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Donate TODAY!

It's Time to Rock Hunger

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15th Annual A.S. Chili Cook-Off

October 20, 1pm-2pm, Scripps Patio

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A.S. Part-Time Employee Scholarships Available

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Interesting Facts

Viejas Arena

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15 Questions


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At Viejas Arena and Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

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October 2017

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Donate TODAY!
It's Time to Rock Hunger

Aztecs Rock Hunger, the annual campus-wide food drive coordinated by Associated Students, raises food for the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank. In addition to serving the San Diego community, the Aztecs Rock Hunger donations provide nutritious food, including fresh produce, to the campus food pantry, which serves students two days a week. Furthermore, 20% of monetary donations go to the SDSU Economic Crisis Response Team to provide short-term and long-term aid quickly to students experiencing food insecurity.

Aztecs Rock Hunger is now through Sunday, Oct. 22. Every dollar given equals 6 pounds of food. The goal this year is to collect 500,000 lbs. of food and with YOUR help, we can do it!

There are SIX easy ways to donate, including:

  • Make a monetary donation:
    • Online virtual food pantry:
    • At any on-campus Starbucks or Market
    • To Aztec Proud
    • At home football games
    • Venmo: @AztecsRockHunger2017
  • Place non-perishable food in the red bins throughout campus

Submitted by Janice Dils, Government Affairs Manager and Brandi Tonne, Government Affairs Coordinator

15th Annual A.S. Chili Cook-Off
October 20, 1pm-2pm, Scripps Patio

The A.S. Chili Cook-Off is an event that was introduced to me two years ago, when I was in my first week on the job after joining the A.S. family. As an attendee of this unique event meant to bring out the best chef's A.S has, I was amazed by what I saw. Coming from a company culture completely different then A.S, it was inspiring to see the amount of teamwork, fun and inclusiveness that surrounded this event. Chili Cook Off is a great event for the A.S. employees to come out, show their creative décor, cooking skills, win a few prizes and make amazing memories. I am honored to plan my second Chili Cook Off and see my colleagues, the A.S. students and amazing judges from SDSU Catering pick the 2017 best chilis and décor.

This year will be the first year the Chili Cook-Off will be moving to a Friday afternoon so that more employees and students will be able to attend. The festivities will be from 1pm-2pm at Scripps Patio on October 20. On that day, our winners from last year, which were: Montezuma Bottom Burner for People's Choice (Rico Salgado & June Barreras, Viejas Arena); Eat It, You'll Like It for Chef's Choice (David McGrew, Aztec Student Union); and lastly, Wilbur Stew for Most Creative Display (James Byrd, Veronica Perondi, Lorena Miranda and David Rakieten, Aztec Student Union) will be stepping down and new winners will be crowned for the 2017-18 year, so put on those chef hats and participate in the fun by being the taster or chef.

Sign up by Friday, October 13. Entry forms can be downloaded here.

Submitted by Flora Elman, Event Planner, Union Programs & Services

A.S. Part-Time Employee Scholarships Available

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2017 A.S. Part-Time Employee Scholarships! Three $500 scholarships will be awarded.

The deadline to submit applications is 4:30pm on Friday, October 20.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a current A.S. part-time employee, and in good standing.
  • Applicant must carry a minimum of six (6) units at San Diego State University, in the current and following semester.
  • Applicant must have completed four months by opening of the filing period as an A.S. employee (need not be continuous), but must be within the last three years. The filing period opens on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.
  • Student must have an overall GPA of 2.75 or in the absence of 2.75, a 3.0 in the last 24 units of work.
  • Applicant must complete and file application by 4:30pm deadline.
  • An employee is eligible for one scholarship per academic year. (i.e.: an employee who was awarded a spring A.S. Scholarship will be ineligible to apply for fall.)
  • We encourage all eligible employees to apply. Foremost consideration will be given to undergraduates and employees who have never received an A.S. Scholarship.

Visit the A.S. website for scholarship applications and guidelines.

Completed applications should be submitted to the Human Resources Department in the Associated Students Office, Suite 320, in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union before the deadline.

Interesting Facts
Viejas Arena

Viejas Arena

Celebrating 20 Years

Viejas Arena turned 20 years old this year! It opened on July 24, 1997 as Cox Arena and the name changed to Viejas Arena in 2009.

Something for Everyone

Viejas Arena hosts athletic events, concerts, conferences, lectures, academic gatherings and is home to Aztec Basketball.

Behind the Scenes

The venue offers a mid-level conference room, admin and operation offices, six locker rooms, two team rooms, one green room (which includes three individual dressing rooms) and a common area, training room and work room.

Arctic Monkeys

Serving the People

Sixteen full-time staff operate the facility and Viejas Arena currently provides employment and professional development for more than 160 SDSU students who assist in all aspects of venue operations.

Hidden Gems

Concrete bleachers and cobblestone walls from the original Aztec Bowl can be found in the deep parts of the Arena. You just need to be brave enough to find it.

Submitted by Nicole Parr, Viejas Arena, Office & Marketing Assistant

15 Questions

This month the Whalephants class at the SDSU Children's Center answered the 15 Questions. Thank you Master Teachers Melinda Gonzalez and Dawn McCabe for gathering their responses and sharing them with us.

  1. What is your name?
    Jojo O., Aria B., Kali K., Scarlett R., Maddie S., Enyo M., Soren L., Isla G., Nora L., Jax R., Kellan L., Sean S., Grant H., Paz M., Eva O., Benny G., Adalyn B., Shiloh B., and Emery O.
  2. How old are you?
    5 years old:

    Jojo O., Aria B., Kali K., Scarlett R., Maddie S., Enyo M., Soren L., Isla G., Nora L., Kellan L., Grant H., Eva O., Benny G., Adalyn B., Shiloh B., Emery O.

    4 ¾ years old:

    Jax R., Sean S.

    4 years old:

    Paz M.

  3. How do you make a pizza?

    "Lots of stuff." – Aria B.
    "A circle." – Scarlett R.
    "With everything." – Maddie S.
    "With dough." – Enyo M.
    "Lots of stuff." – Kali K.
    "With pizza dough, cheese and different things." – Soren L.
    "You get some dough, then you flatten it, then you spread it out and then you flip it, then you put olives, cheese and uh... cucumbers and pineapples and gold sprinkles if you want. Then you put it in the oven and then it's a pizza." – Isla G.
    "I only know you use a type of batter, cheese, pepperoni and olives." – Nora L.
    "You put a dough, cheese, pepperoni, salsa and heat it up." – Jax R.
    "First you do this, then this (drew a circle with his finger)." – Kellan L.
    "Get pizza dough and cook it on a grill." – Grant H.
    "You make the dough then you put your toppings and grill it." – Eva O.
    "With dough." – Benny G.
    "I get a tortilla and put sauce and cheese and maybe green stuff." – Adalyn B.
    "You put dough and cheese and pepperoni and sauce." – Shiloh B.

  4. What is an important thing you have learned at the Children's Center?

    "About sharing." – Jojo O.
    "To bring books back." – Aria B.
    "To share." – Kali K.
    "To not hurt people." – Scarlett R.
    "Like spelling my letters I guess." – Maddie S.
    "To do new jobs." – Enyo M.
    "How to be nice and helpful to other people." – Soren L.
    "Learning how to write my whole name." – Isla G.
    "How to be nice." – Nora L.
    "Being nice." – Jax R.
    "Listening ears." – Kellan L.
    "To listen to what people say and not copy people." – Sean S.
    "How to make slime." – Grant H.
    "Keep your hands to yourself." – Paz M.
    "I don't really know... that you get two turns for the mystery box." – Adalyn B.
    "How to make a paper airplane." – Shiloh B.
    "Play with my friends." – Emery O.

  5. What is your favorite fruit?

    "Pineapple." – Jojo O.
    "Mango and White Peaches." – Aria B.
    "Red Apples." – Kali K.
    "Strawberries, Blueberries, Mangos and Grapefruit." – Scarlett R.
    "Apples." – Maddie S.
    "Cherries." – Enyo M.
    "Apricots." – Soren L.
    "Pineapples, Apples and Pears." – Isla G.
    "Apples." – Nora L.
    "Umm... Strawberries." – Jax R.
    "Apples." – Kellan L.
    "I think I like carrots." – Sean S.
    "Lime." – Grant H.
    "Pineapple." – Paz M.
    "Apple." – Eva O.
    "Strawberry." – Benny G.
    "Strawberries and papaya." – Adalyn B.
    "Apples." – Shiloh B.
    "Bananas." – Emery O.

  6. What is your favorite vegetable?

    "Green Beans." – Jojo O.
    "Broccoli." – Aria B.
    "Carrots and Peas." – Kali K.
    "Carrots." – Scarlett R.
    "Carrots, Lettuce & Tomato." – Maddie S.
    "Carrots." – Enyo M.
    "Uh... is turkey a vegetable? Maybe broccoli." – Soren L.
    "Green beans, carrots, and corn on the cob." – Isla G.
    "Carrots." – Nora L.
    "I don't like vegetables." – Jax R.
    "Carrots." – Kellan L.
    "A carrot." – Sean S.
    "Carrots." – Grant H.
    "Broccoli." – Paz M.
    "Broccoli." – Eva O.
    "Broccoli." – Benny G.
    "Carrots." – Adalyn B.
    "Carrots." – Shiloh B.
    "Green beans and French fries." – Emery O.

  7. What does the President of the United States do at work?

    "Just work." – Aria B.
    "Work." – Kali K.
    "Uh, go to college?" – Enyo M.
    "They make decisions for the whole United States." – Soren L.
    "They talk to people with a microphone." – Isla G.
    "Draw some notes about the world that is important." – Nora L.
    "Work." – Sean S.
    "Tells his kids to go see what is happening at work." – Grant H.
    "I have no idea." – Eva O.
    "He votes." – Shiloh B.

  8. How old do you have to be to drive a car?

    "I think 60." – Jojo O.
    "10 or 20 maybe." – Aria B.
    "18." – Kali K.
    "15." – Scarlett R.
    "16." – Maddie S.
    "15 years old." – Enyo M.
    "15." – Soren L.
    "20." – Isla G.
    "Like 16, 100 or 88." – Nora L.
    "16." – Jax R.
    "161." – Sean S.
    "13." – Grant H.
    "A big five year old." – Paz M.
    "A grown up." – Eva O.
    "65 or 45." – Benny G.
    "17." – Adalyn B.
    "Either 40 or 30." – Shiloh B.
    "6." – Emery O.

  9. What are marshmallows made of?

    "Cupcakes." – Jojo O.
    "Maybe sugar or squishy stuff." – Aria B.
    "Rice Crispies." – Kali K.
    "Squishy things." – Scarlett R.
    "Candy." – Maddie S.
    "Sticky slime you can eat." – Enyo M.
    "Butter and marshmallows." – Soren L.
    "Flour, salt, then you put it in the freezer, then the oven, then you freeze it again to make it squishy." – Isla G.
    "Squishy things." – Nora L.
    "Soft stuff." – Jax R.
    "Marshmallows." – Kellan L.
    "Light dough." – Sean S.
    "Marshmallow." – Grant H.
    "Squishy." – Paz M.
    "Marshmallows." – Eva O.
    "Some desert things, squishy things." – Adalyn B.
    "Goo." – Shiloh B.
    "Sugar." – Emery O.

  10. How do you show someone that you are their friend?

    "Be nice." – Jojo O.
    "Give them hugs." – Aria B.
    "By helping them and respecting their words." – Kali K.
    "Be nice to them." – Scarlett R.
    "Being kind." – Maddie S.
    "Playing with each other." – Enyo M.
    "By asking if they really like me." – Soren L.
    "You be nice." – Isla G.
    "By being polite." – Nora L.
    "Being nice." – Jax R.
    "Good listener of everything." – Kellan L.
    "Listen to what they say." – Sean S.
    "Being nice to them and listen to their words." – Grant H.
    "By hugging them." – Paz M.
    "Be nice and kind." – Eva O.
    "Be nice." – Benny G.
    "I play with them." – Adalyn B.
    "Be nice to them." – Shiloh B.
    "Make friends." – Emery O.

  11. What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?

    "Go in the water." – Jojo O.
    "Chase seagulls." – Aria B.
    "Play and relax." – Kali K.
    "Build sandcastles with Mom & Dad." – Scarlett R.
    "Collect shells." – Maddie S.
    "Ride my boogie board and kickboard." – Enyo M.
    "Build sandcastles and play in the waves." – Soren L.
    "Play in the sand and jump in the water splashing Mommy and Daddy." – Isla G.
    "Collect shells and sand dollars." – Nora L.
    "Play with my sand toys and pool toys." – Jax R.
    "Go swimming." – Kellan L.
    "Make a road that leads to a hole." – Sean S.
    "Jump while holding my Dad's hand with my brother in the waves." – Grant H.
    "Play with sand, water and my sisters." – Paz M.
    "Collect shells." – Eva O.
    "Surfing." – Benny G.
    "Make sand castles and play in the water." – Adalyn B.
    "Go in the water." – Shiloh B.
    "Play with sand castles and surf boarding with my daddy." – Emery O.

  12. What is your favorite color?

    "Rainbow." – Jojo O.
    "Rainbow Sparkly Unicorn." – Aria B.
    "Purple and the rainbow." – Kali K.
    "Pink, purple, turquoise and green." – Scarlett R.
    "Pink and Purple." – Maddie S.
    "Black." – Enyo M.
    "Red and Pink." – Soren L.
    "Gold." – Isla G.
    "Red and green." – Nora L.
    "Red, blue and all the colors." – Jax R.
    "Green, blue and red." – Kellan L.
    "Red and orange." – Sean S.
    "Pink." – Grant H.
    "All the colors." – Paz M.
    "All the colors except gold and silver." – Eva O.
    "Yellow or gold." – Benny G.
    "Purple and pink and light blue." – Adalyn B.
    "Purple." – Shiloh B.
    "Blue and red." – Emery O.

  13. What is your favorite thing to do at the Children's Center?

    "Play at Memory Park." – Jojo O.
    "Reading." – Aria B.
    "Play in the house." – Kali K.
    "Play in the house." – Scarlett R.
    "Do lots of play things." – Maddie S.
    "Play with Tegu Blocks." – Enyo M.
    "Play in the block area." – Soren L.
    "Hug you (Melinda)." – Isla G.
    "Build with the blocks." – Nora L.
    "Play with the rubber track." – Jax R.
    "Cars." – Kellan L.
    "Cars and make airplanes." – Sean S.
    "Play with my friends." – Grant H.
    "Play with all my friends." – Paz M.
    "Play with my friends." – Eva O.
    "Snack time, eating fruit bars." – Benny G.
    "Go down the pirate ship slide and play with Jojo." – Adalyn B.
    "Play." – Shiloh B.
    "Play with my friends." – Emery O.

  14. How many people live in San Diego?

    "I think it's six." – Jojo O.
    "Maybe 155." – Aria B.
    "102." – Kali K.
    "55." – Scarlett R.
    "Like 60,809,080." – Maddie S.
    "Think 2,000." – Enyo M.
    "Probably 50." – Soren L.
    "100." – Isla G.
    "1,685." – Nora L.
    "16,130." – Sean S.
    "2 million." – Grant H.
    "41." – Benny G.
    "100 billion." – Adalyn B.
    "50." – Shiloh B.
    "Nobody." – Emery O.

  15. What do you want to be when you grow up?

    "A veterinarian." – Jojo O.
    "A veterinarian." – Aria B.
    "A teacher." – Kali K.
    "I want to make cars." – Scarlett R.
    "An artist." – Maddie S.
    "A construction worker." – Enyo M.
    "A fixer of cars, I think." – Soren L.
    "I want to be a Mom." – Isla G.
    "The Flash." – Nora L.
    "I want to be a fire engine dude." – Jax R.
    "A transformer." – Sean S.
    "Working at my own building that I made." – Grant H.
    "A princess doctor." – Paz M.
    "Elsa and a princess." – Eva O.
    "An excellent knight." – Benny G.
    "A doctor for animals." – Adalyn B.
    "Somebody who owns a shore store." – Shiloh B.
    "A power ranger." – Emery O.

at Viejas Arena and Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

Lauryn Hill

Ms. Lauryn Hill

with NAS

Tuesday, October 3, 6:30pm, Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre
The National

The National

Thursday, October 12, 8pm, Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre
Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

Wednesday, October 18, 7:30pm, Viejas Arena
Air 1 Positive Hits

Air 1 – Positive Hits

Thursday, October 19, 7pm, Viejas Arena
Banda MS De Serio Lizarraga

Banda MS De Serio Lizarraga

Saturday, October 28, 8:30pm, Viejas Arena

October 2017

9/30-10/22 - Aztecs Rock Hunger

10/2 - Paint pARTy

10/9 - Monday Night Movies: Wonder Woman

10/10 - Cooking With Chefs

10/11 - Nooner

10/18-10/26 - Campus MovieFest

10/19 - The Great ShakeOut @ 10:19am

Shake Out

While some areas of California are more likely to have earthquakes than others, all of California is at higher risk compared to the rest of the country. You could be anywhere when an earthquake strikes: at home, at work, at school or even on vacation. The Great ShakeOut is an annual opportunity to practice how to be safer during big earthquakes: "Drop, Cover and Hold On." Learn more at

10/26 - Open Mic Night

10/30 - Monday Night Movies: Annabelle: Creation

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