Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Monday, July 27, 2020 - 3:00pm
Via Zoom


A.S. President, Christian Holt called the meeting to order at 3:03 PM. 


    1. Voting Members Present: Christian Holt, Bella Martelino (late), Armando Sepulveda II, Victor Penera, Crystal Sanchez, Hannah Berman-Schneider, Reece Breuckman, Abigail Tamayo, Joyce Chen, Ashley Tejada (left early), Antonio Marquez, Dr. J. Luke Wood (left early)
    2. Voting Members Absent:  Jessica Rentto
    3. Non-Voting Members Present:  Jennifer Esquivel-Parker for Christina Brown, Janice Dils
    4. Non-Voting Members Absent:  Christina Brown
    5. Visitors:  guest_user2, Rachel Szamary


It was moved and seconded to approve the Board of Directors agenda with the consent item E. to be moved to the end of the meeting, as attached.

Armando – Yes       Hannah - Yes           Antonio - Yes          Dr. Wood - Yes
Victor - Yes            Reece - Yes              Abigail - Yes               
Crystal - Yes          Joyce – Yes              Ashley - Yes    

                                                                                         CARRIED (10-0-0)


It was moved and seconded to approve the Board of Directors meeting minutes of 7/13/20, as attached.

Armando – Yes            Hannah - Yes               Antonio - Yes               
Victor - Yes                Reece - Yes               Abigail - Yes             
Crystal - Yes              Joyce – Yes               Dr. Wood - Yes

                                                                                               CARRIED (9-0-0)



    1. Business and Financial Affairs Designee:  None.
    2. University President's Designee:  Dr. Luke Wood reported on the following:
      1. The SDSU Strategic Plan has been finalized.  This week, members of the implementation teams for the Strategic Plan will be receiving notifications.  Emphasized that the student voice is important and will collaborate with Christian to review the committees for student representation.  The announcement of the SDSU Strategic Plan will occur next week and will include the goals, strategies, measurements, and the staff leads of each committee. Reported that it is a new and unique plan from any institution and has a strong focus on diversity.

vii.  items for consideration

    1. General Consent Agenda (Action):  None.
    2. General Consent Report (Information):  The general consent report was reviewed, as attached.
    3. Quarter 3 A.S. Financial Report – Carlos Careaga, Finance Director (Information):  Carlos Careaga, A.S. Finance Director, reviewed the Quarter 3 A.S. Financial Report.  
    4. A.S. Board of Directors, Campus Life Council and University Council Fall 2020 Meeting Schedule (Action)
      It was moved and seconded to approve the A.S. Board of Directors, Campus Life Council and University Council Fall 2020 Meeting Schedule, as attached.

      Armando – Yes            Hannah - Yes               Antonio - Yes
      Victor - Yes               Reece - Yes                 Abigail - Yes            Crystal - Yes              Joyce – Yes
                                                                                              CARRIED (8-0-0)

    5. A.S. BOD Resource Orientation (Information): Christian and Jennifer reviewed the A.S. BOD orientation materials. Christian emphasized that more items will be reviewed in the coming weeks.



    1. Audit Committee:  None.
    2. Facilities Committee:  None.
    3. Financial Affairs Committee:  None.
    4. Marketing and Communications Committee:  None.


    1. President: Christian Holt reported on the following:
      1. Reminder to complete the Strengthfinders survey. Will be reviewing the results at the next Board of Directors (BOD) meeting (8/10).
      2. At the next BOD meeting, the executive officers will give an update on their vision and goals for the year. 
      3. Met with incoming students to discuss student government involvement.  
      4. Collaborated with the A.S. Graduate Student Association (GSA) and spoke at the Graduate Student Orientation.  GSA did a wonderful job!
      5. Met with staff regarding upcoming High School Conferences (HSC) including what they will entail during the year and how to support the students during the HSCs. 
      6. Will meet with Jerry Sheehan, SDSU Chief Information Officer, and SDSU IT staff regarding the communication regarding the G Suite migration for students.
      7. Attending a meeting this week with University leaders to discuss how to support Black students on campus.
    2. Executive Vice President: Bella Martelino reported on the following:
      1. Set individual meetings with all Campus Life Council members.
      2. Collaborated with Aztec Recreation to film a video regarding new safety procedures at the Aztec Recreation Center (ARC) and Aquaplex that will be released on social media platforms.
      3. New Student Interest (NSI) forms are available for new students to join student government.  Have drafted an email to send out to the NSIs and will be sending out another email with further instructions on how to officially join a board, committee, and commission (BCC).  
      4. Working on the retreat agenda for the upcoming A.S. Leaders Retreat in August and will be shared this week.
      5. Currently working on a resource guide prior to the retreat.
    3. Vice President of External Relations: Armando Sepulveda reported on the following:
      1. CSUnity (August 9, at 9:30am to 4pm) is an event hosted by the California State Student Association (CSSA), where A.S. leaders from each CSU campus participate in training and leadership workshops. There are 12 positions available from SDSU to attend.  The five executive officers will be attending and are extending the invitation to the Board of Directors to attend.  The event will be virtual.
      2. California State Student Association (CSSA) Update:  Attended a CSSA Plenary meeting a couple weeks ago to fill officer positions.  The Legislative Affairs position will be filled during the August meeting.
      3. Rock the Vote (RTV) website will be updated with additional information. 
    4. Vice President of Financial Affairs: Victor Penera reported on the following:
      1. Aztecs Rock Hunger (ARH) updates:  Will be having the last summer ARH Leadership Team meeting and will continue to meet weekly during the fall semester.  Met with the A.S. Sustainability Commissioner to discuss how the Green Love Commission and ARH can collaborate this year.  This year, we will be targeting more alumni for support.  The official dates of the campaign will be from 9/26-10/18.  The goal will be announced via social media in the near future.
      2. Focusing on financial literacy this year and will be collaborating with the Financial Education Peer program on campus and delivering financial literacy as a basic need. 
    5. Vice President of University Affairs: Crystal Sanchez reported on the following:
      1. Christian and I met with all the Deans of each College.  Emphasized that the College Council Presidents and Deans will be working closely during the year.
      2. Working on a resource guide for Associated Students with Abi, Ashley and Bella and asked the board members to contact her if they would like to assist.
    6. Executive Director: Jennifer Esquivel-Parker, on behalf of Christina Brown, reported on the following:
      1. The SDSU Children’s Center is scheduled to open next Monday, August 3rd. The teachers and staff have been training these past few weeks in preparation.
      2. We are continuing to be flexible in regards to planning for the fall.  Will continue to share updates as they come.  


    1. Reece Breuckman, Student-At-Large: 
      1. Will be working to revise and improve SDSU Sport Clubs paperwork and processes. Sport Clubs currently are on a hiatus. He will reach out to Victor Penera to meet regarding how processes can be streamlined and more efficient.
    2. Ashley Tejada, Student-At-Large: Christian Holt reported on behalf of Ashley:
      1. Excited to work on the Reach, Analysis and Interconnectedness (RAI) initiative.  This project encompasses the three points in the title that will help bring the student leaders together to be a more cohesive A.S. group. Would like to create an internal A.S. newsletter to include Member Highlight of the Week, RSO Highlight, and A.S. events promotion.  Will work with Bella and Crystal.  Wants to streamline internal A.S. communications. Will provide more updates in the future and look forward to working on the RAI initiative.
    3. Abigail Tamayo, Student-At-Large: None.
    4. Joyce Chen, Student-At-Large: None.
    5. Antonio Marquez, Student-At-Large: 
      1. Assisting with a Latinx film festival during the semester and they are looking into the event as a “drive-in theatre”.  Would like to support the organization as much as possible. Will reach out to Veronica Perondi, ASUB Advisor, for possible ASUB collaboration and obtain resources on how to plan this event.
    6. Hannah Berman-Schneider, Student-At-Large: None.


xiii.  adjournment:

It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 4:21 pm. 
PENERA/CHEN                                                                                  CARRIED


APPROVED BY:  Christian Holt, A.S. President
PREPARED BY:  Janice Dils, A.S. Government Affairs Manager