Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Monday, April 20, 2020 - 3:30pm
Via Zoom


A.S. President, Christian Onwuka, called the meeting to order at 3:34 PM.


    1. Voting Members Present : Christian Onwuka, Kyla Blaylock, Angelica Espinoza, George Scott, Dustin Adkins, Sophie Chance, Stephanie Estrada, Christian Holt, Cassie Weinberg, Antonio Marquez Camacho, Lee Abed (Late, Left Early).
    2. Voting Members Absent : Jessica Rentto, Brittany Santos-Derieg.
    3. Non-Voting Members Present : Dr. J. Luke Wood, Christina Brown, Nikki Eliaschev.
    4. Non-Voting Members Absent : None.
    5. Visitors : Carlos Careaga, Guest User who asked to remain anonymous.


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda for today’s meeting.
ESPINOZA/WEINBERG                                 CARRIED


It was moved and seconded to approve the Board of Directors meeting minutes of 4/6/20, as attached.
ADKINS/SCOTT                                           CARRIED



    1. Business and Financial Affairs Designee: No report.
    2. University President’s Designee : No report.
    3. SDSU Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President for Diversity and Innovation: Dr. J. Luke Wood reported on the following:
      1. There is a lot happening within SDSU. There is a ‘Tiger Team’ discussing whether classes will be hybrid or fully open in the Fall.


    1. General Consent Agenda (Action)
      It was moved and seconded to approve the general consent agenda, as attached.
      ABED/ESPINOZA                                   CARRIED
    2. General Consent Report (Information): The general consent report was reviewed, as attached.
    3. A.S. 2020-2021 Budget (Information): Carlos Careaga, Director of Finance, presented the following:
      1. Reviewed 2019-20 and 2020-21 A.S. Budget prior to COVID-19. Additional information was presented to explain how COVID-19 could impact A.S. budgets, including any revenue and expense changes. Post COVID-19 budget scenarios include potential enrollment reductions. Based on current assumptions all A.S. and University facilities will remain closed at least through June 30th. Reviewed scenarios for the fall budget if enrollment were
        to drop and how that would affect A.S. financially.
      2. The CSU decided to refinance the bond (like a mortgage on a house) on the Student Union, which lowered the annual debt service payment and took some equity out. This had an one-time impact of $2 million savings, and will help A.S. recover from the financial losses due to COVID-19. Starting in
        2022 the annual savings will be approximately $900K per year.
      3. Christina Brown explained that A.S. is waiting for a response for the Payroll Protection Program grant.
    4. #UCB S20-01 A Resolution Calling for SDSU’s Commitment to Climate Action, Justice, and Leadership (Information): Courtney Ransom, GreenLove Sustainability Commissioner, presented the resolution and explained the new changes. Members read through it and had the opportunity to ask questions.
    5. Selection of BOD members to serve on Appointments and Review Committee (Action):
      It was moved and seconded to select Steph Estrada and Christian Holt to serve on the Appointments and Review Committee.
      SCOTT/ESTRADA                                           CARRIED

VIII.  CLOSED SESSION (Closed to Non-Members):  None.


    1. Audit Committee : Audit committee reviewed and approved the scope of work and fees for the 2019-20 Financial and SDSU Children’s Center Audits. Audits to be performed by Grant Thornton.
    2. Facilities Board: None.
    3. Financial Affairs Committee (FAC): Dustin Adkins reported that FAC is looking at the budget and being as thorough as possible so that it reflects any changes during this time. The proposal to carry over student organization funds from this year to next semester passed.
    4. Marketing and Communications Committee : None.


    1. President: Christian Onwuka reported on the following:
      1. Glad that the credit/no credit discussion moved the way it did in the University Senate. It was amazing to see so many students at the meeting holding the administration accountable.
      2. Recorded a speech that will be shown at virtual commencement on May 16th.
      3. Continuing to work with the University on communications.
      4. Met withA.S. President-elect ChristianHolt, University President Adela de la Torre, and Britney Santos-Derieg to discuss transition. A.S. in really good hands, Christian will do great work on behalf of A.S.
      5. The final recommendations of the Student Activities and SafetyTaskforce will be made on Thursday. Will inform members about the decision next Monday.
      6. The search committee for the University Vice President of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity sent their candidate recommendation to la Torre.
    2. Executive Vice President: No report.
    3. Vice President of External Relations: Angelica Espinoza reported on the following:
      1. Reminded members that it is okay to not be okay. Sent everyone lots of love and
      2. Explained the main focuses of the state budget and how this may impact the CSUs. The California Legislature will reconvene on May 4th to revise the state budget.
      3. The Cal State Student Association (CSSA) has moved to support AB 2023 - Educational Equity: student records: name and gender changes, and US SB3489 - Supporting Students in Response to Coronavirus Act.
      4. A.S. social media is highlighting A.S. employees and leaders who will be graduating in May.
      5. CSSA passed a resolution that will require all CSUs to provide free menstrual products on campus and to provide anti-bias training for CSU faculty.
      6. Working Yesenia Sanchez Garcia, Director of the Latinx Resource Center to continue to support Latinx students.
    4. Vice President of Financial Affairs: Dustin Adkins reported on the following:
      1. Helping the Student Support Advocates that are working with the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT). There was a successful campaign to raise funds for ECRT. Encouraged members to keep referring students to the ECRT.
    5. Vice President of University Affairs: George Scott reported on the following:
      1. Explained the resolutions that were approved in the University Senate meeting on Thursday, April 16th, that address credit/no credit classes, academic probation, the withdrawal deadline, and the note that will appear on transcripts for this semester indicating that it was the semester of the COVID-19 outbreak.
      2. The University Affairs Board (UAB) will be reviewing all policies that were passed by the University Senate during their meeting tomorrow at 10:00 am.
      3. A.S. 2019-2020 Academic Report has experienced some delays but is continuing to move forward and is currently under analysis. Very excited for the results.
      4. Working with Dr. Luke Wood on the ‘tiger team’ that is addressing yield for out of state and international students.
    6. Executive Director: Christina Brown reported on the following:
      1. The A.S. Committees: Virtual Programming Committee, Promotions Committee, Virtual HR Committee, and Virtual Tool Committee are going well. A new one has been created to discuss campus procedures once campus and it’s facilities begin to re-open.


    1. Lee Abed, Student-At-Large : No report.
    2. Sophie Chance, Student-At-Large :
      1. The College of Business email regarding information about the resolution that passed in the University Senate was very helpful. Is happy that this is being provided to students so that they understand their best options.
    3. Stephanie Estrada, Student-At-Large :
      1. Editing the elections code to include a section that would let the Elections Committee waive some provisions and add exceptions to existing rules under extraordinary
        circumstances like COVID-19.
      2. Excited to serve on the Appointments and Review Committee this week.
      3. The recipient of the scholarship from the Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Ethnic Affairs (EOP) will still be receiving their scholarship. Is excited for this student!
    4. Christian Holt, Student-At-Large :
      1. The Center for Intercultural Relations (CIR) is hosting a healing circle tomorrow at 10:00 am via zoom, which is open to the Filipinx community and allies. Please join.
    5. Antonio Marquez-Camacho, Student-At-Large :
      1. Has been working with EOP SOAR mentors on explaining the credit/no credit options to students.
      2. Applied to the Board of Directors for next year.
    6. Cassie Weinberg, Student-At-Large:
      1. Earth Day is on Wednesday and the Office of Sustainable SDSU is hosting a zoom presentation to celebrate and speak about environmental justice issues!


xiii.  adjournment

It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 5:44 pm.
ADKINS/ESPINOZA                                         CARRIED


APPROVED BY:  Christian L. Onwuka, A.S. President
PREPARED BY:  Nikki Eliaschev, A.S. Government Secretary