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GreenFest is presented by SDSU’s Associated Students. It is a collaborative effort between the Aztec Student Union Board, Green Love Commission, Student Diversity Commission and other organizations that speak to the three values of Sustainability, Diversity and SDSU Pride. Each year GreenFest presents a series of events which encourage, advocate for and celebrate sustainability, diversity and SDSU Pride. GreenFest works to engage the campus community through educational and entertaining events that share the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle and to promote sustainable practices.

Wooden box filled with a variety of fresh vegetables

On The Menu

  • Incorporate "meatless Mondays" into your life — a vegetarian diet can reduce water consumption by up to 50% per person (approx. 1,850 gallons of water are used to produce a single pound of beef)
  • Support your local farmers and head out to the farmers markets for organic, local produce and a cultural experience
  • Organic means health and safety, as well as livable wages for farm workers
  • Support local restaurants that incorporate sustainability into their practices
  • Visit the new dining facility The Garden at Cuicacalli Suites for healthy alternatives and ideas of how to prepare organic, environmentally friendly dishes on your own
  • Growing your own herbs. Herbs like rosemary, oregano, basil, and mint, are easy to grow at home. Doing so will make your kitchen and meals more sustainable and homegrown. With some research and water, you can grow your own herbs.
  • Zero waste food shopping. By bringing your own containers and cotton mesh bags to hold all of your non-prepackaged items, you reduce the need for excess plastic bags.
Reusable green shopping bag with greenfest logo


  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery store — if you forget, ask for plastic
  • If you need a reusable bag, contact ASGREENCOMM@MAIL.SDSU.EDU
  • Support stores that promote sustainable business practices
  • Buy domestic goods
  • Stray from plastic. Opting for metal tins, paper packaging, or other sustainable packaging instead of plastic not only reduces your plastic consumption, but shows producers and others that plastic is not necessary.
  • Shop second hand. Whether shopping for clothes, decorations, everyday household items, or accessories, thrift and second-hand stores provide quality items at a cheaper price. Second-hand shops are in many areas, and are even accessible through the internet and apps on your smart devices.
  • Deny plastic! Buy plastic alternative products, such as Bamboo toothbrushes/plates/bowls, avocado utensils, silicone bags/straws, compostable trash bags, etc.
  • When it comes to waste, the best way to go green is to first reduce use of wasteful items. If you do have them, try to reuse the product as much as possible. When it is no longer useful, then recycle.
Replacing ceiling light bulb with led lightbulb

At Home

  • Recycle paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, and old electronics
  • Switch to LED bulbs and utilize natural lighting
  • Put a fan by the window instead of turning on your AC in the summer
  • Turn off all lights and electronics when not in use
  • Take 5-7 minute showers
  • Wash your clothes in a cold cycle
  • Plant native plants and keep them outside to prompt the ecology of your surrounding area.
  • Put bird seed feeders outside of your residence for the birds native to your area (make sure to avoid sugary or dried fruit) to support your local birds.
  • Compost your food scraps at home to naturally get rid of your waste. You don't need a large yard to compost, and you can learn how to properly do it in your environment here: HOW TO COMPOST AT HOME, ACCORDING TO EXPERTS
Jacquelyn Hristov

Getting Around

  • Walk, skate, roller blade or bike
  • For longer commutes, use Zipcar, car2go or Zimride
  • Or take the Trolley!
Izzy Wolf

Izzy Wolf Email Icon
GreenFest Chair

Bryce Beaulieu

Bryce Beaulieu
Student Traditions Chair

Antonella Giorgi

Antonella Giorgi
Green Love Commissioner

Kat Hernandez

Kat Hernandez
Green Love Representative

Janine Ezomo

Janine Ezomo
Student Diversity Commissioner

Luke Jensen

Luke Jensen
Music and Entertainment Designee

Julia Marwah

Julia Marwah
Marketing Designee

Shefali Sharma

Shefali Sharma
Green Organization Designee

Sam Lingao

Sam Lingao
A.S. Executive Vice President

Leah Hutchful

Leah Hutchful
Programs Assistant

Gunna on stage in front of audience

GreenFest returned to campus in spring of 2022 with an in-person sold out concert featuring Gunna!

GreenFest Committee group photo

In 2020, GreenFest worked hard to plan events for students, but due to COVID-19 safety concerns, events were canceled mid-week. The committee went on to plan its first virtual keynote speaker event for Earth Day 2020.

Daniel Caesar on stage

The GreenFest Concert 2019 saw a sold out show in the Cal Coast Open Air Theater with Daniel Caesar as the headliner.

TrashED winner and painted trash bin

GreenFest was selected to host the “TrashED” Art Competition via Global Inheritance in 2018 and the winner received two tickets to that year’s Coachella festival.

Organizers of SwapShop group photo

In 2018, with the help of a donor, GreenFest and GreenLove coordinated the first Swap Shop, where students and the SDSU Community donated clothes that were purchased at nominal prices or exchanged for other items.

Mustafa Santiago Ali holding a microphone

For Earth Day 2017, Mustafa Santiago Ali, former EPA Official who led the Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice, was the keynote speaker.

Three participants at Recycled Fashion

The first GreenFest was kicked off prior to the concert in 2016. Students participated in the Enviro-Fashion Show, which was held on a solar-powered stage.

Students with prize wheel at a GreenFest event

In 2014, the "diversity" pillar was added to GreenFest's mission to further encompass and celebrate the students of SDSU. Spoken word artist, Rudy Francisco, inspired and empowered students at a new event called Sustain Your Roots.

Girl rowing in markeshift cardboard box in a pool competition

The Boat Challenge at the SDSU Aquaplex and Keynote Speaker Leilani Munter proved to be a huge hit!

Macklemore holding microphone at a concert

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis left their legacy along with Dev in March 2013 to a sold out crowd at the Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre.

Artwork closeup from Compost art show

With GreenFest gaining momentum, 2012 incorporated a carnival and multiple stages to end the week of events. The Festival featured T-Pain, Max Vangeli, EC Twins, and various SDSU student performers and cultural performances. The week of events focused on a "Know Your Food Campaign" along with creative events such as Compost Art Show and the ultimate favorite student event – the GreenFest Fashion and Music Awards.

Crowd at concert at Viejas Arena

The concert featuring Lupe Fiasco and Steve Aoki was moved to Viejas Arena to accommodate more students and sold out in 6 days to almost 8,000 students.

Brian Malarkey Chef at Culinary Showcase

In 2011, GreenFest added more programs including a diversity element called Sustain Your Roots: World Map to Sustainability, and a Culinary Showcase featuring Top Chef finalist Brian Malarkey.

LMFAO concert performance in front of an audience

More notably was the major success of the 2010 evening festival and concert with over 6,000 students in attendance. The concert featuring LMFAO sold out in a record 7 days, making history at SDSU as one of the most successful, anticipated, and memorable events the campus had seen in years.

GreenFest committee members at Petco Park

In partnership with the SDSU Greek Life Activities Board and the San Diego Padres, GreenFest hosted "SDSU Night at the Ballpark" in which 2,200 students came out to watch the Padres beat the Giants at Petco Park. Over $7,000 was raised through ticket sales for the Doheny Eye Institute in an effort to help one of our very own SDSU students suffering from sudden blindness due to a rare disease, LHON.

Students drinking beer and eating food at Beer Garden

In 2010, GreenFest was extended to include programs and events throughout an entire week. The week’s events included a Bike Brunch, Herb Garden Expo, Keynote Speaker Jerome Ringo, Tie-Dye Extravaganza, Enviro-Fashion Show, "Save the Ales" Beer Garden, student team competitions and educational components.

Crowd at concert

Spring 2009 marked the inaugural "GreenFest" at SDSU with a three-day festival incorporating educational and social programs, ending in a major concert event and carnival.

Man wearing water bottles holding a a sign agaist plastic water bottles

As part of this mission, GreenFest was created to bring awareness to the entire SDSU student body surrounding San Diego community to celebrate sustainability and SDSU Pride.

Info Display about Greenfest with recycle bins

The Associated Students remains committed to promoting sustainable practices by setting an example for the entire campus to emulate and provide the SDSU community with events and programs that serve our mission in becoming a more "green" campus.

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