Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 3:30pm
Council Chambers, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union


A.S. President, Jamie Miller called the meeting to order at 3:32 PM in the Council Chambers at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.


  1. Voting Members Present: Jamie Miller (left early), Patty Masengale, Dylan Colliflower, Chimezie Ebiriekwe, Alex Shapiro(left early), Daniel Matlock, Arnelle Sambile, Chloe Sension, Christy Samarkos, Dustin Pina, Michael Kagan.
  2. Voting Members Absent: Mustafa Alemi, Jessica Rentto.
  3. Non-Voting Members Present: Linh Phan, Christina Brown.
  4. Non-Voting Members Absent: None.
  5. Visitors: Jordan Maharaj, Mark Zakrewski, Pam Mahlow, Nicole Widmer, Amy Schiller, Vicki Greene, Jonecia Mahan, Jake Siegfried, Rahfeal Alomar, Ben Ramaeker, DeJuan Benford, Parker Anderson, Jamie Spector, Margaret Ramaeker.


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda for today’s meeting.



It was moved and seconded to approve the Board of Directors meeting minutes of 8/29/16, as attached.



Rudy Reyes expressed his concerns on the lack of disabled parking spaces available on campus.


  1. Business and Financial Affairs Designee: None.
  2. University President’s Designee: Christy Samarkos reported on the following:
    1. Broken Yolk is coming to South Campus Plaza.
    2. Lonnie Ali will be coming to speak on campus during family weekend. She is promoting a 75 hours of service campaign in honor of Muhammad Ali’s 75th birthday.
  3. Aztec Recreation Presentation-Mark Zakrewski, Director (Time Certain 3:45pm):
    1. Introduced the members of the Aztec Recreation full-time staff and presented on the different facilities, and programs Aztec Recreation manages and operates.
  4. Judicial Affair Council Justice (Time Certain 4:15pm):
    1. Asked for one BOD Student-at-Large to help with creating a process for making changes to the structure. Daniel Matlock volunteered to assist.
    2. Connected Chloe with Erin Gonzalez to work on revising bylaws.
    3. Reminded everyone tabling requirement is due Friday.
    4. Last Chance Alternatives will be discussed at next week’s JAC.
  5. Strengthsfinders Discussion:
    1. Christina Brown, Executive Director, led the discussion on the results of the Strengthsfinders Gallup Survey.
    2. BOD members discussed ways to help each other based on their strengths.


  1. General Consent Agenda (Action): None.
  2. General Consent Report (Information): The general consent report was reviewed.

VIII. CLOSED SESSION (Closed to Non-Members)



  1. Facilities Board: Had their first meeting today. Next week, they will be touring the Union.
  2. Financial Affairs Committee: Had their first meeting today.
  3. Marketing and Communications Committee: Started graphics for the A.S. Is Campaign.


  1. President: Jamie Miller reported on the following:
    1. Met with Christ Xanthos and Tony Chung to create a group to look into a platform for the SDSU App.
    2. Is looking into utilizing Student Success Fee to pay for the Smart Class Room fee.
    3. Ozzie Monge reached out to Jamie about presenting his thesis on the mascot.
  2. Executive Vice President: Patty Masengale reported on the following:
    1. We had over 42,000 attendees at the 2nd football game and SDSU beat CAL!!
    2. Encouraged everyone to table for A.S. Is campaign to set the tone for the year.
    3. Career Fair will be this Thursday in Montezuma Hall.
  3. Vice President of External Relations: Dylan Colliflower reported on the following:
    1. AB 1914: Textbook Affordability Act is passed and signed by Governor Jerry Brown last week.
    2. Completed team for Rock the Vote and will be dividing roles.
    3. Chaired his first External Relations Board meeting today!
    4. Highly encouraged everyone to attend CSSA this weekend.
    5. Will begin phone banking campaign with Sarah Bentley to advocate for legislation.
  4. Vice President of Financial Affairs: None.
  5. Vice President of University Affairs: Chimezie Ebiriekwe reported on the following:
    1. Aztec Mentoring Program application is due September 16th.
    2. Updated everyone on University Senate and how they will be taking the Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ recommendations regarding the General Education requirements.
    3. Provost’s Distinguished Lecture will be on September 28 in Montezuma Hall.
  6. Executive Director: Christina Brown reported on the following:
    1. September 29 is the Annual State of the A.S. for full-time staff. Christina will go over the 2016 A.S. vision and goals.
    2. Had fantastic feedback on the new student lounge!


  1. Arnelle Sambile reported on the following:
    1. Diversity Outreach Committee had two presentations. One from Ozzie Monge and one on the 2nd year live on project.
    2. Is working with the Student Diversity Commission on putting on a Students of Color Conference and is trying to get funding through Student Success Fee. Tentative date for the conference is February 4.
    3. Is working with Dr.Timm on Aztecs Past, Present, and Future event.
    4. Will be helping Edwin to host the first exec office hours on Wednesday in the Center for Intercultural Relations.
  2. Daniel Matlock reported on the following:
    1. Met up with Chloe to discuss about Research and Assessment Committee. Will be reaching out to the Statistics Department.
    2. Met with two of his CLC commissions.
    3. Will try to make the Recognized Student Orgnization renewal process easier.
  3. Dustin Pina reported on the following:
    1. Will be attending orientation with Aztec Shops and letting BOD know how it goes.
    2. Will be meeting with his College of Arts and Letters and College of Business representatives to discuss goals.
  4. Michael Kagan reported on the following:
    1. Aztec Nights-Aztec Dance Marathon event was incredibly successful!
    2. Live streaming for the A.S. Is campaign will continue for the next two weeks.
    3. The Computer Science Department is putting up a memorial page for Richard L’Heureux. If you have any testimonials, please let Michael know.
  5. Chloe Sension reported on the following:
    1. Check Im Here info session was great! Chloe was very impressed with all the different usages.
    2. Encouraged everyone to be proactive and reach out to students and provide them help rather than asking them to come to A.S.


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:51pm.

APPROVED BY: Jamie Miller, A.S. President

PREPARED BY: Linh Phan, A.S. Government Secretary