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Community Resources

College Area Community Council

The College Area Community Council (CACC) is an organization that works to improve the quality of life and enhance community pride for the College Area. The CACC membership consists of homeowners, property owners, business owners, and renters in the College Area. Our twenty-member Executive Board is elected from the community to also serve as the College Area Community Planning Board (CACPB). The CACPB is chartered by the City of San Diego to review and make recommendations on planning, zoning, and other city issues affecting the College Area. The College Area boundaries are Interstate 8 on the north, El Cajon Blvd. on the south, the border with the City of La Mesa on the east, and Collwood Blvd. and Fairmont Avenue on the west.

The mailing address is P.O. Box 15723, San Diego, CA 92175.
A membership form can be downloaded from the CACC website.
Members receive a monthly newsletter and a meeting agenda.
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The San Diego Mediation Center, a division of the National Conflict Resolution Center, has a Community Mediation Program that provides low and no cost mediation service to assist in resolving neighbor disputes. Services are generally provided within 14 days of initiation and over 80 percent of the community mediations end with a voluntary agreement between the parties to the dispute that totally resolves the issues.
Phone (619) 238-2400.
San Diego Mediation Center

City of San Diego

  1. The College Area is in Council District Nine. Phone: (619) 236-6699. Ask for the council representative for the College Area.
  2. City of San Diego website
  3. "Just Call" – (619) 615-6111. This is an automated citizen information system designed to provide you with pre-recorded answers to frequently asked questions about the City of San Diego services and programs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. Mid-City Police Substation – Call (619) 516-3000 for any issues or concerns regarding law enforcement in the Mid-City Division, which includes the College Area.
  5. City of San Diego Neighborhood Code Compliance Department. Call (619) 236-5500 to report apparent violations of zoning, housing, noise and litter codes. Anonymous complaints are not accepted; however, names, addresses and phone numbers are kept confidential.
  6. Neighborhood Nuisance Program – City of San Diego Neighborhood Code Compliance Department – Phone: (619) 533-6123. This program helps neighbors attack nuisances in their neighborhood by taking legal action against the property owner. Nuisances can include an unsightly property, excessive noise, gang activity, prostitution, drug activity, trespassing, CC&R violations, and other unreasonable activity. Neighbors can sue the property owner in Small Claims Court where the judge has the power to order resolution and/or award monetary damages (of up to $7,500 per plaintiff).

County of San Diego

  1. The College Area is in District Four.
  2. Phone: (619) 531-5544. Ask for the community representative.
  3. County of San Diego website

Mid-City Community Court

For certain misdemeanor quality-of-life crimes such as noise violations, offenders can avoid a criminal record by agreeing to have their case handled by the Mid-City Community Court. If they agree to participate, offenders are sanctioned by the Community Court Sanctioning Panel, which is composed of a deputy city attorney, case manager and two-four trained community members. Offenders are ordered to perform community service, attend rehabilitative and educational programs, and pay fines and administrative fees. If offenders comply and remain law-abiding for one year, they avoid having charges filed against them. For more information, contact the Mid-City Community Court Coordinator in the Office of the City Attorney, Neighborhood Prosecution Unit. Phone:(619) 533-5500.