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Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University


September 4, 2013 – Fowler Family Ballroom at the Parma Payne Goodall Center – 3:30 pm


Executive Vice President Becca Cohen called the meeting to order at 3:32 PM.



  1. Voting Members Present: Becca Cohen, Marilyn Martinez, Jacqueline Karczewski, Cassie Zimmerman, Gabrielle Gray. Alyssa Carbajal, Hassan Abdinur, Grace Diaz, Gabriela Leverette, Dara Majdi, Kelsey Schroeder, Tyler Aguilar, Jordan Wells, Corey Polant, Tianna Williams, Josh Morse, Javier Gomez
  2. Voting Members Absent: Michelle Ong, Morgan Chan, Mariah Kelly
  3. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Christina Brown, Dr. Tim Quinnan, Clarice Mendoza, Washington Navarrete, Josh Garman
  4. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: Bree Lutjens, Robby Rosenthal
  5. Visitors Present: Adam Blackhart, Janice Dils, Luke Henning, Steve Schnall, Jordan Owen


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda of September 4, 2013.


Josh Morse made a friendly amendment to add the election of three Campus Life Council members to join the Appointment and Review Committee, as an action item under Items for Consideration.

The agenda was approved as amended.




  1. SDSU Vice President of Student Affairs Designee, Dr. Tim Quinnan reported:
    1. Dr. Quinnan explained the purpose of his seat at Campus Life Council meetings and his work in the Department of Student Affairs.
  2. We Are Aztecs Campaign – Associate Athletic Director of Operations, Steve Schnall reported:
    1. Schnall updated Campus Life Council about the improvements to the Athletic Department and their work with promoting SDSU’s football events and other athletic teams’ games.
  3. Aztec Nights Update – SDSU Vice President of Student Affairs Designee, Dr. Tim Quinnan reported:
    1. Statistics and facts related to Aztec Nights and changes since its installment in 2008 were presented to the Campus Life Council.


  1. General Consent Agenda: (Action)
    It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda, as attached.
  2. Aztec Student Union Semester of Grand Opening Events: (Information)
    Javier Gomez, Vice President of External Relations, reported:
    1. The events that ASUB and the ASU staff have been in discussion about were presented to the Campus Life Council. These events will be throughout the week of March 2 and will be executed in the same fashion as the Aztec Nights events. Everything is still tentative and in the process of planning.
    2. It has officially been announced at the Chipotle and The Habit Burger Grill will be opening locations at the Union.
  3. Appointment and Review Committee Elections: (Information)
    Nominations for the Restructuring Committee were put in place.
    College Representative Nominees:
          Grace Diaz
          Gabrielle Gray
          Corey Polant
    Congratulations to Grace, Gabrielle, and Corey for being elected as members of the Appointment and Review Committee!


  1. Becca Cohen, Executive Vice President:
    1. Check out the Homecoming website for all the information on this years’ Homecoming events. The deadline to submit a team application for the student competition is on September 27 and applications go to the A.S. Business Office. All student teams are required to have a minimum of five members. Homecoming Court nominations are due on September 27 as well to the Student Life & Leadership office.
    2. Meet Your Reps Night is on Wednesday, September 18 at 6 PM in Cuicacalli Dining Hall. It is an opportunity for freshman to meet their representatives and know who to go to if they have any questions or concerns about Associated Students.
    3. Keep attending Aztec Nights events! They have been very successful so far.
  2. Josh Morse, President:
    1. Aztecs Rock Hunger is coming up next month!
    2. Make an effort to get people excited for Homecoming, especially the students in the residence halls.
  3. Javier Gomez, Vice President of External Relations:
    1. Encourage your friends to apply for A.S. board and committees at!
    2. National Voter’s Registration Day is coming up! If you have any ideas, please bring them to Javier. It’s a day to try getting more students registered to vote for the upcoming special mayoral election.
    3. Working with MARCOM to get the AztecTV broadcast spread across campus. If you have any friends in journalism, television and film students, or communications that are interested, tell them to contact Javier.
    4. After applying for a trip to Washington D.C. to lobby for higher education with CSSA, Javier was selected as one of two California college students to go to the east coast in September.
  4. Dara Majdi, Aztec Student Union Board Commissioner:
    1. Campus Program Funding has begun. By the next CLC meeting, there will be minutes and funding requests to approve.
    2. Aztec Nights: Comedy Explosion from 9 PM-1 AM on Friday, September 6th at Peterson Gym.
    3. Aztec Nights: Paint Blast from 10 PM-2 AM on Saturday, September 7th at ENS 700 Field.
    4. Open Mic Night on Thursday night, Septemebr 17th in front of the Maya and Olmeca Residence Halls.
  5. Marilyn Martinez, Aztec Student Union Board Representative:
    1. Know anyone interested in joining ASUB? Have them e-mail so we can get them on a committee!
  6. Jordan Wells, Sustainability Commissioner:
    1. First Green Lunchbag Series is on September 25th from 12-2 PM in Scripps Cottage.
    2. The Sustainability Commission had its first meeting today!
  7. Washington Navarrete, Board of Director Student-at-Large:
    1. GFEC will opening a vice chair position.
  8. Hassan Abdinur, Campus Community Representative:
    1. Working on filling the commission.
    2. The Good Neighbor Program is now its own board.
  9. Kelsey Schroeder, Community Service Commissioner:
    1. Just interviewed potential members today.
    2. The Community Service Commission’s first event will be Aztecs Rock Hunger!
  10. Tyler Aguilar, Recreation & Wellness Commissioner:
    1. Help needed for this years’ Wellness Expo. It’s a big event featuring how SDSU’s tends to the needs of wellness, health, and fitness of its students.
  11. Gabriela Leverette, Campus Life Council Student-at-Large:
    1. Please let Gabi or Grace know if you need any help with any projects.
  12. Corey Polant, Student Support Commission Commissioner:
    1. Meeting with Christina and Jen to go over way to get students to join the Student Support Commission.
  13. Tianna Williams, Campus Community Commissioner:
    1. Met with Shayla and Hassan to gain more ideas about how to improve the Campus Community Commission and get it off to a good running start. Tianna and Hassan set goals to reach for the upcoming semester.
  14. Gabrielle Gray, Student Diversity Representative Representative:
    1. Emphasize the importance of integrated diversity on campus with Christina.
    2. A lot of interviews will be occurring in the next few weeks and there will be a lot of expectations of the Student Diversity Commission, but the members are excited.
    3. Meeting are on Wednesdays at 1 PM.


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.


Executive Vice President Becca Cohen adjourned the meeting at 5:04 PM.



Becca Cohen



Clarice Mendoza
A.S. Council Secretary