Career Advantage

Coming Spring 2024:

  • Student-to-Student Peer Mentors

  • Headshots in The Backdoor Studio

  • Industry Networking Mixers

  • Alumni Speaker Series

  • Recognized Student Organization (RSO) funding for career development opportunities

If you have questions or would like to receive more information about Career Advantage services and events, please use our “Your Voice Matters” comment form.


A.S. Career Advantage is designed to empower SDSU students with a competitive edge in their pursuit of meaningful careers. This advantage is crafted through two distinctive approaches:

  • ONE STOP SHOP STUDENT DIRECTORY: An all-encompassing student directory, guiding students to an array of existing career resources. This centralized hub simplifies the path towards the wealth of relevant tools and opportunities available.
  • TAILORED SERVICES: Unique, tailored services to enhance the SDSU career network. Specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of students, ensuring they are well-prepared for success in the future.