Fun • Free • Sustainable!

Brought to you by Associated Students Green Love, the A.S. Swap Shop will take place on Tuesday, April 16th from 12:00 - 4:30 PM in Montezuma Hall, located on the second floor of the Student Union. Clothing donations will also be accepted between 8:00 - 11:30 AM on Centennial Walkway.

You or your organization can sign up for dedicated rack space to display and swap clothing with other students.* Those participating are strongly encouraged to have their "shops" (racks) set up by 11:30 AM!

* You do not have to sign up to participate!
Participation is open to all students and sign ups are just for reserving rack space.

A SDSU student selecting clothes at the Swap Shop event

Please read this entire description of the event to understand
how you / your organization can participate.

How Swap Shop Works

  • You bring gently loved / used pieces of clothing that are in good condition to the Green Love table on Centennial Walkway (north of the Student Union) from 8:00 AM-11:30 AM. In exchange, you receive a voucher with the number of clothing items donated.
  • The number on your voucher is equal to the amount of pieces from other students / student orgs you can swap.*
  • Green Love will transport your donated clothing to Montezuma Hall on the 2nd floor of the Student Union.
  • If you cannot donate clothing during the morning drop-off hours, you can still donate items between 12-4:30pm in Montezuma Hall and receive a voucher with the number of clothing items donated.
  • If you or your organization (RSO, Greek Life, A.S. commission, etc.) signed up for rack space, you will set up your rack in Montezuma Hall before 11:30am with your items.**
  • You can be an individual student participant and not be a part of an organization. Setting up a rack is not required to enjoy the Swap Shop!
  • No money exchange will occur at the event. This event is intended to be accessible to every student, so everything is free of charge.
  • There will not be any dressing rooms.
  • Enjoy the Swap Shop and be mindful of keeping the space clean and being respectful to your fellow swappers! We are so excited to provide a fun event that promotes expression through clothing as well as taking care of our planet by reducing waste
  • If you reserved rack space: When the Swap Shop event concludes at 4:30 PM, you are encouraged to take home the items you did not swap or donate them to a charity organization or secondhand store.

* Example: If you provide 5 pieces of clothing in good condition, you receive a voucher with the number 5 on it, which you can use to swap 5 pieces from the other racks.

** Associated Students will provide the clothing racks.

A SDSU student selecting clothes at the Swap Shop event