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Community Garden:

The College Area Community Garden is located behind the Children’s Center, and volunteers contribute to the growing plots of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. These are contributed to SDSU Dining Services as well as the Children’s Center where the chefs use the fresh, organic, and locally grown foods.

Farmers' Market Committee:

Extending education and awareness through tabling at the weekly SDSU farmers markets located on North Library Walkway. We'll be there every Thursday from 10 AM-3 PM, come say hi!


The Marketing Committee handles Green Love’s social media accounts, posting relevant content and holding contents for student engagement. We share our and other organizations’ events on the pages, answering any questions students may have about getting involved. Marketing also acts as the morale within the Commission, helping out where needed.

Residential Halls:

We encourage the underclassmen to come onto our campus sustainably minded through the practices of recycling, creating minimal waste, and having environmental consciousness. We also reach out to Resident Assistants to publicize information to students regarding the efforts of our Commission.

Environmental Justice Committee:

According to academic institutions and nonprofit organizations like the Environmental Health Coalition, the areas that are affected first and most intensely by irresponsible industrial practices that produce externalized costs are "low income communities of color." This nonprofit organization that advocates for equality in public health and social justice relating to environmental problems goes on to say, "Toxic mixes of industrial development, freeways, and truck routes are concentrated in low-income neighborhoods alongside homes and schools. At the root of this all-too-common pattern are discriminatory land-use regulations that do not protect the community's health... Environmental justice will exist when all neighborhoods are treated equally." This Green Love committee will focus on advocating for the health of vulnerable communities while ensuring the representative voices of such communities are heard and valued on campus.

Sustainable Transportation Committee:

This committee creates, implements, and maintains bicycle regulations on campus, promoting green modes of transportation. We are aiming towards building a safer environment through safety guidelines and nightlights, as well as extending the lanes on and off campus.

Greeks Gone Green:

Essentially we aim to encourage the greek community to get involved in our efforts to move toward a more sustainable future. This will be made possible through leading by example, reaching out to different organizations and giving them the tools necessary to think and act as sustainable as possible within their own community.

Green Lunch Bag Series:

The GLBS is a sustainability minded event held in the Conrad Prebys Aztec student Union Theater every month to raise awareness and stimulate conversation about various topics in sustainability. The events consist of various guest speakers, interactive activities and documentaries. Free Oggi’s pizza is usually provided with options for vegetarians and vegans as well!

Past speakers include:

  • Shalini Kantayya: award-winning filmmaker, educator and eco-activist
  • Peter Meisen: founder of Global Energy Network Institution (GENI) and co-founder of SHARE (Self Help and Resource Exchange)
  • Nicole Capretz: executive director of the Climate Action Campaing for the City of San Diego
  • Bob Sly: environmentalist, documentary producer and college professor

Sustainable Food Committee: defines real food as something that "truly nourishes producers, consumers, communities and the earth." Much of food in the United States today is cultivated, processed, and transported in irresponsible ways that harm the environment and consumers' health. What humans eat should be the most fundamental element that connects us with the Earth we inhabit, yet in this modern era, we have never been more disconnected (and unhealthy). This Green Love committee will use the Real Food Calculator from to assess the food that is available on campus for students to see if it qualifies under the four core categories of "local/community-based, fair, ecologically sound, and humane" as Real Food that can properly nourish us enough to continue thriving on this planet.