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Welcome to Elections Central!

Being an A.S. student leader demands a great deal of time, and commitment and it proves to be very rewarding; a great way to develop professionally and a lot of fun!

Spring semester at SDSU means A.S. elections! This year A.S. elections are March 19-22, 2018 on the SDSU WebPortal.

This page will continue to be updated with information, so be sure to check back on a regular basis. If you have a question but don’t see the answer here, contact the A.S. Elections Coordinator at 619-594-6555 or at

You are encouraged to run in the A.S. elections or apply for an appointed position!
The positions available are:
Elected Positions:
applications due: Thursday, February 15, at 4pm
  • A.S. Executive Officers
  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President of External Relations
  • Vice President of Financial Affairs
  • Vice President of University Affairs
  • University Council
  • College of Arts and Letters Representative   3 positions
  • College of Business Representative   4 positions
  • College of Education Representative   2 positions
  • College of Engineering Representative   3 positions
  • College of Health and Human Services Representative   3 positions
  • College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Representative   3 positions
  • College of Sciences Representative   4 positions
  • Undeclared/Unclassified Studies Representative   1 position
  • Graduate Student Association President   1 position
  • Campus Life Council
  • Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Board Representative
  • Community Service Commission Representative
  • Recreation and Wellness Commission Representative
  • Sustainability Commission Representative
  • Student Diversity Commission Representative
  • Student Support Commission Representative
  • Campus Community Commission Representative
  • Student-at-Large Representative   2 positions
Appointed Seat Positions: 
applications due: Wednesday, April 11, at 4pm
  • A.S. Board of Directors
  • Student-at-large   6 positions
  • A.S. Campus Life Council
  • Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Board Commissioner
  • Campus Community Commissioner
  • Community Service Commissioner
  • Recreation and Wellness Commissioner
  • Sustainability Commissioner
  • Student Diversity Commissioner
  • Student Support Commissioner
  • A.S. Judicial Affairs Council
  • Chief Justice
  • Justice   6 positions
  • Marketing and Communications Commissioner
Important Deadlines
  • February 15: Applications for elected positions due in the A.S. Office
  • February 16: Applications for write-in positions available online
  • March 16: Write-in applications due in the A.S. office, 12pm
  • March 19-22: A.S. ELECTIONS- vote on SDSU WebPortal
  • April 11: Applications for appointed seat positions due

All candidates and applicants will have their eligibility confirmed as part of the process. To be a candidate or applicant the following must be met:

  • Must be a currently enrolled student carrying at least six units
  • Must have successfully completed a minimum of six units the Fall 2017 semester
  • Must have at least a 2.5 GPA, both cumulatively and for the Fall 2017 semester
  • Must not be on any academic or judicial probation
  • For University Council representatives, candidates must be currently enrolled in the college for which they are a candidate

The primary duty of all student leaders is to serve as the voice for the students of SDSU and participating in shared governance. This can include but not limited to outreach, advocacy, attending meetings, open forums, sending out regular updates, etc. Student leaders set their own goals and create the plan for achieving those goals.

  • Other overall duties include:
  • This is a one year commitment. The term of service is May 2018 through Spring 2019.
  • Attending all the meetings of the Board, Council, Commissions and College Councils the student leader serves
  • Participate in outreach on behalf of A.S.
  • Attend a meeting of a recognized student organization other than one the student leader is a member
  • Attend a cultural event of a group other than one the student leader identifies with
  • Complete SOCIA training
  • Read Student Bill of Rights and Bylaws for more information about duties and responsibilities
  • Review individual Charters of the Campus Life Council Commissions
  • Review individual Charters of the University Council College Councils