson, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. Excited to work with the Aztec Rock Hunger leadership team.
    2. Met with Enrollment Services and the advising centers.
  8. Chloe Sabio, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. Will work on the “Aztecs Rock Hunger” and “Rock the Vote” campaigns.
    2. Met with Christina and Dustin to discuss ways to further support students. 
  9. Christina Brown, Executive Director:
    1. None.
  10. Aztec Student Union Board:
    1. Monday night was movie night.
    2. There will be a Fit Palooza on Friday.
    3. Glow with the Flow will be on Saturday in the Aztec Student Union Courtyard.
    4. Ruth Carter, a designer for movies, will present on Monday in Montezuma Hall.
  11. Campus Community Commission:
    1. Campus Safety Week will continue this week. There is a need for volunteers.
    2. Will look for service ideas.
    3. Friday is coffee with University Police at 10 am in the Union.
    4. The Good Neighbor Cleanup was a success.
    5. Attended the College Area Community Council (CACC) meeting to hear concerns.
    6. Will expand the Good Neighbor program.
  12. Community Service Commission:
    1. Service Based Organization Expo will be on September 25 from 11 am-2 pm on Centennial Walkway. 
  13. Recreation and Wellness Commission:
    1. Gave an update on the “Say Boo to the Flu” event by Health Promotions to give students flu shots.
    2. Fit Palooza will be this Friday, September 21.
    3. Conducting focus groups for the ARC Expansion. 
  14. Student Diversity Commission:
    1. SDC retreat will be on October 7.
    2. SDC Celebration will be on November 29 from 5-8 pm to celebrate People of Color and resilience. 
  15. Student Support Commission:
    1. There is an urgent need for volunteers for the Food Pantry. Sign ups are available on the Food Pantry website. 
  16. Sustainability Commission:
    1. The speaker for the Green Lunch Bag Series will be Tom Abram, Assistant Director of Sustainability, to discuss the SDSU climate action plan next Wednesday at 12 pm in the Theatre.
    2. There will be a community garden tour this Friday at 3:30 pm.
  17. Campus Life Council Student-at-Large:
    1. Will create a Needs and Identification Session for commissions.
    2. Will meet with Ryan to discuss marketing for ARH. 
  18. Marketing and Communications Commission:
    1. Implemented “Marketing Tactics for the week” at weekly meetings to discuss marketing strategies.
    2. Marcomm meetings will be Wednesday at 12 pm in Council Chambers. 


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Executive Vice President Nickolas Wohlman adjourned the meeting at 6:31 PM.

APPROVED BY: Nickolas Wohlman, Executive Vice President

PREPARED BY: Aileen Wei, A.S. Government Secretary