College of Engineering Student Council

College of Engineering Student Council

Executive Officers 2020-2021


Role: Chairs the CESC meetings and the Executive Committee and serves as official representative of the CESC

Winston Liew

Executive VP

Role: Chief administrative aid to the CESC president and responsible for the media record (photo, video, etc) of different engineering events

Brandon Khamenian

VP of Finance

Role: Serves as liaison between Associated Students, the CESC, and recognized student organizations for budget and funding information

Chad Zuanich

VP of Marketing

Role: Creates the CESC monthly newsletter and maintains any CESC social media presence

Adrian Melgoza

VP of Outreach

Role: Maintains the Freshman Mentor program and other outreach programs

Audrey Chuakay

VP of Internal Affairs

Role: Prepares the weekly agenda and take minutes for meetings, as well as maintains records of attendance and contact info

Josh Olson

VP of Programming

Role: Organizes certain events and programs hosted by the CESC and serves as liaison to the Daily Aztec newspaper

Trent Moca

Advisor - Theresa Garcia

A.S. Representatives

Role: Attend the Associated Students University Council (ASUC) meetings as voting members and provide weekly reports of the ASUC activities to the CESC and vice versa

Joey Fraticelli

Casey Fischbach

Tito Hernandez

Advisor - Theresa Garcia