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May 2017 Newsletter

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A.S. Student Employee Receives McCarron Scholarship

Taylor Mosack, Teacher Assistant, SDSU Children's Center

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Eat Out Fundraiser

The Hills Local Pub

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Aztec Achievement Award Honorees

And the winners are...

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Need a Break from Finals?

Aztec Nights Midnight Study Break

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A.S. Website Redesign

Lyubov Horne, A.S. Web Specialist

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15 Questions

Paul Sullivan, Human Resources Assistant

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At Viejas Arena and Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

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May 2017

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A.S. News

A.S. Student Employee Receives McCarron Scholarship
Taylor Mosack, Teacher Assistant at the SDSU Children's Center

Taylor Mosack, Teacher Assistant at the SDSU Children's Center, was recently awarded the McCarron Scholarship. Taylor was selected based on her academics, essay and her ability to demonstrate the service ideals of an Associated Students employee and member of the SDSU community.

Taylor Mosack began working for Associated Students at the Children's Center in her sophomore year beginning of Fall Semester 2015 in the infant classroom. Taylor was excited to discover the Children's Center as she began working there; she knew right away she was in the right place for her. Her Supervisor, Lorilyn Lord and other staff at the center quickly knew this as well.

Taylor's positive attitude and caring interactions serve as a role model for adults and children at the center. She often goes above and beyond and shows her love for her children in everything she does. Teaching children is Taylor's passion and makes a difference in the lives of the little ones she calls her kids.

The McCarron Scholarship is provided by Tom McCarron, Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs at SDSU and his wife Virginia on an annual basis to an Associated Students student employee.

Submitted by Lindsay Gunn, Human Resources Manager

Eat Out Fundraiser
The Hills Local Pub

Enjoy a night out, a delicious dinner and maybe a drink, while you are helping raise funds for the SDSU Children's Center. The Center's next Eat Out Fundraiser, will be held on Wednesday, May 10, from 5-9pm at The Hills Local Pub.

The Hills offers a large variety of food, such as:


Bistro Burger

Bacon, mozzarella, fried Brussels sprouts, balsamic aioli

Diablo Burger

Ghost pepper onion jam, bacon, leaf lettuce, charred habanero aioli, pepper jack, topped with a charred jalapeno


Shrimp Po Boy

Buttermilk battered shrimp, lettuce, tomato, creamy cocktail sauce, French roll

The Guilty Veggie

Fried sweet potato patty, smoked Gouda, fried Brussels sprouts, arugula, basil aioli


Purple Haze Summer Salad

Sunflower sprouts, spring mix, cucumbers, honeydew, beets, sweety peppers, goat cheese, prickly pear vinaigrette

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE, including 24 beers on tap and a full bar.

10% of your total dinner bill will be donated to the Children's Center. There are no flyers or coupons necessary, just mention the SDSU Children's Center.

The Hills Local Pub is located in La Mesa at 8758 La Mesa Blvd. To check out their menu, visit For more Eat Out Fundraisers, visit and click on Special Events.

Aztec Achievement Award Honorees
And the winners are...

At this year's Aztec Achievement Awards, SDSU students, faculty and staff were honored for their achievements and contributions to Associated Students, boards, committees and councils during the 2016-17 academic year.

Congratulations to all of this year's honorees!

  • Sarah Bentley — Daniel B. Nowak Outstanding Student Service Award
  • Michael Kagan — Daniel P. Goodrich Award
  • Shan Cureton — Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award
  • Julia Moluf — Shuford C. Swift Most Outstanding First-Year Student
  • Tiffany Tran — Dean Herbert Peiffer & Dean Margery Warmer Award
  • Danielle Taylor — Dean Herbert Peiffer & Dean Margery Warmer Award
  • Ian Fielden — Life Pass
  • Jordan Maharaj — Life Pass
  • Tammy Blackburn — Harvey Goodfriend Award
  • Dr. Paul Minifee — Malcolm A. Love Award
  • Bill Earley — Outstanding Alumni Award
  • Student Support Commission — Outstanding A.S. Commission Award
  • College of Health and Human Services — Outstanding College Council Award
  • Danielle Dela Paz — A.S. Committee Member of the Year Award
  • Aztec Music Group — Outstanding Student Organization
  • Edwin Darrell — Dan R. Cornthwaite Luminary Award for Outstanding Advising
  • Jenna Bueck — Dean Carole Robasciotti Outstanding Community Service-Learning Award
  • Genesis Guevara — Aztec Pride Award
  • Zackary Albrecht — Presidential Leadership Award
  • Joseph Lucero — Presidential Leadership Award
  • Chief Josh Mays — Presidential Leadership Award
  • Marissa Torres — Presidential Leadership Award
  • John Kolek — Retirement Award

Need a Break from Finals?

Come to Montezuma Hall and enjoy some pre-finals stress relief at the annual Aztec Nights Midnight Study Break. This year's theme is Star Wars: May the 4th Be With You!

Bring your friends and watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other classic Star Wars movies. Enjoy FREE breakfast, FREE scantrons & blue books, costume contest*, Star Wars trivia, games, giveaways and much more! This event is FREE and open to all SDSU students with a valid Red ID.

Thursday, May 4

Star Wars: The Force Awakens screening

7:30pm, Theatre, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union

Midnight Study Break

10pm-1am, Montezuma Hall, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union

Aztec Nights means loads of on-campus, late-night entertainment that'll rock your social life and jump-start your semester! Watch for upcoming Fall 2017 events by visiting

*For safety purposes, weapons and masks will not be allowed.

A.S. Website Redesign
Lyubov Horne, A.S. Web Design Specialist, Lover of Cats

Recently, a new design for the A.S. home page was launched. Here is just snippet of what it took to create that new web page.

<div class="card-deck-wrapper container-fluid asis-background"> <div class="container text-center text-md-left"> <h4 class="text-white">A.S. is... <div class="text-center"> <button class="btn btn-outline-secondary btn-lg asis-show" type="button" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#collapseASis" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="collapseASis">Check out what A.S. has to offer  <i class="fa fa-arrow-down" aria-hidden="true"></i></button> </div> </h4> <div class="collapse asis-collapse" id="collapseASis"> <div class="row"> <!-- A.S. is... Union Events --> <div class="col-6 col-md-4 col-lg-3 asis-container"> <div class="card card-inverse card-asis"> <img class="card-img-top img-fluid asis" src="images/home/asis/asub.jpg" alt="Union Events">

Look confusing? To the untrained eye, it is. But to Lyubov Horne, our A.S. Web Design Specialist, it makes perfect sense.

The redesign process started with the A.S. Graphics staff creating eight different home page design options. Those designs were submitted to A.S. MarComm, who worked with groups of SDSU students, the A.S. executive officers and A.S. full-time staff members, who offered design and navigation ideas and suggestions.

Once a final design was settled on, Lyubov's work began. She started the huge task of piecing together the complex set of words, symbols and numbers that create the code for the page. She had to work very precisely, while being creative and artistic, all at the same time. What seems like something very minor, an extra space or extra semicolon, can prevent the webpage from appearing properly on your screen, so extreme care had to be taken while the code was being constructed.

To make her task even more complex, she had to take into consideration how the finished web page would look on your smart phone, tablet or laptop, each requiring additional coding. And if that wasn't enough, she also had to make sure that the new page met all ADA accessibility requirements set by the CSU Chancellor's Office. Which requires even more words, symbols and numbers.

After several months of work, the new home page looks great and meets all the necessary requirements. The next big step is to convert all other A.S. admin formatted pages to the new look. Lyubov has already begun this project, and with help from Chris Blakemore, our A.S. Graphics Specialist, all the web pages will be converted and ready as students begin the fall semester.

A big thank you to all who participated in the process and a very special thank you to Lyubov!

15 Questions
Paul Sullivan, Human Resources Assistant

  1. What is your name, job title and major?
    Paul Sullivan, Human Resources Assistant, Major in Management — Specialization in Human Resource Management
  2. Which A.S. department do you work in?
    Business Services — My general purpose includes assisting with Associated Students' full- and part-time recruitment, onboarding, employee relations and various other human resources functions.
  3. How long have you worked for A.S.?
    One year
  4. What was the last movie you saw? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
    Power Rangers. Two thumbs up.
  5. Which three people (living or dead) would you like to have dinner with?
    My grandfathers, my dad and my future son(s). I know that's cheating a little bit but I have learned more lessons than I can count from my dad and grandfathers, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have my future son(s) meet and learn from some of the most influential people in my life.
  6. Would you rather build a sandcastle or a snowman?
    A snowman, because these scenarios would most likely end in either a snowball fight or a sand fight and snowball fights are way better.
  7. Who is your favorite singer / musician / musical group?
    J. Cole — He's honest, with himself and his fans. He's been blessed with incredible musical talent, which is equally matched by his intelligence. He uses the platform he's given for good, to connect with his fans and make a positive impact in their lives.
  8. What is your favorite book?
    Titanic Thompson: The Man Who Bet on Everything by Kevin Cook. He (Alvin "Titanic" Thompson) was a genius and the stories told of his life are so entertaining I can't believe it's not a movie yet. It's filled with anecdotes about him doing things like throwing a watermelon over a three-story building, pulling Al Capone's pants down, and beating Ben Hogan playing golf right-handed and then turning around and beating Byron Nelson left-handed. It's a fun, easy read.
  9. What is your favorite sports team?
    Liverpool F.C. (Liverpool Football Club, Soccer Team). I grew up watching their games with my best friend and his family who were from the area and have supported them ever since. YNWA. (You'll Never Walk Alone, song and motto of Liverpool F.C.)
  10. What three things are always in your refrigerator?
    Pretzel bread rolls (from Costco), Bitchin' Chipotle Sauce, random craft beer
  11. If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go?
    The 1987 AFC Championship Game to see John Elway and the Broncos beat the Cleveland Browns in overtime. I'd love to see John Elway orchestrate "The Drive."
  12. "Most people don't know that I like to..." volleyball. I set and played libero (player specializing in defensive skills) in high school.
  13. What was or is your favorite subject in school?
    HR Law — HR Law constantly changes and is different across the U.S and the world. It seems like there is no limit to what can be learned in this field and is critical for what I'd like to do moving forward.
  14. What is your favorite part about working for A.S.?
    The people I get to work with and around. Every day I get to know someone in the office a little more and having a rapport with so many awesome people makes coming to the office easy but leaving it difficult.
  15. Which A.S. staff member has inspired/supported you the most?
    Lindsay Gunn — She continues to not only go out of her way to help develop my knowledge of the field of HR and support my future career steps but also has an innate ability to be a positive life mentor that goes far beyond the workplace.

at Viejas Arena and Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

WWE Presents NXT Live

WWE Presents: NXT LIVE

Saturday, May 6, 7:30pm, Viejas Arena
Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin

Tuesday, May 9, 7pm, Viejas Arena
Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Friday, May 19, 7:30pm, Viejas Arena
Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Monday, May 22, 7:30pm, Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre
Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse

Tuesday, May 30, 7pm, Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

May 2017

5/1 - De-Stress Fusion: Across the Pond

5/1 - Free Your Mind Monday

5/2 - De-Stress Fusion: Zzzz Room

5/3 - De-Stress Fusion: Laugh About It

5/3 - Final Act

5/4 - De-Stress Fusion: Transcend

5/5 - 5/11 - Finals

Study hard and good luck!

5/11 - 5/15 - SDSU Commencement

5/16 - National Sea-Monkey Day

Sea Monkeys

Sea-Monkeys is a brand name for brine shrimp — a group of crustaceans that undergo cryptobiosis — sold in hatching kits as novelty aquarium pets. Developed in the United States in 1957 by Harold von Braunhut, the product was heavily marketed, especially in comic books, and remains a presence in popular culture. Von Braunhut collaborated with marine biologist Dr. Anthony D'Agostino to develop the proper mix of nutrients and chemicals in dry form that could be added to plain tap water to create an accommodating habitat for the shrimp to thrive. Von Braunhut was granted a patent for this process on July 4, 1972. They were initially called Instant Life and sold for $0.49, but von Braunhut changed the name to Sea-Monkeys in 1962. The new name was based on the supposed resemblance of the animals' tails to those of monkeys, and their salt-water habitat.

5/29 - Memorial Day

Campus closed

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