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Vice President of University Affairs Corey Polant called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM.



A. Voting Members Present: Corey Polant, Maxwell Louie, Jordan Mishlove, Dustin Pina, Dominic Bilotti, Austin Dean, Emmanuel Uwakwe, Nick Wright, Kristina Brown, Keeler Johnston, Jose Muguerza, Lance Brooks, Megan Sealy, Jason Taresh, Kelsey Moss, Kalani Perez, Osama Alkhawaja, Josh Drayer, Jane Kwon, Jaynie Lee, Shawn Tenny, Maneet Deol, Alexandria Johnstone, Jonathan Cole, Kevin Hancock, Alex Padua.

B. Voting Members Absent: Ahmad Sanatyar, Owen Burton.

C. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Present: Christina Brown, Dr. Cezar Ornatowski, Clarice Mendoza.

D. Ex-Officios (non-voting) Absent: None.

E. Visitors Present: Randy Reinholz, Hassan Abdinur.


It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda of September 24, 2014.


Kevin Hancock made a friendly amendment to strike the Study Abroad Update under University Reports and Presentations and add an Arts Alive Update as Item C, with a time certain at 3:45 PM.

The agenda was approved as amended.


It was moved and seconded to approve the previous minutes of September 10, 2014.



A. Student, Hassan Abdinur reported:

1. There will be a rally addressing sexual assaults on campus at Hepner Hall tomorrow at 12 noon. Speakers at the rallies will be speaking on key points to show their support for sexual assault victims. Jerry Brown signed the Consent Legislative Act


A. University Senate Designee, Dr. Cezar Ornatowski, reported:

1. SDSU’s Title IX Notice of Nondiscrimination has been updated by the Federal Government, one of many updates in policies amongst the colleges in the CSU system.

B. University Vice President for Student Affairs Designee, Christy Samarkos, reported:

1. Christy introduced herself to the University Council and expressed how excited she is to serve on University Council and work with the college council representatives around the table this year.

2. Beyond School Walls is a one-to-one mentoring program that forms a partnership between SDSU and the Monarch School and Barrio Logan College Institute in the area, designated for homeless youth. Adolescents participating in the program will visit SDSU biweekly on Thursday afternoons and be paired with a "big brother" or "big sister." These "bigs" will be students, faculty, and staff members who are intended to be role models that lead the participating youth towards aspirations for higher education at universities, such as SDSU. A background check and interview are required for potential "bigs." Please contact Christy for more information at

3. The sexual assault prevention orientations have made SDSU more comfortable towards the topic of sexual assault. Although there have been more reports of sexual assaults on campus, it proves that students, faculty, and staff and gaining more confidence in reporting these crimes to the police, unlike before.

4. The Women’s Resource Center, planned to be located next to the Pride Center, is looking to hire a coordinator.

C. Arts Alive SDSU Update – PSFA Director of Community Engagement and Innovative Programs, Randy Reinholz, reported:

1. 72,000 people have visited SDSU to view or participate in an arts program in the past year. The Arts Alive SDSU promotes the work of SDSU arts students and addresses the misperception that it is apparent "surprise" that SDSU has art. It gives SDSU students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to engage in transformational arts interactions at the "arts-rich, robust educational community" provided at our campus.

2. Randy presented on Arts Alive SDSU’s goals and the variety of events they will showcase throughout the semester. Events are categorized as one of three different types: signature events, supported events, and pop-up events.

3. The next pop-up event will be on Friday, October 3 under the Love Library dome at 2 PM.

4. There will be an arts exhibition in January featuring the functions of biological phages. This is one of the many ways Arts Alive will be collaborating with other departments to exemplify the connections between different colleges at SDSU. It will be open to the public.


A. General Consent Agenda: (Action)

It was moved and seconded to approve the General Consent Agenda, as attached.


B. General Consent Report: (Information)

The General Consent Report was reviewed via electronic copy. For further reference please request a full agenda copy from the Government Secretary.

C. Blackboard Forum Discussion: (Information)

Corey retouched upon the importance and purpose of having each college council host forums for their constituents and send out their monthly e-mail to all Aztecs in their college. A group of a handful of University Council members was formed to discuss effective ways to plan the college council forums.




A. Corey Polant, Vice President of University Affairs:

1. The Course Evaluation Taskforce needs student feedback. Please contact Corey.

2. One-on-one meetings with Corey and each college’s representatives will be scheduled in the next upcoming weeks.

B. J. Cole, President:

1. There are still open seats on the SDSU Strategic Plan taskforces. Please contact J. Cole for a list of the taskforces still needed student representatives.

2. Currently, there is a search committee being created to interview candidates for the Dean of College of Arts and Letters. If you are interested, please contact J. Cole.

C. Kevin Hancock, Executive Vice President:

1. Homecoming is November 2-8! Submit your Homecoming team applications to the Associated Students Office on the third floor of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union by 4 PM on Monday, October 13. Applications can be found at

D. Jacqueline Karczewski, Vice President of External Relations:

1. Rock the Vote is going on now! The current goal is to get 2,000 SDSU students to register to vote. The last day to turn in your registration forms is Monday, October 20. Visit for more information.

2. The Rock the Vote BBQ is tomorrow at noon in the Lee and Frank Goldberg Courtyard. There will be free food and a live band. Come and encourage your peers to attend.

E. Alex Padua, Vice President of Financial Affairs:

1. Aztecs Rock Hunger is from October 17 to November 9. Alex challenges each college to raise 5,000 pounds of food. There will be an awards ceremony in the end, recognizes organizations and other student groups that have contributed the most to Aztecs Rock Hunger. James A. Floros, the President and CEO of the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank and President Hirshman will be appearing at the award ceremony as special guests.

2. Credit 101 is a credit seminar hosted by Cal Coast Credit Union on Tuesday, October 14 at 4 PM in Park Blvd. The seminar will answer questions students may have about establishing and improving credit.

3. There will be a campus-wide meeting on Aztecs Rock Hunger on Friday, September 26.

F. Maneet Deol, Board of Directors Student-at-Large:

1. After having a great conversation with Gale Etschmaier, Dean of Library & Information Access at the University House event, there are plans in the future for Dean Etschmaier to come in to University Council and make a presentation on the renovations and plans for the Love Library.

G. Alexandria Johnstone, Board of Directors Student-at-Large:

1. Bylaw amendments are due on Wednesday, October 22 to the Judicial Affairs Council.

2. The cultural event requirement and the non-council meeting requirement are to be completed before Friday, November 21.

H. Nick Wright, College of Business Representative:

1. ABSC is looking for a new Vice President of Finance.

I. Keeler Johnston, College of Engineering Representative:

1. Planning for E-week is in the process at Associated Engineering Student Council.

J. Megan Sealy, College of Engineering Representative:

1. Headstrong Toy Drive: November 16 in the Lee and Frank Goldberg Courtyard at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union.

K. Kalani Perez, College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Representative:

1. The College of Professional Students and Fine Arts Council is hosting a re-orientation in Templo Mayer, allowing students within their college the chance to ask questions, now having been more than a month into the fall semester.

2.Rabbit Hole is currently running in the experimental theater. Buy your tickets online or at the box office at Don Powell Theater.Student Success Fee proposals are due today at 4 PM.

L. Josh Drayer, College of Sciences Representative:

1. College of Sciences is going to implement a cord points system, where students in the College of Sciences can earn points by participating in various events determined by the College of Sciences Student Council.

2. Osama Alkhawaja is the new College of Sciences Representative on University Council.

3. The Black Student Science Organization is hosting a science fair in the next few weeks.

M. Jaynie Lee, Undeclared/Unclassified College Representative:

1. The Undeclared/Unclassified College Council is currently planning a mixer.

2. The proposal of having previously-undeclared students has executive mentors in the Undeclared/Unclassified College Council is being considered.

L. Shawn Tenny, Graduate Student Association President:

1. Shawn recently had a great meeting with Dr. Stephen Welter, SDSU’s Vice President of Research and Dean of the Graduate Division.

M. Christina Brown, Executive Director:

1. The opening ceremony of the College Area Community Garden was on September 13. The Garden is currently leasing plots. More information can be found at


It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.


Vice President of University Affairs Corey Polant adjourned the meeting at 5:16 PM.