What is Green Love:

Green Love acts a voice of the student body regarding campus-wide sustainability through promoting and creating sustainable events, educating others on the importance of a more sustainable future, and advocating for sustainable action locally and globally through leading by example. We strive to pave the way for sustainable living while constantly challenging and educating ourselves in an ever-evolving world.


To pave the way for a full-scale sustainable movement by and for San Diego State University and the surrounding communities.


  • Create an awareness of sustainability throughout the Associated Students and the University
  • Encourage student organizations and residents to adopt sustainable habits
  • Assist SDSU in becoming a model University in sustainability by measurably improving operations to meet the highest standard of sustainability that is feasible
  • Integrate historically marginalized voices into the conversation to ensure sustainability amongst all communities
  • Have A.S events strive to be zero waste by following the Green Event guidelines, which will be available in the Sustainability Center.

A.S. Long Term Goals:

  • All Associated Students managed facilities will become net-energy zero by 2025.
  • The Associated Students will encourage full-time and part-time employees to embrace sustainable lifestyles by implementing programs to incentivize socially and environmentally responsible behavior.
  • Sustainability Resource Center.
  • Upgrade all A.S. LEED Gold facilities to LEED Platium by 2025.