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Aztecs Rock Hunger

Aztecs Rock Hunger

Aztecs Rock Hunger 2017 Video Transcript

(Shot of globe from satellite – extracted from Google Earth, with subtitle of “795,000,000 Globally)

Today, there are roughly 795 million people in the world who face hunger.

(Shot of United States of America from satellite – extracted from Google Earth, with subtitle of “54,000,000 United States of America)

About 54 million of those people live in the United States of America.

(Shot of San Diego from satellite – extracted from Google Earth, with subtitle of “460,000 San Diego)

And about 460,000 of those people live in San Diego.

(View of San Diego State University looking down Campanile Walkway to Hepener Hall)

But a t San Diego State University,

(A.S. Vice President of Financial Affairs, Hayden Willis standing in front of Hepener Hall)

we’re doing something about it. Follow the dollar...

(Person’s hand placing dollar into a clear collection box at the food bank)

For every ONE dollar donated to Aztecs Rock Hunger, the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank

(drone shot of the foodbank from the outside)

provides six pounds food

(placing food into a box on a conveyor belt)

to San Diegans in need

(volunteers packaging food).

For every One dollar donated

(setting one box next to another)

YOU are providing 5 meals for people throughout San Diego

(showing more boxes stacked up).

(People passing boxes of fruit)

The pounds of food donated will go to provide nutritious food, including fresh produce

(student approaching food pantry and proceeding to fill his bag with food),

to the campus food pantry and 20% of monetary donations

(people taking bags of fruit out of a box)

will go to purchasing meal cards for students with food insecurity

(forklift taking boxes of food out of the food bank),

through the Economic Crisis Response Team

(people waiting in line with bags and belongings)

And you are not only helping the San Diego community, you are also helping students right here on campus….

(people distributing food at distribution center, drone shot of dome library

Please help us rock hunger by donating.

(pass envelope with ARH logo from one person to another).

It's time to leave our legacy, in the community and on campus.

(drone shot of centennial with subtitles “ @aztecsrockhunger2017)

Donate to Aztecs Rock Hunger by making a monetary donation at, venmo at aztecsrockhunger2017

(person walking into starbucks)

all Starbucks and markets on campus,

(person hands a dollar to cashier)

through the Aztec proud campaign,

(cashier placing dollar into an envelope labeled with the Aztecs Rock Hunger logo)

at home football games

(person placing food into red bin)

or drop off nonperishable food items in the red bins around campus.

(Hayden Willis speaking to the camera in front of Hepner Hall)

Your individual actions truly make an impact.

So, where will your dollar go today?

(drone shot of hepner)

(Final frame with the following logos: Aztecs Rock Hunger, Associated Students, San Diego State University, Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank)

It’s time to take action and live your legacy!

15% of San Diegans face “food insecurity,” which means that little or no food is available at home. Of this percentage, 138,000 are children. The Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank is working to combat hunger in San Diego by serving 370,000 San Diegans each month. Yet, it needs our help to do so.

Donate between September 30 - October 22 to Aztecs Rock Hunger! For every $1 donated, the food bank can purchase 6 lbs. of food for hungry San Diegans, including fresh produce, a welcomed, healthy alternative.

Our goal this year is to collect 500,000 pounds of food and with your help, SDSU can do it!

There are FIVE easy ways to donate, including:

    1. 1. Virtual Food Pantry
    2. 2. Venmo @AztecsRockHunger2017
  1. Make a financial contribution at any SDSU Dining and Bookstore registers
  2. Donate at Aztec Proud events on campus
  3. Place non-perishable food in the red bins throughout campus
  4. Make a donation at home football, soccer and volleyball games

20% of monetary donations will go to purchasing campus meal cards for students with food insecurity right here on campus through the economic crisis response team.

Be sure to donate between September 30 - October 22!

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