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Executive Vice President Kevin Hancock called the meeting to order at 3:33 PM.



A. Voting Members Present: Kevin Hancock, Jamie Miller, Samuel Beltran, Patty Masengale, Blaire Ward, Leo Carillo, Drew Morris, Clayton Bishop, Kelsey Schroeder, Lorena Acosta, Kirk Sasaki, Tyler Aguilar, Megan Goodman, Grace Diaz, Jennifer Reyes, Jonathan Cole, Jacqueline Karczewski, Alex Padua, Corey Polant, Keagan Casey, Marilyn Martinez, Kyle Murphy.

B. Voting Members Absent: Abby Kim, Niveen Kryakos.

C. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Clarice Mendoza, Christina Brown, Randy Timm, Paige Nulliner.

D. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: None.

E. Visitors Present: Maneet Deol, Alex Johnstone, Ruby Facundo, Madison Fray, Cambria Monroe, Victoria Cahill, Vicky Caluag, Madeline Henry, Suthe Mani, Dominic Bilotti.


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda of February 4, 2015.


J. Cole made a friendly amendment to add a bylaw update as Item D under University Reports and Presentations, with a time certain at 4 PM.

The agenda was approved as amended.


It was moved and seconded to approve the previous minutes of December 3, 2014.





A. SDSU Vice President of Student Affairs Designee, Randy Timm reported:

  1. The Center of Leadership and Community Service will have a naming ceremony at 11 AM on 2/6/15 and will be named after Jeffrey W. Glazer, a former SDSU professor in the College of Business. 
  2. ONE SDSU programming will be presenting a screening of the play called Defamation.
  3. The Leadership Summit this year is scheduled to be the biggest that SDSU has held. Over 400 students have been enrolled, including students from Mesa College, CSU Long Beach, and University of Texas, Austin. Registration closes this week, so register today at More information can be found at the website as well.
  4. Christy Quiogue has been hired as the new interim director of the Center for Intercultural Relations. Come and say hi!

B. A.S. Executive Director, Christina Brown reported:

  1. Aztec Shops is working towards trademarking the "I Believe" chant along with the Naval Academy and Utah State, allowing the phrase to be printed on merchandise.
  2. Jim Sterk is starting the "Rise to 25" initiative, hoping for all athletic teams to represent SDSU as one of the top 25 schools in the nation.
  3. Mark Zakrewski will be presenting at an ASCLC meeting this semester about the conversion of the former parking Lot W into a recreational field for students. 
  4. There were over 1,400 responses to the student union survey conducted over winter break. Freddie Sanchez and the members of ASUB will be compiling a final report.

C. Bylaws Update – A.S. Board of Directors Student-at-Large, Alex Johnstone reported:

  1. Alex and Keagan are working on a master template for the bylaws of the college councils and campus life council commissions. The implemented guidelines will regulate formatting, more than content of the bylaws. If you would like your bylaws reviewed by Alex or Keagan prior to the bylaw amendments deadline, please contact them and send your bylaws in by Sunday, 3/15/15.
  2. The development of a mentorship program within A.S. is in the works. A sign-up sheet was passed around Campus Life Council to see which members were interested in mentoring freshmen that are a part of the FLI program. The goal of this mentorship is to push younger Aztecs to be better leaders on campus.


A. General Consent Agenda: (Action)

It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda, as attached.


B. Aztec Dance Marathon: (Information):

More than 250 universities host and participate in dance marathons across the nation. Proceeds to the marathon will be going to the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Registration for the event will be $12 and will be from Friday, March 6 to Saturday, March 7 from 8 PM-8AM. If you don’t want to register, but still want to participate, volunteers are needed. 3-12 people can be on one team. The goal of the marathon is to raise $45,000 with 250-300 student participants.

Promotional video can be viewed at


A. Kevin Hancock, Executive Vice President:

  1. Thank you to all who attended the A.S. Leaders Retreat last Saturday!
  2. The Triple A’s will be held on the evening of Thursday, April 23. Doors will open on 4:30 PM and the program will run from 5-6:30 PM. The Board of Directors has been challenged to nominate at least two people for the many awards available. Nominations can be made at and are due by March 2nd.
  3. There is an A.S./Ambo Mixer after today’s meeting! Hope to see you on the roof for some great conversations, new friends, and pizza.

B. J. Cole, President:

  1. The Aztec Culture Project will be a focus of J. Cole’s this semester. He will be meeting with Seth Mallios and David Camper to discuss the initiative and having a conversation with Matt Keipper, the A.S. President who began the initiative during this term and his vision for the project.
  2. Josh Vaughan has been appointed as ASUB’s new Vice Commissioner of Operations. J. Cole will be meeting with Josh to discuss putting up plaques and other commemorative pieces up throughout the Union.
  3. Ex4Vets will be here at SDSU on Saturday, 5/2.
  4. Register for the Aztec Mentorship Program at It is recommended for current juniors and seniors. The last day to register is Friday, 2/13.
  5. The CEO of Taylor Guitars, Kurt Listug, will be speaking at SDSU on Thursday, 2/12 in the Fowler Athletics Center. All SDSU students, faculty, and staff are invited. This discussion is one of many of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center’s L. Robert Payne Lecture Series.

C. Jacqueline Karczewski, Vice President of External Relations:

  1. Applications to be the new student trustee for CSSA are available until March 27 at 5 PM. Visit for more information.
  2. The Student Involvement & Representation Fee (SIRF) has been approved by the Board of Trustees officially last Wednesday. CSU Students will be directly paying for their university’s membership in CSSA. SDSU students will begin to see an opt-out option when paying for their student tuition.
  3. External Relations Board will be starting a university-wide campaign against sexual violence on campus. Check out their meetings, every Monday at 1 PM in Park Blvd.

D. Alex Padua, Vice President of Financial Affairs:

  1. About $9,000 is available for travel requests. Please let your peers in other student organizations know. Up to $500 can be granted and can only be granted once a year.

Corey Polant, Vice President of University Affairs:

81,349 applications were received at the end of last year by current high school seniors, interested in attend SDSU next fall.UAB is working on resolutions for the Georgia initiative, sexual violence, and online syllabi.There are open positions on University Senate’s subcommittees. Contact Corey if you are interested.Bi-weekly discussions and updates on SDSU’s efforts against sexual violence are on Thursdays from 3-4 PM in Templo Mayor.

F. Keagan Casey, ASBOD Student-at-Large:

  1. Keagan will be working with Alex Johnstone on a bylaws template for all commissions and college councils to refer to for concerning formatting problem.
  2. Construction on South Campus Plaza is going as planned.
  3. The planning process for the Engineering and Interdisciplinary Studies Building has generated many great concepts and ideas. If you are interested, all are welcome to join the town meetings.
  4. Kyle Zive has been hired as the new Assistant Operations Manager.

G. Marilyn Martinez, ASBOD Student-at-Large:

  1. Keagan and Marilyn are continuing to schedule one-on-one meetings with the ASCLC commissions this semester to check up on each commission’s progress and if they need any assistance with anything.

H. Kyle Murphy, ASBOD Student-at-Large:

  1. Aztec Gaming Experience group had a great first meeting today.
  2. Each SDSU athletic team has one featured game as their Aztec Game Day! Come out and support your fellow Aztecs.

I. Drew Morris, Campus Community Commission Representative:

  1. Campus Community Commission is hosting a campus clean-up this Sunday.

J. Kirk Sasaki, Community Service Commissioner:

  1. Aztec Dance Marathon is on Friday, March 6 at 8 PM to Saturday, March 7 at 8 AM.
  2. This year’s GreenFest celebration is from Sunday to Thursday, March 1-5.

K. Lorena Acosta, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Board Commissioner:

  1. ASUB is working on creating more awareness of the events happening in the Union.
  2. Josh Vaughan is the new Vice Commissioner of Operations. He will be hosting ASUB operations meetings to discuss improvements and changes that can be made to the Union to better accommodate students.

L. Jamie Miller, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Board Representative:

  1. There is a men’s basketball viewing party in the Theatre this Sunday.
  2. Next week is Aztec Pride week. All events will be happening in the Union.
  3. The next Get Up and Play event will be on Tuesday, 2/17 in the Lee and Frank Goldberg Courtyard at 4 PM.
  4. Open Mic Night is next Thursday, 2/12 in the Lee and Frank Goldberg Courtyard at 5 PM.
  5. Applications for student teams participating in the GreenFest competition are due Friday, 2/13 to the A.S. Office.
  6. Stay up to date with ASUB’s events at

M. Tyler Aguilar, Recreation and Wellness Commissioner:

  1. Check out the bike brunch event during GreenFest on Monday, 3/2.
  2. The LiveWell Aztecs promotional video will be playing at the last men’s basketball game.
  3. The SDSU Health Expo is going to be on Thursday, 4/16 at 10-2:30 PM.
  4. The conversion of three of the racquetball courts into strength and conditioning equipment for athletic teams has been approved by the Recreation and Wellness Commission and will be going to the Financial Affairs Committee for approval next.

N. Sam Beltran, Recreation and Wellness Commission Representative:

  1. Sign up for intramural sports!
  2. As of the beginning of February, there are currently 16,916 members of the Aztec Recreation Center and 1,261 students enrolled in ENS classes.

O. Grace Diaz, Student Diversity Commissioner:

  1. Apply for this years’ Quest for the Best awards:!
  2. If you have any ideas for the new ONE SDSU Community theme.

P. Blaire Ward, Student Diversity Commission Representative:

  1. Culture Day is on Monday, 4/20 in the Union from 11-2 PM.
  2. The Diversity Awards are going to be held Friday, 4/29 from 3:30-5 PM in Montezuma Hall. Nominations end tomorrow. Send in a nomination form found at
  3. The Aztec Chef Competition will be in the Lee and Frank Goldberg Courtyard on Tuesday, 3/3.

Q. Kelsey Schroeder, Campus Life Council Student-at-Large:

  1. Clayton and Kelsey will be collecting statistical data from the commission’s events to determine growth and what needs improvement.
  2. An A.S. Quiz is being developed and will be posted on the A.S. website. It will help students interested in joining A.S. determine what commission or board they belong in.
  3. A Meet Your Reps tabling event will be happening over the course of the semester, allowing students to meet the students that represent them in A.S.

R. Clayton Bishop, Campus Life Council Student-at-Large:

  1. Congrats to Campus Community Commission for winning the Commission of the Week award!


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.


Executive Vice President Kevin Hancock adjourned the meeting at 4:57 PM.