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Meeting Minutes
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Executive Vice President Becca Cohen called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM.



A. Voting Members Present: Becca Cohen, Marilyn Martinez, Jacqueline Karczewski, Cassie Zimmerman, Gabrielle Gray, Alyssa Carbajal, Hassan Abdinur, Grace Diaz, Gabriela Leverette, Dara Majdi, Kelsey Schroeder, Tyler Aguilar, Jordan Wells, Michelle Ong, Corey Polant, Tianna Williams, Josh Morse, Javier Gomez, Morgan Chan, Mariah Kelly

B. Voting Members Absent: None.

C. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Christina Brown, Clarice Mendoza, Washington Navarrete, Josh Garman, Dr. Timothy Quinnan

D. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: None.

E. Visitors Present: Dillon McLean, Tara Purcell, Travis McCauley, Jennifer Esquivel-Parker, Luke Henning


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda of October 2, 2013.



It was moved and seconded to approve the previous minutes of September 18, 2013.





A. SDSU Vice President of Student Affairs Designee, Dr. Tim Quinnan reported:

1. Anthony Keen has been made SDSU’s LGBT Coordinator. It is in the university’s strategic plan to establish an LGBT Center, and forming a coordinator position is the university’s first step in achieving that goal.

2. The Student Life and Leadership office is searching for a replacement for Lauren Sparacino’s position as Assistant Student Life Advisor.

3. Dr. Quinnan’s goal to make this year’s Homecoming the most successful one SDSU has had yet is to coordinate communications and provide skill-learning and training opportunities for A.S. leaders. These events would comply with goals of the leadership certificate.

4. A planning group is being organized for the Leadership Summit 2014. Details such as a theme and specific tracks still need planning. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Quinnan.

B. Homecoming 2013 – Aztec Pride Chair, Tara Purcell, and ASUB Assistant, Chelsea Salisbury, reported:

1. Tara and Chelsea presented this year’s Homecoming events to the Campus Life Council and encouraged all of the members to get their commission members to attend and support their peers even if they aren’t competing.

C. A.S. Meeting Services Update – Aztec Student Union Events Coordinator, Travis McCauley reported:

1. Travis informed the Campus Life Council members that A.S. Meeting Services handles the logistics and planning of all regular meeting set-up and any events taking place in the A.S. facilities.

2. Recognized student organizations can reserve up to a year in advance of their event. A.S. student groups can reserve a space up to two years in advance of their event.

3. An online scheduling service, Virtual EMS, will be launching on October 14.

4. If you have any events that need planning please contact Meeting Services at (619) 594-5278.

D. Community Service and Relations Commission Update – Community Service Commissioner, Kelsey Schroeder, and Community Service Representative, Jacqueline Karczewski reported:

1. Kelsey and Jacqueline presented on the mission, goals, and plans for this year’s Community Service Commission. They also noted the changes they’ve made to the Commission since last year.

E. GreenLove/Sustainability Commission Update – Sustainability Commissioner, Jordan Wells reported:

1. Jordan made a PowerPoint presentation on the Sustainability Commission’s work towards achieving Associated Student’s 2020 goals of having all their building LEED-certified, having zero net energy, and encouraging all full-time and part-time employees to embrace sustainability practices all by the year 2020.

2. The Aztec Student Union will be the first LEED Platinum Union in the CSU system and the building has been designed to promote sustainability in all of its aspects.

F. Judicial Affairs Committee Update – Justice, Dillon McLean reported:

1. Judicial Affairs Council has been discussing bylaw changes, interview times for open positions, and the marketing and timeline for filling the now-open ASUB Representative position.The Council is also figuring out a way for Council members to complete their cultural competency requirement if they weren’t able to make it to the retreat in August and participate in the Culture Plunge activity.

2. The tabling requirement due date has already passed. If you completed tabling but did not turn in paperwork to the Government Affairs Office, you have been excused.

3. Council members’ attendance of a cultural event requirement is due on November 22 at 4 PM.

4. October 23 at 4 PM is the due date for bylaw revisions. Please send your revisions to Jen.


A. General Consent Agenda: (Action)

It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda, except the 9/4 Sustainability/Green Love Commission Minutes, as attached.


B. #UCB-F13-01 Resolution in Support of Academic Freedom: (Information)

Morgan Chan presented University Affairs Board’s Resolution in Support of Academic Freedom to the Campus Life Council. Discussion was conducted on the resolution and Council members made suggestions to be brought back to the University Affairs Board.


A. Becca Cohen, Executive Vice President:

1. Fantastic Friday is this Friday from 1-4 PM in the Fowler Family Ballroom at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center. Afterwards, everyone will be heading to the SDSU vs. UNV football game at Qualcomm Stadium.

2. There will be a basketball ticket giveaway at the game this Friday. An e-mail will be sent out shortly to all SDSU students about the procedures of the giveaway.

3. Buy your Homecoming shirt in the Bookstore today!

B. Josh Morse, President:

1. Support Aztecs Rock Hunger!

2. Council members: if you’re ever overwhelmed or need help or just want to hang out, just stop by the Government Affairs Office and see if any of the executive officers are in their offices. All the executive officers are willing to help you out or chat.

C. Javier Gomez, Vice President of External Relations:

1. Lobbying in D.C. was an amazing opportunity. Javier got to meet a lot of CSU students there. He also got to meet up with Tom and see the work he does for Senator Barbara Boxer.

2. GNP needs members to help get the board up and running and strong for the upcoming year.

3. There will be a voter registration event on October 30!

D. Mariah Kelly, Vice President of Financial Affairs:

1. Aztecs Rock Hunger starts tomorrow, October 3 and ends on October 27!

2. National Student Day is tomorrow. 20% off al SDSU gear and 5% of your entire purchase will go to Aztecs Rock Hunger.

3. The Bookstore is holding a focus group at 11:30 AM this Friday. Three more students are needed and lunch will be provided by Aztec Shops.

E. Morgan Chan, Vice President of University Affairs:

1. Thank you for going through the resolution! Your suggestions will be going to the University Affairs Board at their next meeting.

2. University Council had a presentation from career services and discussed needs for each of their specific colleges.

3. Academic Affairs Council is working on a tracking system that measures the number of involved students in their academic/honor organizations before and after promotion by college council members.

4. E-mails to colleges have already been sent out. Check your e-mails and see what your representatives are up to.

F. Michelle Ong, Student Diversity Commission:

1. Each organization to work on creating a summary for their contribution to the Culture & Arts Day of the Aztec Student Union Grand Dedication which will be March 6th, 2014. Also brainstorm ideas on what the day will look like and who from your organization will want to be involved in the event planning.

2. APSA Ice Skating fundraiser. $10 per ticket at the San Diego Ice arena. October 18, 7:30-10 PM.

3. MEChA is having high school conference on November 16.

4. AB Samahan Kuya/Ate/Ading mentorship program applications are due this Friday. Contact if you are interested.

5. WOA Cultural Panel is still looking for people! We need 3-5 more panelists for our cultural canel. 1-4 PM at Scripps Cottage. The focus is on societal standards on your body and appearance. Email

6. AChA Body Retreat, October 11-13. Carpool 4:30 PM at the Zura Turnaround.

7. Also, October 9 – Chicano/a Heritage Month AChA Panel at Cholula, 4-6 PM.

8. JSU New Member Retreat, October 11-13.

9. ASU is having a roller-skating fundraiser on October 20, 6-8 PM. Carpool at 5 PM. Tickets on sale for $10 or 2 for $18.

G. Jordan Wells, Sustainability Commission:

1. College Area Community Garden Work Parties, October 12 and 19 from 9 AM-3 PM. At the College Area Community Garden, next to the SDSU Children’s Center.

H. Christina Brown, Executive Director:

1. Christina will be hosting 11 alums from the 80s this Friday. They will be touring the Union and discuss about their great experiences at SDSU.


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.


Executive Vice President Becca Cohen adjourned the meeting at 6:04 PM.