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Scholarship Winner

Bradley Mills

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A.S. Full- and Part-Time Staff Members Celebrated


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5 Fun Facts

A.S. Accounting

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S is for Success

A is for Art

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Support Accessible Watersports

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

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A.S. Wins Big at Field Day

10 Points for Gryffindor

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15 Questions

Dawn McCabe, SDSU Children’s Center Supervising Teacher

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June 2018

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June 2018

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A.S. News

Scholarship Winner
Bradley Mills

Bradley Mills

Bradley (center) with Tom and Virginia McCarron

Congratulations to Aztec Adventures employee Bradley Mills! Bradley is the recipient of the Tom and Virginia McCarron Exemplary Service Endowed Scholarship for 2018. The $1500 scholarship is awarded to an Associated Students employee who demonstrates the service ideals of an A.S. employee and member of the SDSU community.

Bradley is a Climbing Wall Lead and a fourth year student here at San Diego State studying History with a minor in Recreation and Tourism Management. Bradley’s goal is to pursue a career in the outdoors and has found that working for Aztec Adventures has given him valuable leadership and management skills that he can use in any field.

Bradley got involved with Aztec Recreation his freshman year when he took a rock climbing ENS class. As he became more comfortable with climbing he decided to head out on his first Aztec Adventures field trip, and he was hooked! Bradley started working as a Climbing Wall Attendant at the ARC Wall right after that trip and this month he is celebrating his two-year work anniversary! Bradley feels that the Aztec Adventure student leaders, who supervised him as a freshman changed his life. Bradley has worked his way up to Climbing Wall Lead and is happy that he can do the same for others.

When describing his work, Bradley’s love and passion for adventure is obvious, and he feels extremely lucky to be paid for doing what he loves. His favorite aspect of the job, however, is not necessarily the trips outdoors but the people he meets on the outings or at the Rock Wall. Bradley details the comradery around campfires on Aztec Adventure outings, where students from all walks-of-life can share a little of their story. Since working for Aztec Recreation, Bradley shared that he has become a better employee through his exposure to so many different people of different cultures and lifestyles that he has learned how to work with any person in just about any situation.

Working with the outdoors is not always as easy as it may seem and Bradley is well known for thinking on his feet in tougher situations. His supervisor, Ben Ramaeker, commends Bradley for his, “maturity and adaptability, regardless of the circumstance.”

Submitted by Lindsay Gunn, Human Resources Manager

A.S. Full- and Part-Time Staff Members Celebrated

Congratulations to all the honorees!

Taylor Williamson


Katherine Root
Aztec Student Union
Sanea Lamas
Aztec Lanes
Hannah Strephans
Aztec Recreation


Aztec Lanes

Esmeralda Lopez

Aztec Recreation

Catie Anderson
Kyle Gunning
Allison Swearingen
Ashley Campillo
Eric Alido
Saul Lopez-Martinez
Andrew Clark
Kelly Beal
Heidi Wilson
Lisa Lamont
Maddie Melcher
Brenden Lopez

Aztec Student Union

Veronica Perondi
Thulani Kachingwe
Jay Brest
Quentin Skaggs

Business Services

Sabrina Cremascoli
Benjamin Moxley
Annette Scheid

Government Affairs

Lauren Thayer

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

Gary Lau
Kate Pederson
Cody Machado
Jake Adams
Michael Yassear
Madeline McGoldrick
Xavier Gervacio

SDSU Children’s Center

Melinda Gonzalez
Aylin Ayala
Michelle Campos
Abby Castro
Haley Green
Haley Lu
Amaris Munoz
Selene Orozco
Samantha Ramirez
Sarah Gilbert
Jasmine Loo

Viejas Arena

Nicole Parr

5 Fun Facts – A.S. Accounting

Campus Safety Week

How many invoices were processed during the last fiscal year?

9,721 documents processed;
6,053 checks

How many student organizations received funding from A.S. last fiscal year?


How many Journal Entries were processed during the last fiscal year?


How many departments are in A.S.?


How many fixed asset tags are in all of A.S.?


Submitted by Lauren Hooley, Finance Manager and Amy Yañez, Accounts Payable Coordinator

S is for Success
A is for Art

MBAC Watersports

From left: Johnny Dutra, the evening’s auctioneer, Emily Eisenbarth and Gage Sanders, event volunteers

Aztec Lanes Bowling

The crowd gathered as the bidding began.

This year’s “A is for Art” Exhibition, which was held on April 21st in Balboa Park at the Mingei International Museum, showcased the creative talents of the children who attend the SDSU Children’s Center. Each classroom, Infants to Pre-K, created a collaborative painting that was on display at the event. Over 250 Children’s Center art-loving supporters crowded the museum to get a peek at the 11 paintings.

In addition to the art, the evening was filled with opportunity drawings, hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine. One of the favorite opportunity drawing baskets was “Dinner & Museums.” The lucky ticket holder took home over $400 worth of passes to six different museums, gift cards for two restaurants and a bottle of wine. Attendees also had access to the entire museum, which included several major exhibits: “Voluminous Art” - Treasures from San Diego's University Libraries, “Weaving a Path” - Navajo Women and the Feminine Ethos, and “Israel” - 70 Years of Craft & Design.

The highlight of the evening was the live auction of the paintings created by the children. Lead by our auctioneer, Johnny Dutra, a Center parent, the bidding was very lively with attendees vying to outbid each other for their favorite painting. One painting entitled “Pour” created by the Seals classroom started a bidding war that finally ended with one art-lover taking home the painting for $1,000. All monies raised went directly to the Center, and will be used to purchase outdoor learning equipment for Memory Park (the Center’s playground). “A is for Art” events this year raised just over $10,000.

Next year’s gala event will be the Center’s 15th annual, and the planning committee hopes make it extra special. One hurdle to overcome will be securing a new location for the Exhibition. The Mingei will be closed for one year for major building renovations. If you know of a venue that might like to host this amazing event, please contact Michelle Zamora, Center Director at

Many thanks to the event sponsors, donors, volunteers, the Center’s teachers and staff and to the “A is for Art” committee, who all helped to made this event a huge success!

Support Accessible Watersports
Mission Bay Aquatic Center

San Diego Festival

Have an amazing day AND support accessible watersports at Mission Bay Aquatic Center by attending our volunteering your time at the San Diego Festival of the Arts June 9-10 at Waterfront Park. Save 50% off tickets with coupon code: charity when you purchase in advance at You can also support the cause by volunteering at the festival. There are many opportunities to soak up the sun, work with creative, fun people and help us make this year the best San Diego Festival of the Arts to date. Sign up for a shift at Be sure to tell them you are from AS when volunteering.

Produced by Kiwanis and San Diego Magazine, the San Diego Festival of the Arts is an unforgettable weekend filled with art, food, craft beer, and entertainment benefiting programs for San Diegans with disabilities. The Torrey Pines Kiwanis have been supporting adaptive programming at MBAC for over 25 years. This support provides access to watersports at MBAC for hundreds of persons with disabilities annually who would otherwise have access to participate.

The Torrey Pines Kiwanis are also the title sponsor for inclusion, which works to include kids with disabilities alongside their able-bodied peers at The Watersports Camp.

Check out the benefit of this amazing program for one camper in short MBAC Story video:

Ethan's Story

For more information about the festival or to purchase tickets visit!

A.S. Wins Big at Field Day
10 Points for Gryffindor

MBAC Watersports

Field Day Champions

Friday, May 18 marked SDSU's Annual Faculty & Staff Field Day where departments from across campus competed in the Team Obstacle Course and Build-A-Boat Challenges to establish a campus champion. This year's Associated Students team, “10 Points for Gryffindor,” was captained by Veronica Perondi and consisted of staff from Business Services, Union Programs & Services, and Government Affairs. The team members included Liza Bennett, Janice Dils, Steven DiPaolo, Flora Elman, Letty Hernandez, Jordan Hill, Mollique Johnson, Andrew Miller, Ben Moxley and Brandi Tonne.

Wearing circa-2003 lime green ‘Vote in the A.S. Elections’ team shirts, the A.S. team successfully completed the opening round of competition with Liza and Captain Veronica’s wheelbarrow race leg. Highlighted by Ben's lightning fast bunny hop and Flora's egg balance run, the A.S. team posted the top time of all departments in the round. After a brief recharge period that included street tacos, BBQ, and carnival games, the team was ready for the final elimination rounds.

In the semifinals, the A.S. team was matched up against a tough opponent and the contest was neck and neck. Jordan's football toss, Steve’s soccer skills, and Letty's strong effort in the 3-person run and drag made the difference as “10 Points for Gryffindor” took the win and earned a spot in the finals.

The final competition was tension-filled with campus bragging rights on the line. Captain Veronica led the charge in the four-person Team Building Ski challenge and the Mollique cradle-carry of Janice set the bar high. A.S. crossed the finish line in record time and glory and the eventual trophy belonged to Associated Students!

In the second component of Field Day, Brandi heroically captained the cardboard boat at the Aquaplex. Although the team surpassed their float time of four seconds from the previous year, unfortunately Brandi went down with the ship shortly thereafter.

All in all, this was a great opportunity to connect with other staff and faculty from across campus and A.S. looks forward to defending its championship next year!

Check out all the action on this highlights video.

Submitted by Janice Dils, Government Affairs Manager

15 Questions
Dawn McCabe, SDSU Children’s Center Supervising Teacher

Dawn McCabe

Dawn McCabe

  1. What is your name and title?
    Dawn McCabe, SDSU Children’s Center Supervising Teacher
  2. Which A.S. department do you work in?
    I have been working at the Children’s Center as a Pre-K Master Teacher and am transitioning to the role of the preschool supervising teacher, overseeing the preschool cottage of 3 and 4 year olds.
  3. How long have you worked for A.S.?
    Almost 2 years
  4. What was the last movie you saw? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
    “Coco.” I’m a little behind and just saw it for the first time. Thumbs up!
  5. If you won $5 million what would you do with it?
    The typical... pay off student loans and debt, buy a house and travel.
  6. What is your favorite dessert?
    Ice cream. Or cookies. Maybe cake. ...I like them all! I have a big sweet tooth and love anything with chocolate.
  7. What city would you most like to visit or visit again?
    I’ve always wanted to visit Copenhagen. It’s been on my list to visit since and have never been. I love Scandinavia for their way of living and especially their outlook on child development.
  8. If you had one free hour each day, how would you use it?
  9. Would you rather build a sandcastle or a snowman?
    A snowman. As much as I love the beach, I can’t stand sand. I also like the winter much more than summertime.
  10. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  11. What type of pets do you have and what are their names?
    I have one dog, he is a Puggle (pug and beagle mix) and his name is Obi-Wan Pupobi.
  12. Do you like to cook and what is your specialty?
    I love to cook! I’ll attempt to make just about anything. After doing a few rounds of “Whole 30,” I have mastered a few great recipes that are “Whole 30” approved.
  13. What three things are always in your refrigerator?
    Kombucha - it’s been my go-to drink
    Blueberries - for my daughter Jane
    Butter - because I put it on practically everything
  14. When you visit the Zoo, which animal do you make sure you see?
    The Flamingos. They are my daughter’s favorite and it’s been neat watching the baby Flamingos grow up and turn pink over the past year.
  15. What was or is your favorite subject in school?
    I think it was math. I was terrible in English and writing, math was the only thing that made sense to me.

at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

Juanes Photo

Ray Lamontagne
WITH Very Special Guest: Neko Case

June 2, 7:30pm,
Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre
Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae: Dirty Computer Tour
WITH: St. Beauty

June 20, 7:30pm,
Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre
Post Malone

Post Malone
WITH: 21 Savage, SOB X RBE

June 21, 7:30pm,
Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre
Dua Lipa: The Self-Titled Tour

Dua Lipa: The Self-Titled Tour
WITH: Clairo

June 29, 8:00pm,
Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

June 2018

6/9-10 - San Diego Festival of the Arts

6/11 - First Watersports Camp Begins

6/29 - Last Day of Classes: Summer Session 1

6/29 - International Mud Day at the Children’s Center

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