Since Aztecs Rock Hunger’s inception, the SDSU community has raised over $666,000 or 4 million pounds of food for the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank and over $89,000 was raised in the 2021 campaign. We strive to do more and raise more to fight food and nutrition insecurity in our community. With 905,651 San Diegans facing nutrition insecurity every day, including 248,777 children, SDSU and Associated Students strives to serve the hunger needs of our San Diego community.

As part of ARH, 20% of the monetary donations are donated directly to the Economic Crisis and Response Team (ECRT). ECRT is a university program that assists students who are facing crises such as housing or food insecurity and during the 2021-2022 academic year, ECRT assisted an estimated 2,000 students.

Additionally, the food collected through ARH provides the food distributed at the A.S. Food Pantry. Our on-campus food pantry gives out an average of over 100,00 pounds of food annually, including lots of fresh produce to SDSU students and provides additional resources and education on other programs that fight against food insecurity.

Thank you to all who have donated in the past to make ARH so successful in benefitting our SDSU and larger San Diego community. With your help, we can make a difference.

ARH Collections:

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Three women holding ARH donation jars in front of Hepner Hall
Mother holding baby girl and some food
Mother holding toddler girl and a box of food
Mother holding baby girl and some food
Mother holding baby girl and some food