Outreach Committee:

Outreach Committee is dedicated to promoting sustainability and outreach at school and at home. At SDSU, our committee works with Associated Students and faculty to implement more sustainable campus wide practices and projects. Off campus, we highlight opportunities to be more active in sustainability and be more aware of key challenges to environmentalism. We strive to provide information on how to get involved with your local community, promote sustainable action at school, and cooperate with other communities and organizations.

Environmental Justice Committee:

Like many problems in the world today, environmental health issues are often a matter of income inequality and racial discrimination. Industrial pollution, food deserts, and redistricting all disproportionately affect minority communities lower on the socio-economic ladder. The main objective of the Environmental Justice Committee is to identify and resolve these challenges through grassroots education, civic engagement, and partnership with local activist groups such as Environmental Health Coalition.

Events Committee:

The Events Committee strives to spark interest and strengthen the connection between the general SDSU student population and sustainability initiatives via educational talks, panels, and bonding events. An interdisciplinary approach is taken when selecting topics to ensure integration amongst all fields. The result? A variety of sustainability topics including: business, agriculture, environmental justice, engineering, conservation, policy, food waste, and more.

Gardening Committee:

Our goal is to learn, practice, and spread information on organic gardening and food sustainability. We are focused on implementing and learning about organic gardening through our upkeep of two plots in the College Area Community Garden. Also, the inclusion of food sustainability on and off campus by working with other green love committees to inform students on the delights of growing their own food and accessibility to healthy fresh produce.

Zero Waste Committee:

The goal of the Zero Waste Committee is to educate students on ways to reduce their waste both on and off campus. We aim to tackle all aspects of waste (food, fashion, plastic, etc.) through education, outreach, collaborations, and certifications. We want to ensure a healthy planet for years to come and would love for you to join us!