How to Donate

There are six easy ways to donate to Aztecs Rock Hunger:

  1. Make a monetary donation:
  2. Donate at all campus Starbucks, eateries, markets and Bookstore
  3. At the Aztec Proud Aztecs Rock Hunger Events on campus
  4. Place nonperishable food in the red bins throughout campus
  5. Make a donation at SDSU athletic Aztecs Rock Hunger Events
  6. Donate through our local Community Partners. A full list can be found at Aztec Rock Hunger Community Partners page


- Scene –

Aerial shot of Hepner Hall.

Woman voiceover: “SDSU Family- We have a problem and we need you.”

- Scene –

People waiting in line with carts

Voiceover: “Right here in our city, 450,000 people face food insecurity every day.”

- Text over image -


- Scene -

Time-lapse of people at the food bank

Voiceover: “Hunger is widespread, yet often hidden behind closed doors.”

- Scene -

Gloved hands handing avocados to another pair of hands

Voiceover: “It affects our San Diego community... “

- Scene –

Someone walking away with a cart of food

Voiceover: “from working families and seniors who after paying their bills have little left for food,”

-Scene -

Time-lapse of students walking in front of Hepner Hall

Voiceover: “and SDSU students just trying to get by.”

- Scene -

Gloved hands putting cans of food on table and someone putting the cans into a bag.

Voiceover: “1 in 7 adults do not have enough food. 1 in 5 children will go to bed without dinner.”

- Scene -

Aztecs Rock Hunger logo on a white background.

Voiceover: “Let’s do something about it.

Aztecs Rock Hunger is SDSU’s annual food drive for the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank, which provides food for 350,000 San Diegans every month.”

- Scene -

Aerial shot of the Jacobs & Cushman food bank

- Scene -

People unloading boxes of food at the food bank

Voiceover: “Everyone needs to eat. For every ONE dollar you donate, you are providing SIX pounds of food.”

- Text over image -

$1 = 6 POUNDS

- Scene -

Plastic bags of food

- Scene -

Aerial shot above Hepner Hall

Voiceover: “20% of all monetary donations comes back to SDSU’s Economic and Crisis Response Team,”

- Scene -

Three girls helping to unpackage food at the food bank

Voiceover: “which helps SDSU students facing food or housing insecurity, or other immediate, unforeseen financial crisis.”

- Scene -

Three boys standing around a table of carrots. One picks some up and walks away.

Voiceover: “Your donations also support the on-campus food pantry.”

- Scene -

Food pantry banner pans down to bins of potatoes and peaches and fades into a white background

Voiceover: “There are FIVE easy ways to donate:”

- Text over Image -


Voiceover: “Make a monetary donation: online at”

- Text over Image –




“by venmoing to @AztecsRockHunger2019.”

- Scene -

Girl entering the marketing and then going up to the cash register and handing the cashier her student ID


“on campus at Starbucks or the markets

through the Aztec Proud campaign,”

- Scene -

Someone placing cans of food into a bin

Voiceover: “Or drop off non-perishable food items in the red bins on campus.”

- Scene -

Aerial shot of the Student Union

This campaign serves our San Diego community, and it serves our campus. Together let’s raise

- Text over Image-


Voiceover: “619,000 pounds of food for San Diego.”

- Text over Image -

619 FOR 619

Voiceover: “619 for the 619. Together let’s make a difference!”

- Scene-

Aztec Rocks Hunger logo and Associated Students logos side by side on a white background.