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Meeting Minutes
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Executive Vice President Kevin Hancock called the meeting to order at 3:33 PM.



A. Voting Members Present: Kevin Hancock, Jamie Miller, Abby Kim, Samuel Beltran, Patty Masengale, Blaire Ward, Leo Carillo, Clayton Bishop, Kelsey Schroeder, Lorena Acosta, Kirk Sasaki, Tyler Aguilar, Grace Diaz, Niveen Kryakos, Jennifer Reyes, Jonathan Cole, Jacqueline Karczewski, Alex Padua, Keagan Casey, Kyle Murphy.

B. Voting Members Absent: Megan Goodman, Corey Polant, Marilyn Martinez.

C. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Clarice Mendoza, Christina Brown, Randy Timm.

D. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: None.

E. Visitors Present: Robin Judd, Melissa Gomez, Sara Sanders, Jane-Ann Carroll, Lorilyn Lord, Sarah Nohrden, Jon Davidi, Muriel Robotta, Vanessa Grard, David San Juan, Graciella Regua, Odat Yousif.


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda of October 1, 2014.


Kyle Murphy made a friendly amendment to add a Judicial Affairs Council Report as Item E under University Reports and Presentations, with a time certain at 4:15.

The agenda was approved as amended.


It was moved and seconded to approve the previous minutes of September 17, 2014.





A. SDSU Vice President of Student Affairs Designee, Randy Timm reported:

1. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a student organization at SDSU that requires its student leaders to share the same Christian ideals as the club, has not be derecognized as stated in a recent Daily Aztec article. With the current renewal system for all student organizations, InterVarsity did not continue its recognition this semester due to its leadership positions

B. A.S. Executive Director, Christina Brown reported:

1. There are currently 32,576 students enrolled at SDSU. The average GPA of the incoming freshman class was 3.69 and the average SAT score, excluding the writing portion, was 1115.

2. Two hit-and-run incidents have occurred in the past month. Please pay attention to the roads and crosswalks as you walk or drive throughout campus.

3. Start-up @ State is a proposed plan to take up one of the open spaces in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. It will serve students as an experimental entrepreneurial space, while also incorporating features dedicated to the education of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union’s sustainability features, to be in compliance with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Platinum accreditation.

4. Due to the lack of recreational field space on campus, it has been proposed to change Parking Lot W into a recreational field. In addition to this conversion, three racquetball courts located on the east side of Peterson Gymnasium are being transformed into a group work-out facility for athletic teams.

C. SDSU Children’s Center Presentation – Robin Judd, Director, reported:

1. After introducing herself and SDSU Children’s Center full-time staff members, Melissa Gomez, Sarah Sanders, Lorilyn Lord, and Jane-Ann Carroll, Robin described the SDSU Children’s Center’s goals, success, and appreciation of the support it has received from Associated Students and community. The partnership the Center has with the parents of children enrolled at the Center has been an integral part of the program.

2. Events hosted by the SDSU Children’s Center include A is for Art at the Mingei Museum at Balboa Park, the Aztec Football Experience, and work parties at the College Area Community Garden.

3. Volunteers are always welcome! Stop by the SDSU Children’s Center for more information.

D. A.S. Chief of Staff – Jon Davidi, Chief-of-Staff, reported:

1. The 2014-15 Freshmen Leadership Experience (FLEX) team has been chosen. Each FLEX member introduced themselves to Campus Life Council.

2. The First-Year Leadership Initiative (FLI) has been created for freshmen or transfer students to get a focused grasp on the leadership opportunities at SDSU. It will be designed as an 8-week program with 40 seats in total.

E. Judicial Affairs Council – Sarah Nohrden, Justice, reported:

1. Sarah presented items being discussed at Judicial Affairs Council such as the attendance and duties report, the tabling requirement, bylaw amendments, and last chance proposals.

2. A cultural workshop is being developed for those A.S. Government members who were not able to attend the A.S. Retreat at Camp Cedar Glen.


A. General Consent Agenda: (Action)

It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda, as attached.


B. Goals and Vision Status Update: (Information)

Kevin discussed the status of the goals and visions each commission has and how they can ensure they are maintaining focus on the goals to improve the Aztec experience for students they serve.


A. Kevin Hancock, Executive Vice President:

1. Homecoming is November 2-8! Submit your Homecoming team applications to the Associated Students Office on the third floor of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union by 4 PM on Monday, October 13. Applications can be found at

2. Kevin will be scheduling meetings with each commission’s commissioner and representative to discuss the work of their commission and how they can achieve their goals in the course of this academic year.

B. J. Cole, President:

1. The University House Event was very successful. The SDSU Administration and Associated Students are always so excited to engage is ways for students to network and attend development opportunities.

2. The Sexual Assault Prevention Newsletter will be sent out soon.

C. Jacqueline Karczewski, Vice President of External Relations:

1. Rock the Vote is going on now! The current goal is to get 2,000 SDSU students to register to vote. The last day to turn in your registration forms is Monday, October 20. Visit for more information.

2. Thank you to everyone who helped out with tabling for Rock the Vote last week.

3. If your commission has a social media website either on Facebook or Twitter, please let Paige Nulliner, the Marketing and Communications Board commissioner, know.

4. The SB-967 (Yes Means Yes) Bill has passed at Senate.

5. The Boo Parade, a parade held in the College Area, needs volunteers. It will be on Sat., Oct 25.

6. Corey reports that he will be scheduling meetings with the representatives of the college councils to check up on their councils’ progress and their role as representatives.

D. Alex Padua, Vice President of Financial Affairs:

1. Aztecs Rock Hunger is from October 17 to November 9. Alex challenges each college to raise 5,000 pounds of food. There will be an awards ceremony in the end, recognizes organizations and other student groups that have contributed the most to Aztecs Rock Hunger. James A. Floros, the President and CEO of the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank and President Hirshman will be appearing at the award ceremony as special guests.

2. Credit 101 is a credit seminar hosted by Cal Coast Credit Union on Tuesday, October 14 at 4 PM in Park Blvd. The seminar will answer questions students may have about establishing and improving credit.

E. Keagan Casey, Board of Directors Student-at-Large:

1. Maneet and Keagan are the two Board of Directors representatives sitting on Appointments and Review.

2. Currently, the Board of Directors is working on bylaw amendments/revisions of resolutions and the grievance process.

3. Renovations of the stage roof at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre will be happening from November 3-21.

4. If any boards/commissions or council members are interested in outreach to underrepresented student organizations, let Keagan or Marilyn know.

F. Kyle Murphy, Board of Directors Student-at-Large:

1. Campus Fee Advisory Committee received all the college council proposals last week and discussions on the proposals will be happening soon.

G. Lorena Acosta, Aztec Student Union Board Commissioner:

1. "Before I..." Project: Thurs., Oct. 2 from 12-2 PM in the Lee & Frank Goldberg Courtyard.

H. Tyler Aguilar, Recreation and Wellness Commissioner:

1. October is Physical Wellness Month. Recreation and Wellness Commission are raising awareness for all physical aspects of wellness. #LiveWellAztecs

2. ARC Open House: all day on Wed., Oct. 22 at the Aztec Recreation Center, ARC Express, and the Aztec Aquaplex.

I. Patty Masengale, Sustainability Commission Representative:

1. Thank you to everyone that came to the Green Lunch Bag Series last week. It was an extremely successful event.

2. College Community Garden Work Party: Sat., Oct. 4 from 8 AM – 1 PM at the College Community Garden.

3. Green Lunch Bag Series: Wed., Oct. 22 from 12-2 PM at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Theater.

J. Leo Carillo, Student Support Commission Representative:

1. Completed elections within the Student Support Commission.

2. Members have begun compiling issues that the Commission will promote, as well as how we shall promote these services.

3. Currently, the Student Support Commission is working on an open student forum with the help of Kevin Hancock and Christina Brown.

K. Clayton Bishop, Campus Life Council Student-at-Large:

1. A.S. Tailgate: Sat., Oct. 18 at 4:30 PM at Qualcomm Stadium. Look out for more information about the tailgate the home football game against the University of Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors. Hope all can attend and help out in some way. The tailgate will probably be a potluck set-up. More details will be sent out in an e-mail shortly.

2. The Campus Community Commission is the winner of the 1st Ever CLC Outstanding Commission Trophy. Congrats!


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.


Executive Vice President Kevin Hancock adjourned the meeting at 5:30 PM.