Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Monday, August 26, 2019 - 3:30pm
Council Chambers, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union


A.S. President, Christian Onwuka, called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM in the Council Chambers at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.


  1. Voting Members Present: Christian Onwuka, Kyla Blaylock, George Scott, Dustin Adkins, Angelica Espinoza, Antonio Marquez-Camacho, Christian Holt, Sophie Chance, Stephanie Estrada, Cassie Weinberg, Lee Abed, Brittany Santos-Derieg
  2. Voting Members Absent: Jessica Rentto (video)
  3. Non-Voting Members Present: Christina Brown
  4. Non-Voting Members Absent: None.
  5. Visitors: None.


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda for today’s meeting.
ESPINOZA/ESTRADA                                                                                            CARRIED


It was moved and seconded to approve the Board of Directors meeting minutes of 8/05/19, as attached.
HOLT/WEINBER                                                                                                        CARRIED




  1. Business and Financial Affairs Designee:  Jessica Rentto reported on the following via pre-recorded video:
    1. Proud of the new freshman housing building, noting that this year SDSU is welcoming the largest incoming class ever.
    2. Renovation of Maya and Olmeca freshman housing buildings are both complete.
    3. Hiring the moving company to help students move into South Campus Plaza and Chapultepec worked well.
    4. ENS field project is complete and the field has new lights.
    5. ARC expansion project is in the permit stage.
  2. University President’s Designee:  Brittany Santos-Derieg reported on the following:
    1. Congratulated Maryana Khames for being appointed to the CSU Board of Trustees as a student trustee.
    2. Announced that the Confucius Institute at SDSU has been closed down due to a conflict with the McCain National Defense Authorization Act which would have restricted funding to SDSU. Due to this space being closed down, the College of Education is working on creating a Center for Chinese Communications.
  3. Introduction of Jerry Sheehan, University, University Chief Information Officer, and Tony Chung, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (Time Certain 3:45 pm):
    1. Transitioning away from the current software to a more user-friendly software for students on ‘MySDSU’. A new software will be introduced roughly a year from now.
    2. Piloting for Canvas began this semester, with several students and professors testing it out. A decision will be made at the end of the year whether to keep Blackboard or switch to Canvas.
    3. Expanding programs like VITaL at SDSU which is working in cooperation with the School of Nursing, College of Education, and several clubs on campus.
    4. Implementing a first-time survey that will ask students how they think technology is working at SDSU.
    5. Looking into creating informal groups or ad-hoc committees for students to have an input on technology at SDSU.


  1. General Consent Agenda (Action):  None.
  2. General Consent Report (Information): The general consent reported was reviewed, as attached.

VIII.   CLOSED SESSION (Closed to Non-Members)



  1. Audit Committee: None. 
  2. Facilities Board:  None.
  3. Financial Affairs Committee (FAC): None.
  4. Marketing and Communications Committee:  None.


  1. President: Christian Onwuka reported on the following:
    1. Thanked everyone for the support at the Luna Del Paz event and also thanked A.S. members for attending the retreat.
    2. Spoke at All University and New Student and Family Convocations, and both went well.
    3. Went over the “All Council Trainings” handout, as attached.
    4. Asked if any students would like to join a Data & Assessment committee since there are no students on it currently.
  2. Executive Vice President: Kyla Blaylock reported on the following:  
    1. Thanked A.S. for attending the retreat.
    2. Encouraged Residential Advisors to become more involved with A.S. at the RA Information Fair.
    3. Homecoming planning is going well and the graphic will be chosen soon.
    4. Hosted ARC ‘til Dark and a Basketball competition which were fun.
  3. Vice President of External Relations: Angelica Espinoza reported on the following: 
    1. Collaboration with the University Police Department and the Know Your Rights campaign is in progress.
    2. Working on creating a stronger connection with Autonomous University Baja California (UABC).
    3. Working on a salary negotiation event.
    4. Collaborating with political RSOs to bring politicians to speak on campus.
    5. Working with the Undocumented Resource Area to see what resources are available to students to provide more support.
    6. Would like to have student involvement with the 2020 census.
    7. Announced an event on September 16th in the Council Chambers to teach students how to teach others to register to vote, is open to students who would also like a refresher on voting as well. Encouraged members of A.S. to attend.
  4. Vice President of Financial Affairs: Dustin Adkins reported on the following:  
    1. Has been meeting with assistant deans along with the VP of University Affairs, George Scott. Adkins has been helping them understand their funding and communicating A.S. goals.
    2. Working on Aztecs Rock Hunger and aims to involve community leaders.
    3. Reminded A.S. that the Financial Affairs Committee and the Audit Committee applications are open.
  5. Vice President of University Affairs: George Scott reported on the following: 
    1. Developing strategies so that international students can become more involved on campus.
    2. Has been meeting with the assistant deans of each college to build connections and clarify expectations between their respective colleges and A.S., which has been very helpful.
    3. The ARC is in permit phase and renderings will be complete by early/mid-September.
    4. Astonished by the ENS field project and is happy that students get an additional 1,000 hours of play time on the field.
  6. Executive Director: Christina Brown reported on the following: 
    1. The ENS Field project is complete. The lights are on until midnight.
      b. Encouraged members of A.S. to attend the State of AS which is on September 18th from 8:30 am – 11:00 am.
    2. Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs are required for A.S.


  1. Lee Abed, Student-At-Large:  
    1. There are several streets on campus with lights off at night which is a safety issue for students.
  2. Sophie Chance, Student-At-Large: 
    1. Working on a co-op program to bring to SDSU and has found many companies that want to collaborate, especially with the engineering department.
  3. Stephanie Estrada, Student-At-Large: 
    1. iThe 50th anniversary celebration of the EOP is this year. Possibility for A.S. to present an award in the spring.
    2. Working with Professor Chang on a one day event that will take place in October to raise awareness about human rights, especially at border regions.
  4. Christian Holt, Student-At-Large:  
    1. iConcerned about campus safety since many parking structures on campus do not have cameras and a car was broken into recently. Suggested that cameras be implemented to parking lots on campus.
  5. Antonio Marquez-Camacho, Student-At-Large:.
    1. Is working on a project to create a pamphlet for students who are deported or have family members that are deported.
    2. Possibility for a student to create a Latinx film festival, asked other A.S. members for ideas of who could support this student.
  6. Cassie Weinberg, Student-At-Large:  
    1. Is working with Kyla and Kiki on projects regarding mental health. A survey has been drafted and the goal is to send it to students next week.
    2. Working on the Environmental Impact Report for the Mission Valley Campus.
    3. Creating zero-waste programming for the Student Union.
    4. Planning a “Sustainable Day” for September 18th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 5:33 pm.
ABED/CHANCE                                                                                           CARRIED

APPROVED BY: Christian L. Onwuka, A.S. President

PREPARED BY: Nikki Eliaschev, A.S. Government Secretary