Associated Students

A.S. Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Monday, January 25, 2016 – 4:00 PM
Council Chambers • Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union


A.S. President, Blaire Ward called the meeting to order at 4:04 PM in the Council Chambers at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.



  1. Voting Members Present: Blaire Ward, Leo Carrillo, Tyler Aguilar, Dominic Bilotti, Andrea Byrd, Anthony Lee, Trevor Yarnall, Patty Masengale, Keagan Casey, Jessica Rentto.
  2. Voting Members Absent: Lorena Acosta, Sergio Cisneros.
  3. Non-Voting Members Present: Christina Brown, Linh Phan, Randy Timm for Christy Samarkos.
  4. Non-Voting Members Absent: None.
  5. Visitors: Jennifer Esquivel-Parker, Patty Rea, Abigail Hudson, Clayton Bishop.



It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda for today’s meeting.   CARILLO/BILOTTI

Andrea Byrd made a friendly amendment to table item C. Approval of Authorized Bank Signers under Items for Consideration and turn Closed Session from an action item to an information item. There were no obejctions.

The agenda was approved as amended.


It was moved and seconded to approve the Board of Directors meeting minutes of 11/30/15, as attached.   YARNALL/LEE CARRIED



  1. Business and Financial Affairs Designee: Jessica Rentto, Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs Designee, reported on the following:
    1. New marquee sign is up at the College Exit.
    2. 5 bathrooms were renovated over break.
    3. The university is working on having Office 365 available for students in the fall.
    4. SDSU Georgia students are expressing interest in developing their own student government.
    5. The university is working with A.S on fixing the Children’s Center due to flooding.

  2. University President’s Designee: Dr. Randy Timm for Christy Samarkos, reported on the following:
    1. Reminded everyone to take surveys.
    2. Updated the Board of Directors on recent new hires in student affairs.


  1. General Consent Agenda (Action): None.

  2. General Consent Report (Information): The general consent report was reviewed, as attached.

  3. Approval of Authorized Bank Signers (Action): The approval of Authorized Bank Signers is tabled.

VIII. CLOSED SESSION (Closed to Non-Members):

It was moved and seconded to move into closed session.   CASEY/MASENGALE CARRIED

Patty Rea, Associated Students Human Resources Director, reviewed the A.S Individual Staff Salary Adjustments and explained the reason for the adjustments.

It was moved and seconded to move out of closed session.   BYRD/YARNALL CARRIED


  1. Facilities Board: First meeting is this Thursday.

  2. Financial Affairs Committee: Had their first meeting today. This semester they will be focusing on working on the budget for next year.

  3. Marketing and Communications Committee: First meeting is this Wednesday. Focus for this semester will be on A.S elections.


  1. President: Blaire Ward reported on the following:
    1. Encouraged everyone to take the Princeton Review survey.
    2. Know Your A.S Leaders campaign is moving forward this semester.
    3. Please send Blaire a message if you have any suggestions for speakers at Board of Directors meetings.
    4. Quest for the Best applications are out!
    5. The Muslim Student Association will be meeting with the execs to discuss further plans.

  2. Executive Vice President: Leo Carrillo reported on the following:
    1. A.S Spring retreat had the biggest turnout this year!
    2. Aztecs Night went great!
    3. Invite our friends in Southern California to attend the Leadership Summit.
    4. There is very high hope for Aztecs basketball this year!
    5. Aztecs Dance Marathon is in 18 days. Leo encouraged everyone to register now.

  3. Vice President of External Relations: Tyler Aguilar reported on the following:
    1. Thanked Brandi for putting together an amazing CSSA.
    2. Congratulated Christina for being the new AOA President.
    3. If you are interested in the Voter Registration Campaign, please let Tyler know.

  4. Vice President of Financial Affairs: Dominic Bilotti reported on the following:
    1. Dom is putting together an ECRT student group to get student feedback for the committee.
    2. FAC is working on spring re-budgeting.

  5. Vice President of University Affairs: Andrea Byrd reported on the following:
    1. There is a College of Arts and Letters event tomorrow. Andrea encouraged everyone to attend.
    2. College Councils Expo will be from February 9th and 11th.

  6. Executive Director: Christina Brown reported on the following:
    1. Wished everyone a wonderful final semester!
    2. Reminded everyone that minimum GPA requirement to run for office is a 2.5 GPA.
    3. The goal is to have the student lounge open by Greenfest.
    4. She had a great time at AOA Conference.
    5. Union director search has relaunched. We are in the process of hiring a Union Associate Director.


  1. Patty Masengale reported on the following:
    1. ASUB Mix It Up event went really well today!
    2. Encouraged everyone to sign up for Aztecs Dance Marathon.
    3. Athletics is looking for a new Aztec warrior. Please let them know if you have any candidates in mind.
    4. Patty will be meeting with all commissioners and representatives in Campus Life Council.

  2. Keagan Casey reported on the following:
    1. Met with Jen to discuss having underrepresented communities speakers come and speak at BOD.

  3. Anthony Lee reported on the following:
    1. Dr. Figueroa, AVP of Student Affairs, is having conversations on establishing a place for students to get passports on campus.
    2. Anthony is leading a project with Director of Educational Opportunity Program, Dr. Emilio Ulloa to establish a fundraising mechanism and alumni chapter for EOP.
    3. Anthony set up a presentation with Cynthia Torres and Education Without Borders on the topic of SDSU’s Hispanic Serving Institution status and resources for Latino students for the Diversity, Equity and Outreach committee.
    4. He will be meeting Quentin and Jen for Bulletin Board in a Box project.
    5. Anthony is meeting with Tony Chung to further discuss the development of the SDSU App and student edu email accounts.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:09 PM.



APPROVED BY: Blaire Ward, A.S. President

PREPARED BY: Linh Phan, A.S. Government Secretary