Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 3:30pm
Council Chambers • Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union


Vice President of University Affairs Chris Thomas called the meeting to order at 3:40 PM.



  1.  Voting Members Present: Vanessa Girard (late), Chimezie Ebiriekwe, Carmel Alon (late), Chris Thomas, Hayden Willis, Anya Shutovska, Kyla Blaylock, Brie Hornig, Dustin Adkins, Sedona Hill (left early), Sabrina Laut, Nubia Milpas, Mitchell Nishimoto (late), Nicole Becker (left early), Luke Fishman, Charlotte Roberts, Nickolas Wohlman (left early), Mary Staka, Chloe Sabio, Noah Winne, Hunter Young.
  2. Voting Members Absent: Joshua Miller, George Scott, Beck Svensson.
  3. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Dr. Randy Timm, Aileen Wei.
  4. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: Sam Emami, Christina Brown.
  5. Visitors Present: Sofia Bert, Victor Uwakwe, Christopher Lujan, Raven Tyson, Michael Kumura, Angelica Espinoza, Michael Wiafe, Jennifer Esquivel-Parker.


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda of February 28, 2018.

 It was moved and seconded to add the Selection of CLC members to serve on the appointments and review committee as action. There were no objections.

 The agenda was approved as amended.             CARRIED            


It was moved and seconded to approve the previous minutes.


  1. Nickolas Wohlman invited members to a Take Back the Night event next Wednesday from 4-5:30 pm in front of Hepner Hall. This event will be part of Take Back the Week and will discuss the importance of not staying silent regarding the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.


  1.  SDSU Vice President of Student Affairs Designee, Randy Timm:
    1. There will be an increase of events on campus during the spring semester.
    2. The Student Organization Conflict and Identity Awareness (SOCIA) training will add two additional topics of microaggressions and triggers as part of the training process beginning in May.
  2. Gender Awareness Training Update- Christopher Luian and Raven Tyson (Time Certain 3:45 pm):
    1. This training was launched in spring for full-time staff. Part-time staff will be enrolled in this training upon hire. The importance of the training in regards to being respectful and inclusive, and using appropriate word choice was highlighted.
    2. This week is Trans Week of Empowerment. There will be a Trans 101 workshop on Friday from 12-2:00 pm. There will also be an opportunity to become a Safe Zone Ally on April 12 from 5-8 pm. Both events are in the Pride Center.
  3. The Swap Shop Update:
    1. Sabrina Laut and Charlotte Roberts discussed the event on April 23 that will be available for students. This will be a thrift shop for professional clothing that will allow students to exchange their articles of clothing or purchase them for a small amount. There is a need for over 60 volunteers prior to that week to sort and collect clothing.


  1. General Consent Agenda: (Action)
    It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda, as attached.      
    ADKINS/EMAMI             CARRIED
  2. Selection of CLC members to serve on the appointments and review committee (Action):
    It was moved and seconded to open nominations to select the CLC members to serve on the appointments and review committee.
    It was moved and seconded to close nominations for the selection of the CLC members to serve on the appointments and review committee.
    HILL/ROBERTS              CARRIED
    Congratulations to Sabrina Laut, Kyla Blaylock, and Nickolas Wohlman for being selected as the CLC members to serve on the appointments and review committee.                 


  1. Vanessa Girard, Executive Vice President:
    1. Proud of CLC members!
    2. Campus Safety Week has been a great success.
    3. Please remember to RSVP to Aztec Achievement Awards by April 9 at 4 pm.
  2. Chimezie Ebiriekwe, President:
    1. Completed the Provost Review over spring break.
    2. Will attend the California State Student Association (CSSA) this weekend in Long Beach with Michael Wiafe.
  3. Carmel Alon, Vice President of External Relations:
    1. As part of the Choose CSU campaign, there will be an opportunity to write a post card to Governor Brown advocating for a fully funded CSU.
    2. The “Rock the Vote” campaign will need volunteers.
  4. Hayden Willis, Vice President of Financial Affairs:
    1. Rebudgets have been completed.
    2. Will form a consolidated 2018-2019 budget.
  5. Chris Thomas, Vice President of University Affairs:
    1. There is a discussion on shared governance in the University Senate. Will form a focus group beginning the week of April 16.
    2. Reminded members to visit advising due to the New Registration Timeline.
  6. Brie Hornig, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. The Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) Marketing subcommittee would like to connect with students on Tuesday, April 17 from 3-4:15 pm in Student Services West.
  7. Josh Miller, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. None.
  8. Anya Shutovska, ASBOD Student-at-Large:
    1. Will assist with representative transitions.
  9. Christina Brown, Executive Director: (Jennifer Esquivel-Parker for Christina Brown)
    1. April 18 will be the next CLC meeting. The final meeting for CLC will be on April 25 at 3:30 pm as the all A.S. Council joint meeting.
    2. Applications for commissioner will be due next Wednesday, April 11.
    3. The questions for the commissioners will be due on Friday.
    4. There will be no UC meeting next week.
  10. Aztec Student Union Board:
    1. The Media Studio soft opening will be on April 17 at 11 am. The Media Studio has been named to the “Backdoor” Studio.
    2. “Paint Party 2.0” will be tomorrow in Café Dining from 4-7 pm.
    3. Steven Rosenfield will host a “What I’d Be” project next week to share the different stories of students. The works will be showcased.
  11. Campus Community Commission:
    1. Campus Safety Week is going well.
    2. There will be a meditation session tomorrow from 12-1 pm in Montezuma Hall
    3. Coffee with the Chief will be Friday from 11 am – 1pm on the patio behind Starbucks in the Student Union.
    4. Will partner with the Interfraternity Council and Residential education on April 15 in Montezuma Hall.
    5. Will plan a jog-a-thon with a nearby elementary school.
  12. Community Service Commission:
    1. Will continue to coordinate a Beach Clean-up on April 21. All commissions are invited.
    2. There is a possible partnership with Counseling and Psychological Services on an event.
  13. Recreation and Wellness Commission:
    1. Will focus on Live Well Aztecs Week. There will be events throughout the week.
  14. Student Diversity Commission:
    1. The People of Color Power in Unity Week began yesterday. There will be a series of events. The next event with be on Friday from 12-2 pm in Pride Center.
    2. There will be a PowWow on Saturday on the ENS field.
    3. There will also be a NASA event during this week.
    4. The Student Diversity Celebration will be from 7-9 pm on Monday.
    5. There will be social in Pride Center next Wednesday, April 11.
  15. Student Support Commission:
    1. Meet the ombudsman event is be postponed to the end of April.
  16. Sustainability Commission:
    1. Will prepare for the Swap Shop.
    2. Gave an update on the Sustainability in the CSU report.
  17. Campus Life Council Student-at-Large:
    1. None.
  18. Marketing and Communications Commission:
    1. Will work on the “Rock the Vote” marketing plan.
    2. There will be a soft opening for the Media Studio on April 17.
    3. Will aid with ASUB events.
    4. Will create a video for the “Rock the Vote” campaign on Monday. 


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Executive President Vanessa Girard adjourned the meeting at 4:50 PM. 

APPROVED BY: Vanessa Girard, Executive Vice President

PREPARED BY: Aileen Wei, A.S. Government Secretary