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Meet the Execs


Christian Holt

Christian J. Holt


Christian is a senior majoring in kinesiology with an emphasis in pre-physical therapy from Pinole, California.


Bella Martelino

Bella Martelino

Executive Vice President

Bella is a junior from Walnut Creek, California. She is majoring in biology with an emphasis in cellular and molecular biology and minoring in cultural proficiency and an honors minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. 


Armando Sepulveda 

Armando Sepulveda II

Vice President of External Relations

Armando is a senior majoring in political science and minoring in rhetoric and writing studies. He has lived in the South Bay his entire life and considers Imperial Beach his hometown. 


Victoriano Penera

Victoriano Penera III

Vice President of Financial Affairs

Victor is a senior from Soledad, California majoring in Business Administration Finance. 


Crystal Sanchez

Crystal N. Sanchez

Vice President of University Affairs

Crystal is a senior from Long Beach, California. She is an interdisciplinary major (public administration, hospitality, public relations) and minoring in Spanish.


What motivated you to run for your position?

CH: My past experiences as an A.S. Board of Directors Student-at-Large member motivated me to run for A.S. President. Through that role, I gained the knowledge, experience, and platform to further represent students and run for A.S. President. I was able to impact many communities, not just my own. I wanted to do this on a larger scale as A.S. President. I know that I am capable of truly bridging the gap between various communities on our campus and plan to do so this year.

BM: SDSU has been a home to me like no other school has been. Growing up, my family moved around often, so I never stayed somewhere for long periods of time. When I came here, I had the opportunity to build meaningful experiences with some of the most amazing people I have ever met! Before I decided to run for A.S. Executive Vice President, I joined different organizations from all facets of the SDSU community. I saw the barriers that kept certain groups on campus from interacting and collaborating. I felt like I had a duty to run if I really wanted to see my communities become more involved and less cut off from each other. Though the SDSU community is separated physically for now, I know that I can still follow through with the intent I had coming into this role and have an amazing year! 

AS: What motivated me to run was the desire to serve my fellow students, make a positive change in my community and to follow in the footsteps of past A.S. External Relations Vice Presidents who helped guide me along the way. I saw an opportunity to use my experiences to help the student body, and I plan on doing so to the best of my ability.

VP: I wanted to show students that anyone can run for student government, just as long as they have the passion and courage to take that first step. I have always centered my life around service, whether that be through volunteering or wanting to become a financial advisor. My goal has always been to use my platform to help others, and I knew that this position would allow me to merge my two passions of business and philanthropy to truly make an impact on our campus.

CS: I wanted to run for this position because I wanted to give students the chance to vocalize any issues they were facing. There were a great deal of changes I wanted to see and knew the only way to make change was by taking action. I am so excited for this upcoming year. I am excited to expand the A.S. Your Voice Matters Initiative and allow students’ voices to be heard.

What is your favorite memory at San Diego State University so far?

CH: My favorite memory is this past year at the A.S. Student Diversity Commission event “A Seat at the Table,” which invited cultural leaders from across the campus to meet each other and the A.S. leaders. This event encompassed everything that I envision for our greater SDSU community.

BM: There are so many to choose from. The first one I recall was actually one of the first nights I spent at SDSU. It was Templo Del Sol, an event where freshmen run through the arches of Hepner Hall as our newfound SDSU community including alumni cheer us on! Another set of standouts include the late study nights in Love Library (we would walk back to the residence halls at sunrise!); breakfast on the Storm Hall patio (the view is amazing!) and running in A.S. Elections. 

AS: My favorite memory at SDSU so far is not a single memory, but a collection of memories from my freshman and sophomore year. I would always take the trolley to SDSU and back home to South Bay, Monday through Friday. The ride itself was a total of an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the time of day and the delays. While this would not be a pleasant experience for most people, my friends Adrian, Erik and Luis, who were with me, made the trip enjoyable, and helped me stay grounded to SDSU. While I had other friends who helped me as well, like my study friends Petros, Angela, Arianna, Grace, and Jared, those three guys who rode the trolley with me were my support system those first two years at State. 

VP: My favorite memory is attending a 4-Way Speech Contest on behalf of Rotaract, for students from Hoover High School. I had worked with them all semester and some of them were never even able to say their names in front of a crowd, but by the end of it they were all able to give seven-minute speeches talking about topics such as immigration, self-care and politics. Immediately after watching them give their speeches, I hurried on over to Dance Marathon and danced all night long with my friends and the new friends I made that night. It was one of the most refreshing and inspiring 24 hours of my life.  

CS: After being on campus for three years, I have had so many incredible memories, but my favorite memory was attending Dance Marathon (DM) this past spring. Being on the executive board for DM and being on the other side of the event was one of the best experiences. Raising $365,221.54 for the kiddos at Rady Children's Hospital was amazing and my favorite memory at State. 

Self-care is important. What do you do for self-care?

CH: I like to lift weights, play basketball, and watch movies for self-care.

BM: If I need to take some time for myself, I usually give myself a little spa day: face masks, bubble baths, the works! Other than that, I love to cook. Growing up, my dad and I would always be in the kitchen, and it translated to me as a stress reliever and a harbinger for good vibes. I like to put on my cooking playlist on Spotify, which contains a multitude of French songs to make me feel like a real chef. I make a cheese board for my hungry roommates, and then when dinner is done, we invite friends from other floors to come eat! 

AS: I like to take time off from my phone. Being bombarded with messages, notifications, 24/7 news, and other distractions, I end up not living in the moment. Taking these pauses allows me to walk my dog, run, read, and practice art. This is what I like to do to help my mental health. 

VP: I read, and if for some reason I cannot focus, I like to ride my bike or go on walks while listening to music.

CS: In my free time, I love to decorate my planner. I love being able to plan out my days and months. I also love playing with my dog, Bella. I also do yoga when I am stressed out.  

What are you watching or reading that you recommend?

CH: Netflix uploaded the Charmed remake, and I have been binge-watching this. It is not the same as the original, but still very good. As far as books, I am re-reading Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

BM: Recently I read The Postmortal by Drew Magary, which I highly recommend. It is a book in which a “cure” for aging is discovered, and essentially brings up the ethical questions of the importance of death in our lives. For shows and movies, I love watching Queer Eye (Netflix), Parks and Recreation (Netflix) and The Morning Show (Apple TV). 

AS: I am currently watching Designated Survivor and I cannot recommend this show enough! For a book, I will always recommend Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy. The history of visionaries from across both sides of the aisle is something we need now more than ever in these divided times.

VP: Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution by Michael Hammer and James Champy

CS: My favorite shows are New Girl and Criminal Minds, which I have rewatched 10 times. 

What inspires you? 

CH: I am inspired by the people in my life from my grandparents, parents, siblings, mentors, friends, and students I meet walking around campus. I try and learn something from everyone I meet and take those positive qualities and implement them into my own life. People are my main motivator and making the world a better place so that we all can feel comfortable in the same situations.

BM: Passionate people inspire me. I think that passion is contagious for me, and the fact that a person from any walk of life has something they love to do is so special. I love watching people take ownership on an idea and turn it into reality. It makes me remember the things I am passionate about that I should keep pursuing no matter what. 

AS: My family and friends – they are my personal Profiles in Courage. Every single one of my friends is a foundation that I use as an example to get inspired. They motivate me and lift me up and are my support in times that are tough. My family have been with me. My sister Bella wants to serve future students and is studying to become a history teacher. My father is a union leader for the United States Postal Service. My mom is a single mother who raised me. My grandpa went from being a picker to a skilled tradesman and purchased his own home for his family. These people inspire me to be better, to do better and to know that even if I fail, I will always have their support. That is all I need to go on. 

VP: The community that I come from is what inspires me. I’m from Soledad, California, a small town located on the Central Coast known for its agriculture and for being talked about in some of John Steinbeck’s novels. Being raised in Soledad taught me the importance of work ethic, and the responsibility that I have to capitalize on the opportunities that I have been presented with. When times are tough, I think back to my hometown and reflect on the sacrifices people make every day of their lives to provide for their families. What keeps me going is the people I grew up with, the ones who did not get the same opportunity as I did. I want to show the youth of my community that anything is possible so long as you work hard and are not afraid to fail. 

CS: My biggest motivation in everything I do and my “why” is Mariah and David. They are my little cousins that I consider my siblings. I want to make this world a better place for them to grow up in. Every day I make decisions and I always think of them and how the decision could affect them. 

Students stand up paddle boarding at MBAC?2020-10-22

A.S. Recreation Updates

MBAC and the ARC

MBAC is open!

Are you ready to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather? Mission Bay Aquatic Center is now open for stand up paddleboard and kayak rentals! With plenty of wide-open space on Mission Bay, it is the perfect place to get outside in a physically distant (and active!) way. You can purchase rentals online and plan your visit.

ARC Expansion Project Update 

Construction for the ARC Expansion officially began March 30, 2020. The project, which was approved by SDSU student vote in Spring 2018, will expand the existing 78,000 sq/ft facility to a modern 134,000 sq/ft collegiate recreation facility to support the recreational, fitness and wellness needs of current and future SDSU students. 

Construction at the ARC

Over the past several weeks, substantial progress has been made including site and utility work as well as demolition of the AMC meeting rooms and roughly 30 percent of the ARC, which included the lobby and front desk, free weight room, group exercise studios, and staff offices. 

The temporary entrance for the ARC is now on the west side of the building. Shake Smart relocated its tent to the west side of the facility next to the temporary entrance. Equipment from the free weight room has moved to the east basketball courts of the four-court gym. Additionally, spin bikes and other group fitness equipment has been moved to the courts and temporary trailer in Parking Lot 8 (lot on N side of ARC), which will serve as a small fitness studio. Staff and student work stations have been relocated to trailers in Lot 8 as well as offices in Peterson Gym and ARC Express. 

Aerial photo of construction at the ARC

ARC staff are actively preparing physical distancing measures and other procedures to comply with the state's recently announced health and safety guidelines to reopen.

For a full project description, timeline, renderings and video fly-through, please check out the expansion website.

Photo of a tool chest on a laptop computer?2020-10-22

Q & A with A & A

Andrew and Anthony

Are you struggling with any work at home technology tools? Is there a tool or process you are hoping to learn more about? We want to hear from you! Ask your questions here and we will try to answer them in an upcoming Q&A with A&A? What is a Q&A with A&A? Glad you asked...


Q&A with A&A

The Virtual Work, Tools & Morale Working Group will be offering regular opportunities for you to ask our resident tech wizards, Andrew Miller, systems analyst, and Anthony Cabrera, technical services coordinator, on various tools and topics that will help you become a remote work expert faster than you can say Google Drive. Here are some upcoming times and topics to join and learn: 

Tips and Tricks Knowledge Base

Have a problem that can’t wait? Be sure to check out the Virtual Work, Tools & Morale Working Group’s Tech Tools Knowledge Base. Here you can find tips and tutorials for various technologies such as Zoom, Adobe Sign and Google Drive.  

Didn’t find your answer? Be sure to let us know by asking your questions here!

View from behind of a customer service rep working on a computer?2020-10-22

EAP Services Available

Most people think Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are about counseling services. Ability Assist, the EAP program offered to A.S. employees, provides counseling and so much more. By logging in to the Ability Assist website, employees will have access to articles, podcasts, videos and other helpful tools on topics including health and wellness, relationships, work/life balance, retirement planning or personal impact of grief, loss, or a disability.

These services are available to employees and their immediate families, including spouse and dependents at any time - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information on Ability Assist, call 1-800-964-3577. This toll-free number gives you direct, 24/7 access to a Guidance Consultant, who will answer your questions and, if needed, refer you to a counselor or other applicable resource. 

Employees will need the A.S. Ability Assist account information to access these resources. Please visit Kronos Employee Self Service under “Benefits” for EAP login in details. 

For convenience, the “GuidanceNow” App is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

If you have questions about The Hartford’s Ability Assist Counseling Services, please contact Rosie Ramos, Payroll and Benefits Manager.



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