Send your pictures to AS Graphics, to have them posted to this website. Posting of photos is up to the discretion of AS staff and webmaster, as space is available. Your pics must be of an AS event. Click below to view photos from past AS events.

A.S. Government Events

Council Retreat Fall 2007 Council Retreat - Fall 2010
Aztec Achievement Awards Bike Lane Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - 2010
Council Retreat Fall 2007 AS Day - 2010
Council Retreat Fall 2007 Rainbow Flag Raising - 2010
Aztec Achievement Awards Pride Parade - 2010
Council Retreat Fall 2007 Explore SDSU - 2010
Aztec Achievement Awards Aztec Achievement Awards - Spring 2010

Associated Students Events

75th Anniversary Associated Students' 75th Anniversary Gala

Also Check out the Children's Center Events