Associated Students

A.S. Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes
Associated Students | San Diego State University

Monday, August 31, 2015 – 3:00 PM

Council Chambers • Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union


A.S. President, Blaire Ward called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM in the Council Chambers at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.


A. Voting Members Present: Blaire Ward, Leo Carrillo, Tyler Aguilar, Dominic Bilotti, Andrea Byrd, Lorena Acosta, Keagan Casey, Sergio Cisneros, Anthony Lee, Patty Masengale, Trevor Yarnall, Christy Samarkos.

B. Voting Members Absent: Jessica Rentto.

C. Non-Voting Members Present: Christina Brown, Linh Phan.

D. Non-Voting Members Absent: None.

E. Visitors: Patty Rea, Carlos Carreaga.


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda for today’s meeting. MASENGALE/CASEY

Dominic Bilotti made a friendly amendment to add a 4:15pm time certain to item C-the Approval of the Kronos Cloud under Items for Consideration. There were no objections to the amendment. The agenda was approved as amended.


It was moved and seconded to approve the Board of Directors meeting minutes of 8/10/15, as attached. YARNALL/CASEY CARRIED




A. Business and Financial Affairs Designee:


B. University President’s Designee: Associate Vice President for Campus Life Christy Samarkos reported on the following:

  1. Anthony did a great job as an MC for the One SDSU Kickoff Event.
  2. Thanked Tyler for being the face for our campaign on behaving appropriately on campus. The email has brought awareness to many students and has motivated them to begin taking actions on how to improve our school’s image within the community.
  3. The University Police as well as San Diego PD have increased in the number of officers on patrol.
  4. Aztecs Nights events were modified to reduce the noise around campus. All the events were very successful.


A. General Consent Agenda (Action):

It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda, as attached. ACOSTA/CISNEROS CARRIED

B. General Consent Report (Information):

It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Report, as attached. LEE/YARNALL CARRIED

C. Approval of the Kronos Cloud (Action):

It was moved and amended to approve the Kronos Cloud. Patty Rea, the Human Resources Director and Carlos Careaga, the Finance Director, gave a presentation on changing the payroll system to Kronos’s Cloud-based system. The Kronos Cloud will reduce the cost for yearly updates in comparison to other systems. Patty and Carlos will continue discussions with Aztecs Shops to see if they want to collaborate with Associated Students and can possibly be Associate Students’ payroll provider in the future. BYRD/MASENGALE CARRIED

VIII. CLOSED SESSION (Closed to Non-Members):



A. Financial Affairs Committee:

Committee members introduced themselves and reviewed the contents of their binders. Committee Chair Bilotti reviewed the role of Vice Chair as well as reviewed the Campus Program Funding procedures.Tom McCarron, Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs & CFO, will be giving a presentation to FAC on September 14th at 11am.


A. President: Blaire Ward reported on the following:

  1. Bylaws packets were passed out to BOD members-Blaire asked everyone to make sure they know the packet very well. If any question comes up, please contact Blaire, Jen, or Christina.
  2. Reminded BOD members to review the agenda packets before meeting.
  3. The executive officers had lunch with President Hirshman and Vice President Rivera. There were great conversations about what is happening on campus and what can A.S leaders as well as SDSU staff do to help students.
  4. Blaire got the chance to speak at both Convocations and it went great! She’s very excited for the incoming students.
  5. Only 7.8% of the student body took the Campus Survey. Survey is to be pushed back and the goal is to reach 10%.
  6. Thanked Patty for making a list of all the orgs so that BOD members can reach out to and attend one of their events to fulfill the BOD requirement.

B. Executive Vice President: Leo Carrillo reported on the following:

  1. The first March to the Arch is this Thursday.
  2. This Friday is Aztecs Night’s Break the World Records-the biggest onesie party. The first 350 people to be there will get free onesies.

B. Vice President of External Relations: Tyler Aguilar reported on the following:

  1. Students gathered together and cleaned up an entire abandoned lot. The owners gave the university permission to use the lot for events. Starting November 20th, there will be retail trucks, food trucks, and live music at the lot on a regular basis.
  2. College Ice Cream Social wil be on September 20th from 2-4pm in the Courtyard. A.S leaders should be there to reinforce a positive image of SDSU students to our community leaders.

C. Vice President of Financial Affairs: Dominic Bilotti reported on the following:

  1. Aztecs Rock Hunger is from October 22 to November 15. This year’s theme will be “Leave Your Legacy”, which is about the impacts an individual can make on someone else’s life. Video for Aztecs Rock Hunger is being worked on by MarComm. They are pushing to finish it by the end of this month.
  2. Dom and his team are working on with groups who can help to donate to the campaign.

D. Vice President of University Affairs: Andrea Byrd reported on the following:

  1. Student Success Fee Proposal is due on September 15th to the Assistant Deans of the respective colleges.
  2. On September 23rd at the UC meeting, there will be a Deans Panel where all the Deans will be in Council Chambers to answer any questions related to any of the colleges.
  3. Andrea is coordinating a digital signage for Let’s Talk events to help gain visibility and attract more students to attend.

E. Executive Director: Christina Brown reported on the following:

  1. We are working on providing more night time programs in the Union.
  2. University Senate is conducting a review of A.S. We need two students who are knowledgeable about AS to serve on the committee. Please let Blaire know if you know of any potential candidates to fill these two positions.
  3. CSU Trustee is coming to our campus for a every-3-years-audit.
  4. Resumes for the the new Union Director have been received and there seems to be a lot of qualified candidates. Interview sessions will begin very soon.
  5. Christina will try to set up a Zura tour with ASBOD on Friday anytime between 2-4pm.
  6. They are in process of finalizing the furniture for the lounge downstairs.


A. Trevor Yarnall reported on the following:

  1. Trevor is working on having a Beer Garden towards finals week. This will be for philanthropic purposes such as student scholarships, as well as a place for students to practice their brewing skills if they are involved with the brewing certificate program at State. Please let Trevor know if you would like to help.

B. Patty Masengale reported on the following:

  1. Our new waste management company, Ecco, is doing a great job at recycling and helping the environment.
  2. First football game will be this weekend. Patty is planning a tailgate at lot C1. There will be free shirts for the first 500 participants.
  3. Aztecs Dance Marathon will be 50% off if you sign up on Friday.
  4. This year’s “Join Us” series will be focused on suicidal prevention.

C. Lorena Acosta reported on the following:

  1. Goal for this year is to increase A.S leaders’ visibility and figure out an easier way for students to get involved with A.S

D. Keagan Casey reported on the following:

  1. He will be having a meeting with the President of College of Arts and Letters, Spears, to talk about the college charters.
  2. Thank everyone for the support when he was sick. It really reassured him that he has his A.S family’s support whenever he needs.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:19 PM. CISNEROS/ ACOSTA CARRIED